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🌑 New Moon in Taurus, 2024 Guidance

Aloha Beloveds,

I’m a little late on the New Moon update as I’ve been having a lot of fun back in the sweet embrace of Mama Bali- even though the traffic is insane and tourism has mushroomed - it is still so magical and nothing quite like this community of eclectic, Spiritual, Artistic, musical dance tribe with good positive vibes like this Community that I have found anywhere else in the planet!

A new moon marks a new beginning, and this one is all about the good vibes. May brings a new moon in Taurus, which is all about feeling a renewed sense of enthusiasm, and a real zest for life (like I said, good vibes only).

This is a new moon with some seriously positive cosmic energy,

New moon is always perfect for setting intentions and deciding what you REALLY want to bring into your life. Taurus is a sign that relishes indulgence, investment especially in yourself! and self care – so it’s a good time to pull focus and start to push forwards with something that matters to you.

After all my travels it was good to land and go inward, integrate and I have cried a lot- so many memories of my Beloved grandson here- and I realized it’s another layer of grieving the vibrant, radiant, full of beans and life force energy, version of him that left in July 2022 that I never got to see again. A stark reminder to not take anything or anyone for granted - the only guarantee we have in life is no one gets out of here alive - we just don’t know when our unique use by date is up.

So I was wondering and questioning so much and then I Djed for Ecstatic Dance to a sold out house and friends came from all over the island to celebrate my return, were throwing roses at me while I played- tears streaming at points as collectively through the medicine of music and dance we lifted the frequency!

I had another opportunity to play and host workshops at the recent Bali Spirit Festival where people come from ALL over the world, to expand their consciousness, connect as a Global Family and dance in wild celebration!

I played the second to last set on the Sunday night and again had the time of my life!!

Being back with all my High Priestess friends surrounded in so much love and beauty - my intention for this

New Moon is to stay more present to the frequency of gratitude and what brings me the most joy and just do that and I know everything else will fall into alignment!

I am so excited to hold space for my Elemental Embodiment Immersion - The Temple of Remembrance - because that is what I feel is happening globally now - MANY are starting to remember why we are here and what it means to be a truly authentic human - it’s never been about making more money - do what you love and the money naturally follows that is why it used to be called currency- it’s suppose to flow!

There are two spots in this powerful circle of international women committed to themselves and how they want to show up in the world- ready to be initiated - because that is really what I offer- modern day initiations to raise the bar!

I support you this New Moon to go splurge on yourself and gift yourself something you really want that is going to make your life move in a direction towards your ultimate goals!

If it’s to come join me in Bali and you are feeling spontaneous and can get here before the 12 May - you will be welcomed with arms wide open - and if it’s to start your creative project you shelved - I support you in that too!!

First step - get super clear on what your dream life looks and more importantly FEELS like- get in that current and you are half way there!

As an elder now who has lived and continues to live a full rich life - share some love about what you would like me to share with in in blog posts and any questions you may have as I would love to connect more with you!

Blessings until the Full Moon!

Indulge- in a good way with what brings you joy!!

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