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Water Dance

Surrender and allow the trust to naturally envelop you as you deeply relax and let go. Your body is gently cradled, rocked, and stretched in new and unexpected ways as you unwind and release unwanted tension and become fluid like the temple you inhabit.


Once totally comfortable and surrendered on the surface, periods of movement underwater will be introduced, deepening the womb-like experience and allowing total freedom for the body to be relieved of all aches and pains. As our water dance unfolds, we gracefully merge the form to become formless. Each session is as unique as we each are; no two sessions are the same. In this improvised dance, sensitivity to your needs is the guide, leaving you not just relaxed but reborn in profound states of inner peace.


Treat yourself or your loved one to the gift of Aquatic Bodywork to experience the exquisite opportunity to dance free like a dolphin while still in human form.

Free yourself from the limitations of gravity and immerse your entire being in warm waters and loving arms

Water dance illustration
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