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You're not alone. But remember, you don't have to live this way. The Butterfly Effect  Life Coaching is here to transform these struggles into personal growth and motivation.


Whether you're dealing with anxiety, low self-esteem, or just seeking a deeper connection with your potential, this coaching program is for you


Feeling trapped by self-doubt, anxiety, or disconnection from your true purpose?

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The Butterfly Effect Mentorship Coaching is a journey of transformation and reconnection. Throughout our sessions, you'll not only be releasing pent-up negativity and anxiety but also awakening your inner strength and expanding it throughout your life.

But, what can you specifically expect from this journey?

Your Transformation with The Butterfly Effect Mentorship Coaching

Are you ready to experience this rebirth and begin living with a sense of empowerment and liberation? Are you ready to join the community of individuals who have decided to take control of their energy and transform it into an engine of creativity, passion, and life?


After completing the sessions with The Butterfly Effect Mentorship Coaching:

  • You'll feel a noticeable increase in your self-love and self-worth, overcoming feelings of self-doubt.

  • You'll experience greater peace and a deeper connection with your inner self, dispelling anxiety.

  • You'll feel empowered to express yourself more authentically, moving beyond addictive tendencies.

  • You'll experience a release from past traumas, welcoming joy and contentment.

  • You'll gain clarity, stability, and renewed confidence, leading to a profound sense of inner peace and gratitude for your life.

  • You'll feel an invigorating sense of anticipation about your bright future.

Yes, I am ready for my transformation!

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RIGHT NOW is your opportunity to listen to your inner voice, to break out of the rut you've been in, and have the kind of once-in-a-lifetime adventure that will spark a transformation within you.


The Great Reset on your terms!

Is The Butterfly Effect Mentorship Coaching for You?

The Butterfly Effect Mentorship Coaching is tailored for anyone ready for a profound awakening of their internal potential. It's for those desiring to connect with their purpose and power in a more conscious and fulfilling way.

If you identify with any of these situations, The Butterfly Effect  Mentorship Coaching is meant for you. Are you ready to join a group of empowered individuals who have decided to embark on this journey of transformation and self-discovery?

This coaching is for you if:

  • You wish to ignite your personal gifts and transform them into powerful assets.

  • You're feeling stuck in a cycle of self-doubt, anxiety, or a feeling of unworthiness, and desire to transform it into positivity.

  • You seek to understand and better utilize your energy, particularly through Shamanic wisdom.

  • You're dealing with personal trauma, or issues related to self-love and self-worth, and wish to approach them in a compassionate and empowering way.

  • You yearn for a safe space to explore your potential, your purpose, and your life energy.


Malaika stands out as a revered figure in the international coaching industry. She's well-known for her unique approach, specializing as an International Movement Facilitator and the mastermind behind the innovative 5Elements Dance Activation™. For the past three decades, she's guided countless individuals through transformative experiences and developmental programs across the globe, assuring a nurturing, safe, and productive environment for personal growth.

Malaika's in-depth commitment to the Shamanic path has blessed her with profound Earth Wisdom, which she integrates into her coaching methodology. This holistic approach aids her in fostering a deep connection between her clients and the essential elements of nature.Internationally recognized for her capacity to reconnect people with their inner spiritual selves, Malaika's coaching navigates her clients to discover and explore deeper levels of awareness, authenticity, and self-love.



Malaika Darville

She instills a sense of passion within her clients, inspiring them to chase their dreams while living in harmony with their authentic selves and the natural world.

With a toolset encompassing ritual, ceremony, and embodiment, Malaika is devoted to curating a sacred space within her coaching practice. Her mission is to catalyze personal awakening and restore balance in our technologically-driven world, helping her clients remain grounded and remember their true purpose.


To gain a deeper understanding of Malaika's coaching work, please refer to the videos provided below.



Why Choose The Butterfly Effect  Mentorship Coaching? 

  • Personal Transformation: This coaching is designed to help you transform self-doubt, anxiety, and feelings of unworthiness into self-love and self-worth, empowering yourself through the release of these stifling emotions.

  • Reconnection with Your Inner Self: The Butterfly Effect Life Coaching allows you to reconnect with your inner self in a mindful and respectful way, releasing anxieties and making room for joy and contentment.

EEI 2023-34.jpg
  • Supportive Community: By joining this coaching, you'll become part of a group of individuals who, like you, are seeking to release negative emotions and connect with their purpose and potential.

  • Expert Guidance: With a lifetime of Shamanic wisdom, I will guide you through this journey, providing you with the security and support you need​


Here are the reasons why you should choose The Butterfly Effect Mentorship Coaching:

Choosing The Butterfly Effect  Mentorship Coaching is choosing a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. It's selecting a path of transformation, where your inner potential—sometimes overlooked or suppressed—becomes a vital force that empowers every aspect of your life.

So, we do everything possible to make this a valuable investment for you and what you need right now.


Over the years, I have helped numerous individuals heal and transform their lives.



In simple terms, the Monetary Expression of Appreciation

We have three distinct options for your investment, each promising a different level of transformation:

Rise Radiant

 With 4 calls 

 With 8 calls 

 With 12 calls

All this for $2222
All this for $4444
All this for $6000

Each option involves an individualized process, including:

  • Twelve 1:1 online hour-long sessions + audio recordings of each session.

  • A structure for accountability and daily monitoring.

  • Direct VIP access to Malaika via WhatsApp for text and voice message support.

  • Tasks and resources to guide your journey.

  • Complimentary access to online programs for the duration of your chosen package.

  • Your awakening is like a slow simmer, requiring deep, radical exploration. After the initial period and having addressed what will certainly have surfaced, if you're dedicated to continuing and we are on the same page, we can venture into what I term a Systemic Transformation and Evolution Process.

This extension of the process, beyond the initial period, will foster your continuous transformation and evolution through:

  • Enhanced practical integration of spiritual perspectives, stemming from a systemic realization of your authentic self.

  • Living more of your truth in different areas of your life.

  • Deeper exploration into self-awareness and self-mastery.

  • Promoting and accelerating your vertical development: the broadening of your consciousness and your capability to express in congruence.

  • This is mentioned for you to have a holistic overview of the process from the start and to grasp the transformative experience you can embark upon.

Personalized Wisdom and processes to support your specific challenges pertaining to your specific needs and desires .


I take very few clients and work close to you for best results so just let me know I have only 1 opening at the moment


This package serves as a valuable introduction to your transformation journey, specifically focusing on a single area of your life such as health, professional career, relationships, or finances. You'll begin to unearth your true potential, making key strides in self-awareness and establishing the initial steps towards greater personal growth.

It includes a personalized PDF with exercises that you can use for the rest of your life to stay on track. This approach ensures that your efforts are concentrated and effective, providing you with a toolset to maintain your progress in your chosen focus area.

EEI 2023-9.jpg
The Butterfly Effect - The Full Transformation

We meet once a week and depending on what you want to work on I will give you specific tasks to practice and master each week - I hold you accountable for reaching your goals. We start with inner child work to acknowledge the little girl you were, the woman you are now, and the woman you wish to become with a strategy of how to get there once you have done your healing work with your past and lifted any limitations you may have.

5EED 2023-18.jpg
Power Path Activation

We gather once a week, focusing on your Dharma and how to bring it to life - with tools for facilitation and harnessing your unique gifts, actualizing your offerings, and building your own following. We will also engage in inner work to clear blocks, enabling you to RISE - with the goal of you eventually stepping out and facilitating. This program is specifically designed for individuals who have already made a significant change in their lives and are seeking support to discover and develop their life purpose.


Silja Voolma

"Malaika is the gift that keeps on giving? When it comes to your personal growth Journey, she holds a safer space than any other. I have experienced and guided you to the deepest parts of your conditioning to re-meet your essence, and your true nature, and that creates immediate transformation in your life. Since starting to work with her, I have finally been able to reconnect with myself with my body, and my intuition. And my true nature. And I'm so excited to see how my life continues to transform with the tools that she's given me and the space that she's held for me during our time of working together, she is a true gem. If you can work with her, you're not going to find another person like this in this lifetime"

I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Malaika. I met this woman last year during an ecstatic dance, and immediately felt a soul connection. I knew then that I wanted to delve deeper with her. After our initial day, I was compelled to arrange for this retreat. Post-retreat, I felt an urge to have this person in my life for an extended period so that I could explore these depths further, and then return to my family and community, having truly tapped into this reservoir of familial power. This led me to the transformation program called 'Butterfly Effect.' Over three months, I had the incredible opportunity to be closer to this master and absorb the invaluable knowledge she imparted. My primary intention was to reconnect with myself and rediscover my feminine power.


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