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​​A true modern-day Rite of Passage for courageous, contemporary leaders to take your passion to the next level- music and the art of Djing, Ecstatic Dance, and Shamanic Earth Wisdom to create positive change & build healthy connected communities globally. 

This initiation will lead you to become an artistic, eco leader, kick-ass Dj for Ecstatic Dance using the map of the 5Elements to create a lifestyle where you get to be your best-embodied self AND- be your own boss! 


This Initiation is for you if you are READY to step outside the box! 

The Elemental Embodiment Immersion is the prerequisite and is the mandatory embodiment part of this course.

Are you ready to be Initiated?


Malaika is an International modern day Medicine woman. She is an acclaimed Global Movement Facilitator, Creatrix of 5Elements Dance Activation™. And has hosted transformational retreats and trainings for the past 30 years worldwide. You will be in very safe and good hands. Her lifelong commitment to the Shamanic path has given her a wealth of Earth Wisdom to share. And together with our Egyptian Elder Mystery School Teacher, Shahrazad, who has been sharing her wisdom and healing for many decades.


Malaika has gained international recognition for her skill in reuniting people with their inner body spirituality, allowing her students to enter deeper levels of awareness, authenticity,  and

self-love by activating many to pursue their passions and live more in harmony with nature and their own true nature., 


Together using ritual, ceremony, and embodiment, Malaika strives to create sacred space for the purpose of bringing about personal and planetary awakening and re-establishing harmony in our fractured, overly industrialized world and help you get your feet back on the earth and remember why you are here.  

See more about Malaika's work in the videos below.


Malaika Darville

Introducing Jasmine Jefferys

Jasmin Jefferys is an incredible visionary artist, dance teacher and Ecstatic Dance DJ. Born and raised in the hinterlands of Byron Bay, Australia Jasmin is excited to be assisting the Elemental Embodiment and 5Elements Ecstatic Dance Dj Training. 


From her incredibly refined paintings, to running ‘Ethereal Fusion Dance’ immersions and DJing Ecstatic Dance for years, Jasmin understands the potency of cultivating creativity and deep body awareness as a powerful portal for transformation, empowerment and in turn, holding space for others to do the same. 


Jasmin is the creator of the unique style of dance ‘Ethereal Fusion Dance’ which focuses on energy channeling through intricate isolations and body control. Incorporating foundations from Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, Liquid Dance, and Robotics, Ethereal Fusion is a completely unique hybrid movement that unites flowing creativity and refined technique.

In this Training, Jasmin will take you through the core foundations and practices that will open up every part of your body to move and dance in a way that is truly out of this world. 

With her passion for dance and love for music, Jasmin- Dj Wild Honey, is a founder and resident DJ to Byron Bay Ecstatic Dance.


Bringing fresh and sensuous flavors to ignite the dance floor with her deeply dynamic journeys. 
Jasmin will be offering her insights into what is really behind an unforgettable dance journey, from curating an immaculate set to DJing on the fly and reading the crowd, to finding your unique sound and the technical aspects on the decks. 

Through her art, whether it be painting, dancing, or holding space and guiding others, Jasmin offers her devotion to creativity, igniting the remembrance of the magic and power we each hold within our beings.



DSC01774 (1)_edited.jpg

May10-16th & 18th- 30th 2023

Elemental Embodiment &
5Elements Ecstatic Dance & Dj Facilitators 
Training  2023

An Initiation onto the Facilitators Path held in Stunning North Bali


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions, please

Click below to start chatting with me and my team




Hollie Anne
Stephanie, Sedona

All I can say is life changing!


I feel connected with pieces of myself that I couldn’t have identified as absent. I have realized my purpose and feel prepared to move forward into the world. Deep gratitude Malaika; everything you do is with purpose and intent, so beautifully executed in the moment and so authentic.


You are such a clear channel for transformation.

"The training has really opened me up to so many more possibilities for myself, to push myself through fear, feelings of unworthiness, self-limiting stories, and playing small. I have let go of so much that was pulling me back.


I feel more confident than ever in my own inner wisdom, & my ability to be of service to other women. I discovered my own radiance. What this training has given me is priceless!! Thank you, Malaika for all the work that you do.

100% I would suggest this course to friends and to ALL women- this is what they should be teaching us in school!!"

Angela Serenity Moon

"I highly recommend the Wild Woman Awakening & Sacred Cacao Ceremonial training for women who are busy and need to learn to love themselves through ancient practices of self-love and sisterhood blessings with unconditional love and compassion.

Soul sister Malaika helped me to reconnect with my ancestors through her cacao ceremony, womb healing, and African shamanic dance. I was so conditioned, and I forgot who I was at my essence. After the training, I stopped chasing what was not serving my highest good and started living as me, my authentic self. I am forever grateful to have found and studied with Malaika"

Achille Zaparucha

I attended Malaika's Training, following my 6th sense, like my body was telling me to go there. When a friend of mine told me about it, it was as if the air was filled with electricity. I knew it was one of those opportunities life opened for me, and my part was to feel the fear and the butterflies in my belly and do it anyway


The very best month of my life yet. The one I have been more authentic, vulnerable, and true to myself.

Thank you Malaika Darville for your knowledge, wisdom, and love you are sharing. Thank you for being you. A cage-opener. 
Thank you Balinese people for being so welcoming, and cooking so delicious food! 

Bharat Sachdeva - Personal Trainer, India

My experience with Malaika was one of the most incredible workshop i had an opportunity to attend a woman with many hats, from being a Shaman to a movement artist to a talented musician, I personally got a taste of many different things from her during the workshop.. Malaika brings something magical to the gathering with her Heart oriented approach to the personal touch that united & formed a bond with other members during the workshop.

Fotos Chalet.png

SAVE by booking Elemental Embodiment Immersion & 5Elements Ecstatic  Dance Facilitators & Dj Training, EEI is the prerequisite for
The 5EED Dj Training 

  • Do you LOVE music? Love to move your body, Love Ecstatic Dance & long to share your unique gifts through this medium?​

  • Are you aching to bring Conscious Ecstatic Dance to your Community?

  • In My Elements is offering a true Initiation onto the facilitator's path - a 21-day live-in immersion to learn everything you will need to be a successful Embodied Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Using the map of the 5Elements.


This training is for you if you are one of those conscious powerful creators who aren't afraid to step up with absolute certainty to embody the mission you have been put on this earth to share, using music, dance & ceremony to create intentional community on a daily basis. ​

If you are passionate, outgoing, love the Earth, and have a strong desire to create an Ecstatic Dance Community where you live-it’s a no-brainer…. COME this might be the last in-person training to learn from the best and have one of those PEAK Experiences of a lifetime that will set you up with a good solid foundation in the art, science, business and sacredness of Creating and Djing for the Ecstatic Dance journey using the map of the 5Elemens Dance Activation™.  

Have you always wanted to be a DJ? Or want to learn how to make music sets for your yoga, dance, online courses, and personal parties and learn the art & essence of Facilitation?

RIGHT NOW is your opportunity to listen to your inner voice, to break out of the rut you've been in, and have the kind of once-in-a-lifetime adventure that will spark a transformation within you.


The Great Reset on your terms!

An INITIATION touches you so deeply it changes you forever from the inside out. It is something you can not learn online or in books, it must be experienced in the flesh!


Initiation is a rite of passage marking entrance or acceptance into a group or society. Traditionally it has been a formal admission to adulthood  ... A person taking the initiation ceremony in traditional rites is called an initiate. In terms of this Journey, it is a modern-day INITIATION to be part of the Global Movement Sweeping the planet restoring the Ancient practice of Ecstatic Dance to our modern world.

Ecstatic Dance IS the new yoga!


 What is an initiation-ceremony? Its a ritual during which an initiate is admitted to the tribe and given secret knowledge; sometimes contains one or more tests that have to be passed or endured. We will guide and support you through this transition. This is not for the faint hearted- we will be training light Rainbow Warriors, rising early to witness the sun rise, cultivating healthy self practices of somatic movement, yoga, meditation, stillness so you learn to facilitate from a place of what is alive and authentic in you!

Join the movement and create the life of your dreams with epic human beings who love to move, connect and dance. 

You will face many of your shadows, deep fears and limiting beliefs so you may move beyond all that has been holding you back and move from Egocentric to Ecocentric consciousness- meaning learning how you can serve with your gifts for the greater good. You will learn how to be the hollow bone to serve your community from a place of humbleness and compassion having endured and passed certain rites of passage yourself will make you stand out from all the others with a deep understanding of the Shamanic Elemental Roots of Ecstatic Dance and how to incorporate that element into the
Ecstatic Dance Experience.


Join the Experience

  • A deep dive into Embodiment, and using dance and ceremony as a tool for healing. 

  • The Art and Science of holding space for transformational experiences. 

  • Learn how to lead from an Embodied Authentic presence.

  • You will learn how to master Traktor Dj program, mixing, looping, queuing, beat matching, song selection, 

  • You will learn where to find music, how to organize your music, and how to create a transformational journey using the map of the 5Elements

  • You will learn How to lead the warm-up and closing circles.

  • The Art of flawless Facilitation

five  hover image 1.png
  • How to create dynamic variety in a mix

  • How to create and hold sacred space

  • How to trust your deepest calling

  • How to brand and market yourself for success

African Rhythm and Dance_edited.jpg
  • Learn how to mix harmonically How to use effects, loops, cueing, mixing creatively for the Ecstatic Dance wave and Cacao Ceremonies.

  • Plus how to find gigs, how to market and brand yourself and create your tribe.​

  • We will support and initiate you as we embark on this incredible life-transforming experience into the art of creating, holding & facilitating Sacred Ecstatic Dance Space including the business of being a kickass abundant freelance Ecstatic Dance Facilitator and Dj. 

  • More than just a Dj training course, this training will give you tools for life to be the best human version of yourself possible! 

Moon 2.jpg

Elemental Embodiment is the prerequisite for this course  

In addition to learning everything you need to know to host an Ecstatic Dance, you will also learn how to hold space to take people on a transformational, shamanic musical journey. Learn to listen like a musician and gain a deep understanding for the power of music to guide people into the trance dance experience. 
Unplug to plug back into your life force energy and recharge your batteries naturally



Luxury Accommodation

You just need to get your flight to Bali and from the minute you arrive our team will be there to pick you up and bring you to the beautiful private villa in Bali and your adventure has begun. Then we will start our 5Elements Facilitator Initiation where we intentionally have made this training live in, inclusive of all meals, and accommodation for 9 full days, so you can stay focused and get the most out of the training with minimum distractions and experience living in the Elements on the ocean of stunning North Bali in an Ecstatic Dance Community. We will be celebrating with music, dance, song, and connection. 

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Everything you need to know to get ready for your trip and more details about the Journey

Portrait hard cover book 7x10_Bali Guide - Retreats Embodiment   (1).png

There are similar journeys happening anywhere from
$3000 to $5,000 USD for 7 days.


We are keeping the price as affordable as possible just so you can join us and be a part of this momentous activation and have included just about everything so you can stay focused on your journey with all the logistics taken care of. 

The investment for this transformational once-in-a-lifetime training 

$7998 USD

$4333 USD

(Shared accommodation- single room on availability for an extra fee, Elemental Embodiment Inmersion as pre- requisite required  )

$555 USD

Reserve your spot now for only 
Only Limited Space Available
Until April 1st 2023
Offer Extended

Experiences of a lifetime will set you up with a good solid foundation for life!

We hope you will hear the call and come join us!

See You soon in Stunning North of Bali!

We’ve reached a point where we can no longer afford to ignore the warning signs, we must change. You may also feel a sense of urgency to get up and play your part in the restoration of our ecosystems, education systems, governance, and the way we live on Earth.


Investing in your own growth is the most important thing you can do because it will positively impact your life and the lives of those around you.


I look forward to sharing the power and magic of Bali with you as we embark on this transformational journey together.

Offer Extended 40% off

$4333 USD

$555 USD

Save your space by making a deposit of only 
Limited Space for Quality Training

$7998 USD

Only until April 1st
ALL INCLUSIVE! EEI 10th-16th, May and 5EED 18th-30th, May and Cacao Ceremonial Training 30th-31st, May

Elemental Embodiment is the prerequisite for this course  

Elemental Embodiment Immersion

  • Shared Transport from Ubud to the venue

  • Twin Share or Single Accommodation in Oceanside villa,

  • Healthy Meals - Vegetarian, vegan, or other dietary needs

  • Sun Rise & Sun Set Meditations

  • Daily Ocean Swims

  • Daily Elemental Yoga

  • Daily Dance, Embodiment & 

  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Waterfall Adventure

  • Digital Detox

  • Powerful Ceremonies & Rituals

  • Community Connection

  • Freedom Renewal & Inspiration while discovering the hidden paradise of Balis' Tranquil North part of the island 

5Elements Facilitators Ecstatic Dance Facilitators & Dj Training

  • Accomodation in luxury beach side resort

  • Vegetarian meals

  • Exciting Dj and Facilitation Program 

  • Earth Warrior Training to make you stand out and be an exceptional leader in the field of Movement Based Arts

  • On going Dj support post training for 30 days

  • On Going Global Peer Support Group

  • 100 Awesome Tracks to Get You Started

  • Daily Embodiment Practices

  • 5Elements Dance Manual 

  • In My Elements Certificate Upon Completion

  • A manual and list of music

What is Not included:

  • Transport to the venue

  • Extra Massages, Extra Drinks, Snacks

  • Tractor SoftWare or Hardware but you will be supported to get it before the training begins. 

Initiation pic1.png

SAVE by booking the Elemental Embodiment Immersion & 5Elements Ecstatic  Dance Facilitators & Dj Training together!

Full payment for both includes accommodation and meals for Elemental Embodiment Immersion and Facilitators Training.

For both EEI and 5EED was  

$4333 USD

ALL INCLUSIVE! EEI 10th-16th, May and 5EED 18th-30th, May and Cacao Ceremonial Training 30th-31st, May
before April 1st and Receive Cacao Ceremonial Training Valued at $300 USD 

$555 USD

Save your space by making a deposit of only 
Limited Space for Quality Training


  • Shared Transport from Ubud to the venue

  • Shared Accommodation in a luxury beachside resort

  • Healthy Meals - Vegetarian, vegan, or other dietary needs catered to our best ability. 

  • Exciting Embodiment program followed by 14 day Dj and Facilitation Program 

  • Earth Warrior Training to make you stand out and be an exceptional leader in the field of Movement Based Arts

  • Ongoing Dj support post-training for 30 days

  • On Going Global Peer Support Group

  • 100 Awesome Tracks to Get You Started

  • Daily Embodiment Practices

  • 5Elements Dance Manual 

  • In My Elements Certificate Upon Completion

  • A manual and list of music

  • Sacred Cacao Ceremonial Training if you pay in full before the early bird ends. 


  • Transport from the airport to Ubud (but we will organize a driver to take you to your desired hotel in Ubud upon arrival.) 

  • Extra Massages, Extra Drinks, Snacks

  • Tractor SoftWare or Hardware but you will be supported to get it before the training begins. 

  •  1 day and 1 extra night Sacred Cacao Ceremonial Training, if you pay after the Early Bird ends.  May 30-31st

All Inclusive!

Please Note: You must have completed Elemental Embodiment Immersion in the last 2 years as a prerequisite for the 5Elements Ecstatic Dance & DJ Facilitators Training. EEI can also be purchased as a separate immersion.

$7998 USD

Save by paying in full
Offer Extended


If you would like to hop on a call with Malaika to learn more about the training and ask more questions, please click the button below.

Over the past three decades, Malaika has been providing support and training to more than 1000 teachers, resulting in successfully teaching on every continent.
Cacao Ceremony.jpeg


If you would like to hop on a call with Malaika to learn more about the training and ask more questions, please click the button below.

Over the past 30 years, Malaika has empowered thousands of people and they are all teaching successfully all over the world. 
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