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Journeys of Embodiment


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In Wild Woman Awakening part 2 series, you will join me awaken, cultivate and embody the wildest parts of you while learning about the power of feminine ceremonies and rites of passage as a tool for bringing community and thus humanity back together. Birth yourself as a ceremonial space holder. It is time to embody your High Priestess.

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Wild Woman Awakening 2

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In this unique Cacao Ceremony Training you will learn how to create and hold sacred ceremonial space to host ceremonies for great transformation and heart opening experiences to take place.
Learn how to work with integrity and honor, using this powerful medicine for the heart. Learn the art of preparation & holding sacred space and how to support others to open up.

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Sacred Cacao Ceremonial Training

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Are you feeling the call? Are you listening to the deepest whisperings of your womb? Do you feel like you are longing to step into the role of holding Sacred Ceremonial Space for real transformation to happen? You are invited to join in this series of training to Awaken your Wild Woman by embarking on this journey of self-love, through sacred feminine practices.

Wild Woman Awakening 1

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In this deep initiation, we will dive into embodiment practices to give you a practical and deep experience of the elements and the connection to your body temple. We will embrace our shadows and dance them back into the light as we reconnect in the deepest way with Mother Gaia to find courage, empowerment and purpose to move forward on the Facilitators Path. 

Elemental Embodiment Initiation Prerequisite to FT Training.

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Now more than ever before the world needs more courageous Light Warriors to shine your light into the darkness. If you are feeling the call to bring your community together in joyous Ecstatic Dance for healing, for expression and community unity beyond our differences. Join me on this epic life-transforming journey to become a 5Elements Ecstatic Dance Facilitator. 

5Elements Ecstatic Dance Facilitators Training

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Online Courses
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Across the globe, Malaika is known for her ability to re-connect individuals with their inner body spirituality, helping all who practice with her to access higher realms of consciousness,  authenticity, and Self Love.
She has traveled and lived with indigenous cultures and facilitated groups in Australia, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka, Spain, Egypt, China, USA, Costa Rica, Holland, Portugal, and Bali with over 30 years of experience.
She has taught at the world's top events including Burning Man, Symbiosis, Festival of Bliss, Tantra Festival Thailand, Woodford Folk Festival, Bellingen Global Carnival, Peats Ridge Festival, Ibiza Tantra Festival, Bali Spirit Festival, BOOM Festival, and numerous private events. 
Malaika’s accreditations include being a qualified ISHTA- yoga teacher, Qualified Water Dance Practitioner, Hawaiian Body Worker, Permaculturist, African Dance performer and teacher, Ecstatic Dance Dj, Ceremonialist, and Creatrix of 5Elements Dance Activation™ - a shamanic dynamic meditation dance journey embodying the five cardinal elements, earth, water, fire, air, and spirit. She is a Wisdom Keeper and inspirational facilitator who has been at the forefront of the global consciousness movement. 
Malaika is dedicated to creating sacred space through ritual, ceremony, and embodiment to bring personal and planetary awakening, restoring balance for mind body and spirit.

About Your Guide

Malaika MaVeena Darville

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When a woman is in labor and the going gets tough and the woman feels like she can't keep going and is ready to give up, that is when her midwife steps in and whispers in her ear- you got this. With her life experience, she supports the woman to find the strength to do what her body was designed to do- birth new life onto this Earth. 

I am your Spiritual MidWife here to support you going through this period of transition as you birth yourself and new ways of showing up in the world. Using meditations, creative processes, self practices, and inspirational tools to support you to find your inner strength, courage, and creativity to release what's holding you back from living the life of your dreams. I have created a program that will support you to seek and find your authentic desires and learn how to live from that place of power creating flow, abundance and so much more happiness in your life. I am here to be of service to you.

If you would like to work more closely with me In a personalized container I offer a range of services from private guidance session packages, to In-person personalized initiations designed and tailored specifically to help you on your path as an embodied and empowered woman. 

Always follow your Intuition! Choosing the right midwife for you is a personal choice to suit your needs and way of learning. Please click the link below to schedule your free 15-minute alignment call to share the challenges you are facing right now and see if we are aligned and if I can be of service to you. I look forward to hearing from you.

What is Spiritual Midwifery?
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I absolutely recommend this training to all women who are looking to explore, return and deepen their physical and spiritual connection to reunite with their own feminine, creative essence. This demonstrated how energy isn't bound by space and I felt the energy of Malaika and the transmissions in this training on the other side of the screen

I absolutely have learned something I can now go and share my biggest breakthrough during the WWA part 1, was really tuning in and connecting with my yoni in new ways that were genuine, ecstatic befriending rather than intellectual and disjointed processing.

For this, I am forever grateful. Thank you Malaika, you are the real deal and I wish all women can experience your work.

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Spiritual Midwifery for Woman or Couples birthing yourself a new.