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Blessing Way Pregnancy Ceremony

Give mother-to-be energy and strength for the journey to birth

A Blessing Way is a Native American Indian ceremony to literally bless the way to welcome the new mother and new baby to the community. The ceremony has been adapted for our contemporary times, but still focuses on friends and family coming together to share their love and nurture the mother-to-be and the father-to-be.  This gives her strength and energy for the journey of birth and preparation for the journey of motherhood and fatherhood. 

In our contemporary times, too often women don't allow themselves to drop into full receptivity, and this ceremony supports them to deeply relax and receive the love from their community. Childbirth is a woman's greatest initiation and when honored and acknowledged as a powerful rite of passage it helps her to surrender into the role of Mother.

Womb activation
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El embarazo

I offered the first blessing way ceremony in Australia 2 weeks after the birth of my second son. Being open after giving birth, I felt intuitively this is how we should be receiving new beings into our community and onto the Earth. I then began giving regular ceremonies whilst living in the fertile lands of Northern NSW in Australia. This ceremony has become common place now amongst alternative communities, replacing the spiritless baby shower focused on over-consumerism with a more meaningful and heartfelt ceremony to support new families. It is a testament to how ceremonies can change our culture.  I am currently offering private ceremonies in Ubud, Bali for expecting families, and I am also available for private sessions when traveling abroad. 

connecting our children to their roots
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