Achille Zaparucha

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I attended Malaika's Darville retreat, the 5Element Teacher Training in May 2017 in Bali. Following my 6th sense, like all my body was telling me to go there. When a friend of mine told me about it, it was as the air was filled with electricity. I knew it was one of this opportunity life open for us, and my part was to feel the fear and the butterflies in my belly, and do it anyway. 
But really I had no idea of what the course will be about, even less of what will unfold for me. 

The course. The very best month of my life yet. The one I have been more authentic, vulnerable, true. And as I am being authentic, authentic connection takes place. Moment of intensity where real connections, friendship, brother and sisterhood are created.
 It takes work for me to go deep within and shake off the illusion and blockages. But at the end, only my true light, love and happiness remain. I had never been so me, and me was beautiful.
What unfold next? It is not the end. Then start a beautiful adventure of creation, of exploration, of play. Of stepping in my dreams, of meeting incredible people – and not only meeting them, but working with them - creating moment of life and authenticity through dance and ceremonies, through meeting, sharing, shaking, flying, being true. 

And the journey is only starting still. The 5Element Teacher Training is like an open door to a higher sky. And in this sky there are still doors to other skies. It gives you wings to fly and it is up to you how to use them. 

Thank you Malaika Darville for your knowledge, wisdom and love you are sharing. Thank you for being you. A cage-opener. 
Thank you Balinese people for being so welcoming, and cooking so delicious food! 

Anne Humphreys

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Incredibly, I experienced –ANOTHER– profound healing in my right ankle last night at 5 Elements dance with the amazing Malaika MaVeena Darville. I was running as fast as I used to as a child around and around the center altar. Just as I recognized the presence of my grandfather–whom I had called into the circle along with my father and all fathers and grandfathers– running with me, lifting my feet (he too had been a great sprinter in his youth), I felt the outer edge of my right foot (which had been habitually pulling away from the floor, despite all kinds of stretching and healing) shift out and solidly down, hitting the earth with the rest of my foot for the first time in over a year. Salaam, Waha, Amen, Aho! Sacred Circularities, y’all

Nisha Sharma, India

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Such a profound workshop with the Shiva Shakti Cacao Ceremony beautifully facilitated and held by soul sister Malaika MaVeena Darville. Curiously ended up being a group of woman but this was perfect as we dove deeply into our journeys, dance, celebration and womb healing. I feel filled up and nourished on so many levels. Gratitude and blessings.

Bharat Sachdeva - Personal Trainer, India

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The 5Elements Dance Activation™ was one of the most incredible workshop i had an opportunity to attend in Delhi under Malaika, a woman with many hats, from being a Shaman to a movement artist to a talented musician, I personally got a taste of many different things from her during the workshop.. Malaika brings something magical to the gathering with her Heart oriented approach to the personal touch that united & formed a bond with other members during the workshop. Cacao sipping session was the highlight of the day! Can’t wait to have you back Malaika :) India awaits you!”

Amma Sophia Rose, Sonic Alchemist, Bali

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Malaika and her 5Elements Dance Activation™  was a ceremonial experience of a lifetime. She weaves the ancient rituals of the ancestors in a modern day format. This opened the doorway for people of all cultures to receive a huge gift of connection to the Earth and her medicine. I felt free to express myself through dance with so much love and connection to my body, the Earth and everyone I was dancing with. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves to express themselves through sacred dance as Malaika is a master at holding Sacred Space. 

Shalini Dave, India

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Those in Delhi, can give a try. Events like this, bring out ones natural self..clean of any nurturing, or societal biases that have undergone deep into our psyche, over the years. The guru, Malaika, is a living pagan goddess. Who knows, at the end of the weekend, you may find yourself onto a entire new path in life?

Suzie Scott, Manager/Owner Ulpotha, Sri Lanka

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Malaika teaches a wonderful dance of the Five Elements, which helps you loosen up, ground and connect to others in a beautiful flow. It starts slow and works up from the earth into a fiery frenzy, letting you release blocked emotions and tensions. She will often use five element props – encouraging you to touch the earth (if done outdoors) and dance around candle or real bonfires… Such fun! Afterwards, I felt energized and cleansed as if I had literally let it all go! For many of the guest here for yoga the dance was the highlight of their week and we have now included it in our program.

Shakti Sunflower

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Rare is it to find a movement innovator and guide that so eloquently and powerfully resources from a wealth of personal experience of time spent amongst peoples for whom dance is still a primary ceremonial and soulfully initiatory practice. Malaika’s skill lies in interpreting – through her body, her voice and her very fresh, yet timeless sequencing, the meeting place of the seen and unseen. Because of this, her offerings are not only captivating and entertaining, they are leading the human movement in a modern world toward healing and harmony in a way that is lighthearted, creative and oh-so-much FUN.

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