Plant It Forward

Tree Planting: Hallmark of ALL InMyElements offerings is planting a tree after every workshop. 

Plant it Forward is the not-for-profit portion of In My Elements and is committed to giving back in the form of:

  • Seeding and planting fruit trees after all ceremonies where In My Elements events are being hosted

  • Contributing to community projects, planting in school grounds and community gardens

  • After each Cacao Ceremony the seeds from that ceremony will be germinated and the young trees will be planted as the ceremonies continue to grow and planting more trees guarantees more fruits for the future generations. 

  • A portion of all proceeds from In My Elements will go towards purchasing heirloom seeds to be shared among the local farmers in the community where workshops are being held

Already many trees have been planted globally in Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Africa, Sri Lanka, China,Turkey, India and Bali and every other place I have ever traveled and lead a workshop or Ecstatic Dance and now my students who have completed the 5Elements Dance Facilitators Training are continuing on with this tradition. 

Sponsor a Tree
Couple planting tree in Bali

You can sponsor a fruit tree of your choice to be planted in a school ground in Bali providing fruits for future generations. 100% of all donations are used for purchasing more trees.