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Cord Cutting and Soul Retreival

From the shamanic world view when we are intimately connected to another, our energy bodies start to blend together and filaments from our light bodies entwine together.


Malaika uses life transforming, ancient shamanic practices to restore your light body to its original state of being.


Cord cutting is literally cutting the light cords which get entangled. and is especially powerful for people who have:


  • Gone through separation or divorce

  • Are experiencing emotions and/or recurring dreams of individuals who have passed over

  • Are ready to fully let go of any previous lovers


By cutting the cords we literally cut the ties to the other, sending their energy back to them with love and restoring your own light body.


This is deep healing and the client participates in their letting go using breath and sound.

Cord cutting can heal your body from negative energies, returning to yourself with light and love

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Soul retrieval is recommended to bring peace, clarity and a sense of wholeness to those who feel detached or damaged.

Soul retrieval is based on the shamanic notion that each of us has a whole and perfect soul. When we experience trauma the soul can fragment leaving aspects of it existing interdimensionally in other realms. It is the role of the shaman to track these fragments and return them to the person receiving the healing.


Soul loss can happen from any trauma such as:


  • Car accident or other accident

  • Operations, and going under anesthesia

  • Unexpected loss of a loved one

  • Divorce

  • Child abuse or experiencing a serious threat


Soul retrieval is recommended for anyone experiencing feelings of just “not being all there” or after experiencing a shock and not quite able to feel their “old normal self”. Quite often people who are addicted to substances have experienced soul loss. Through soul retrieval they can connect with the aspects of themselves which have left and return those aspects they no longer need to feel whole.


The positive benefits which can come from receiving a soul retrieval are:


  • Renewed vigor and energy for life

  • Spontaneous happiness

  • A feeling of being whole

  • Clarity, stability and renewed confidence

  • A deep sense of inner peace

Malaika is currently offering private sessions in Ubud, Bali and is also available for private sessions when traveling abroad. Please view the events schedule to see when she is in your city.


If you are based in Bali, please send an enquiry through our contact form or phone +62 81237229493. 

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Past Male Client

Cord Cutting Session

"I went through a pretty rough breakup and was having a hard time letting go of the anger and resentment over the unfortunate events that happened with my past partner and me. Was working with many modalities to get these recurring thoughts out of my mind but they were still persisting. After the session with Malika, I felt a shift away from these negative thought patterns and was able to move on faster from this mental trap I was in, feeling very grateful for the experience, she's a gem and has such comforting motherly energy. 💜"

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