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Life isn't static. Life is the dynamic change that happens between day & night, between pleasure & pain, and between sunshine & rain. In other words, life is movement! 

- Malaika MaVeena Darville: Founder, In My Elements

Sacred Journeys of Embodiment
5Elements Ecstatic Dance
Facilitator Training, Shakti 
Awakening, spiritual retreats & 
tantra - Bali & Worldwide

In My Elements



Shalini Dave, India
Stephanie, Sedona

All I can say is life changing!


I feel connected with pieces of myself that I couldn’t have identified as absent. I have realized my purpose and feel prepared to move forward into the world. Deep gratitude Malaika; everything you do is with purpose and intent, so beautifully executed in the moment and so authentic.


You are such a clear channel for transformation.

Those in Delhi, can give a try. Events like this, bring out ones natural self..clean of any nurturing, or societal biases that have undergone deep into our psyche, over the years. The guru, Malaika, is a living pagan goddess. Who knows, at the end of the weekend, you may find yourself onto a entire new path in life!

Suzie Scott, Manager/Owner Ulpotha, Sri Lanka

"Malaika teaches a wonderful dance of the 5Elements, which helps people loosen up, ground, and connect to others in a beautiful flow. It starts slow and works up from the earth into a fiery frenzy, letting you release blocked emotions and tensions. She will often use an elemental altar– encouraging you to touch the earth (if done outdoors) and dance around the fire … Such fun! Afterward, I felt energized and cleansed as if I had literally let it all go! For many of our guests here for yoga, the dance was the highlight of their week and we have now included it in our program."

Achille Zaparucha

I attended Malaika's retreat, following my 6th sense, like my body was telling me to go there. When a friend of mine told me about it, it was as if the air was filled with electricity. I knew it was one of those opportunities life opened for me, and my part was to feel the fear and the butterflies in my belly and do it anyway


The very best month of my life yet. The one I have been more authentic, vulnerable, and true to myself.

Thank you Malaika Darville for your knowledge, wisdom, and love you are sharing. Thank you for being you. A cage-opener. 
Thank you Balinese people for being so welcoming, and cooking so delicious food! 

Shakti Sunflower

"Rare is it to find a movement innovator and guide that so eloquently and powerfully resources from a wealth of personal experience of time spent amongst peoples for whom dance is still a primary ceremonial and soulfully initiatory practice. Malaika’s skill lies in interpreting – through her body, her voice and her very fresh, yet timeless sequencing, the meeting place of the seen and unseen. Because of this, her offerings are not only captivating and entertaining, they are leading the human movement in a modern world toward healing and harmony in a way that is lighthearted, creative and oh-so-much FUN."

I am the Creatrix of 5Elements Ecstatic Dance Activation. As an Embodied Sacred Journies Leadership Mentor, my purpose is to re-connect individuals with their inner body wisdom, and purpose so they can lead with Soul by embodying new and ancient ways of being. I have been and continue to be a contributing force for cultural evolution, supporting all who practice with me to access higher realms of consciousness by remembering our authentic place in the circle of all life as we dance, sing, explore, and return to a culture based on Self Love and sustainable Earth Stewardship.



I´m Malaika MaVeena Darville

Dedicated to creating sacred spaces through ritual, ceremony, music, and embodiment to bring personal and planetary awakening to the forefront as we restore the balance both in our bodies and communities from the distortion of our over-modernized world.



Plant it Forward is the not-for-profit portion of

In My Elements & is committed to giving back to future generations in the form of planting food trees. 

You can sponsor a fruit tree of your choice to be planted in a school ground in Bali, providing fruits for children yet to come. 100% of all donations are used for purchasing more trees and compost.  

Plant  it  Forward

Me embrace Tantra Ibiza_edited.jpg

Are you ready to activate your personal gifts, move beyond trauma &  fully embody your purpose ?

Then this program is for you! I would like to invite you to join my online Coaching Program- The BUTTERFLY EFFECT, This three-month program is for radical transformation if you are ready to lead with Soul,  & if you are ready to align with your spiritual path and step into becoming the Creatix so you can embody your wildest dreams. 

Release the past by activating your personal gifts and Soul Purpose. The Butterfly is one of nature's greatest metaphors for transformation.  It's time to spread your wings!


I bring a lifetime of Shamanic earth wisdom to my coaching and distance healing sessions and each program is customized for your individual needs and where you are at at this moment. 


Invest more time in yourself and book a package of 3 or more sessions to radically shift your life and start living the life of your dreams! Cultivate practices of self-love and acceptance. There has never been a more potent time than now to fully embody your greatest potential and bring your dreams to life! 

I can help guide you with the following:

  • Self Love & Self Worth- Over Come Self Loathing and Fall in Love with Your Self. 

  • Calming Anxiety and Finding Inner Peace

  • Personal Development & Embodiment - Receive Practices to Keep You in Balance & Harmony.

  • Finding Your Unique Gift

  • Moving Beyond Addictions

  • Release Trauma to Embody Joy and Contentment

  • Couples Counseling - How to Return to Love

  • Support for Separations or Divorce-Find Empowerment

"Such a profound workshop with the Shiva Shakti Cacao Ceremony beautifully facilitated and held by soul sister Malaika MaVeena Darville"

Nisha Sharma - India

"Malaika teaches a wonderful dance of the 5 Elements, which helps me and the guests to loosen up, ground and connect to one another in a beautiful heartfelt and fun flow"

Suzie Scott - Manager Yoga Retreat in

Sri Lanka.

Join the Wild Woman Awakening
Online Academy  

Is your key to reconnecting with your authentic self and creating a life of purpose, happiness, and abundance.

Discover How to Create a Life of Purpose by Connecting to Your Divine Feminine. Let Go of What's Holding You Back and Embody Your Authentic Self in the Wild Woman Awakening Online Courses and start facilitating Transformational Experiences in your community today. - Woman Circles, Blessing Ways, Rites of Passage for our young people, and so much more.   
Malaika MaVeena Darville


"Malaika and her 5Elements Dance Activation was a ceremonial experience of a lifetime. She weaves the ancient rituals of the Ancestors in a modern-day format that makes it accessible to all."

Amma Rose - Sonic Alchemist, Bali.


5Elements Ecstatic Dance 

& Dj Facilitators Training 


A true modern-day Rite of Passage for courageous, contemporary leaders to take their passion to the next level-music and the art of Djing, Ecstatic Dance, and Shamanic Earth Wisdom to create positive change & build healthy connected, embodied communities globally. 

To participate, you must complete Elemental Embodiment Immersion within the last two years.

Rise Retreat - Yoga, Dance, Song, Story & Silence

With Malaika MaVeena Darville & John De Kadt


Rise Retreat is an opportunity to come back home to EARTH, to your body, to nourish and lift yourself up, to come back into the love at the core of the human heart, and remember our ancient origins. RISE is bringing together a sense of community using - music, ancient arts, silence, and connection for lovers of life to relax hand in hand, heart-to-heart in the beautiful elements of Mama Bali!

Elemental Yoga and Dance Retreat


Journeying to the jungles of a remote yoga retreat center in the heart of Sri Lanka, experience the magic of Ancient Sri Lanka. Malaika’s Elemental ISHTA (Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda) Yoga classes provide a blend of ancient and contemporary teachings to cater to your individual needs. Focusing on flow, alignment, body awareness, and expansion to cultivate grace and ease for your mind body, and Spirit. 

Embodied Feminine Wisdom Immersion


The Embodied Feminine Wisdom Immersion is an evolutionary retreat for women cultivating connection through the art of sacredness & celebration. Reclaiming the Sisterhood, Blood Rites, and your sacred womb as a portal for creativity, pleasure, guidance, and power. The Embodied Feminine Wisdom Retreat will connect you to your authentic self, each other, and nature as you dive deeper into the wild feminine's dance of life and embody all aspects of being a whole woman. 

Pilgrimage to Egypt-  The Return of the Lotus


The pilgrimage to Egypt is a once-in-a-lifetime transformational Journey in the Ancient lands of Kemet - Egypt. Sailing down the Nile in a traditional Dahaibya Boat and visiting Ancient Temples as you remember your own Ancient codes and plant the seeds for activation at the deepest level. This will provide ample opportunity to propel you into a more evolved, powerful, vibrant, passionate and joyful version of yourself. As we sail down the Nile, step out of the matrix of everyday life and embark on your own personal path of Initiation and Awakening. 

Your Best Investment for a Better Tomorrow is to Invest in Yourself Today!

Elemental Embodiment Immersion (Prerequisite for 5EDA)

Elemental Awakening Immersion Retreats in Bali Yoga dance connection.jpg

This immersion is a powerful, transformative immersion for anyone who wants to take the plunge into Elemental Embodiment, whether you plan to continue with the Facilitators Training or not, this will prepare you for the next evolution in your life's journey to reclaim your personal power, leaving you feeling grounded with a newfound sense of passion for becoming the creatrix/creator of your life 


Shamanic Journeys of Embodiment

Ecstatic Dance, Spiritual Retreats, and Sacred Ceremonies from Malaika MaVeena Darville, World-Leading Shamanic Tantrika

"Incredible! I experienced –ANOTHER– profound healing in my right ankle last night at 5 Elements Dance with the amazing Malaika MaVeena Darville"

Anne Humphreys


This is your opportunity to join and make a change!

Me teaching African Dance_edited_edited.jpg
DSC01774 (1)_edited.jpg

Elemental Embodiment Immersion (Prerequisite for 5EDA)

5Elements Ecstatic Dance & Dj Facilitators Training (5EED FT if you have completed the EEI in the past 2 years)

Combo; Elemental Embodiment Immersion (EEI )+ 5Elements Ecstatic Dance & Dj Training 5EED FT

May 18th- 31st 2023 - Bali

May 10th- 16th 2023 - Bali

May 10th - 16th 2023 - Bali

May 18th - 31st 2023 - Bali

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