Women dancing at rise retreat

RISE Retreat Trio In Bali

Abir and Noha dancing

Woman's awakening retreat, Bali

Woman's Retreat In Bali

Hanging cloths in accommodations

5 Elements

Waterfalls in Bali

Malaika Darville Rise retreat

Malaika's dance performance

Woman's awakening retreat, Bali

Charity in Bali - tree planting

5elements ritual

Malaika planting tree

Woman's Retreat In Turkey

Ecstatic dance retreats in Bali

Dance Facilitators Trainings Bali

Resort with pool in Bali

Bagus Jati Home

tap-dance practice

African dance practice

Elemental retreat event

Movement yoga

Malaika Darville

Happy woman

Yoga nidra practice

african dance

Flower bouquet

Part of african dance play

5 Elements, in my elements

5 Elements

Woman's awakening retreat, Bali

Dance Facilitators Trainings Bali

Dance Facilitators Trainings Bali

Cheetah and Panther

Daily embodiment practices

Why I Dance
~ To feel alive ~ Because I breathe ~ So the joy can get out ~ Dancing is my freedom ~ Because I love cake ~ I was given the gift to do so ~ It makes me feel like I am alive ~ Dance unlocks the box where I hide my joy ~ It defines me ~ Dance represents culture ~ Dancing keeps me sane ~ It lifts the soul and keeps me humble ~ Shaking is my therapy ~ To find clarity ~ Dance is my meditation ~ Dancing is my release ~ It makes me feel free ~ Dancing allows my body to embrace my soul ~
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