African Dance 

Every Wednesday 3pm at

Yoga Barn

African rhythms are an infectious and powerful way to move your body, mind, and spirit.
Please register your interest to be kept informed for the next African Dance Workshop. If you would like to book an African Dance Workshop for your next event or retreat please contact below. 

Malaika offers African Dance classes in Bali & worldwide. African Dance is a dynamic and full power workout, a great way to get fit while having a great time learning choreography, singing songs from all over Africa, and dancing to live drumming and African Dance Music.


Get your blood pumping and your booty shaking and learn some funky dance moves & songs from all over Africa.


Malaika Marveena Darville is a global facilitator & has been sharing her natural gift and exuberance as a performer & teacher of African Dance for the past 25 years. Having lived in an African village for one year with her 2 small children she absorbed the spirit of the village and makes her class an extension of the joy she experienced during her many trips all over Africa. These classes are a highly spirited way to increase your joy factor while having fun while working out and learning new styles to move your body.

African-Inspired Rhythm Ritual and Dance including African songs, & chants, are a perfect addition to any yoga retreat. They are great ice breakers and a fantastic way to create a community connection at the beginning of your retreat or as a celebration at the end of the retreat. Contact Malaika for availability to add value to your existing program.

African dance practice in Bali
African dance practice in Bali
African dance practice in Bali
African dance class in Bali
African dance training in Bali
African dance
Bali spirit festival opening
African dance performance
Malaika's african dance performance
African dance practice class
Men practicing african dance
Malaika Darville dancing
Malaika Darville live performance
Couple live performance in Bali
Make love sign with hands
Daily embodiment practices
African dance performance
African dance prctice
african dance in Bali
Malaika teaching african dance
African dance practice class
African dance live performance
Malaika Darville live performance
Malaika teaching african dance
African dance practice in Bali
Malaika's african dance
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