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Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi or Ka’Huna is an ancient Hawaiian healing holistic massage therapy using long, fluid strokes, both deeply penetrating and relaxing.

Hawaiian Massage, also referred to as Lomi Lomi or Ka’Huna Massage, is a holistic massage therapy developed by the Ka’Hunas or Spiritual Healers from Hawaii.  It is a full body massage done in a state of prayer for the client performed using long fluid strokes stimulating the ‘Mana’ or chi life force energy of the body. It brings about improved circulation and removes emotional and physical blocks which may have become painful.


The practitioner uses specific dance like movements and breath while massaging the body using forearms, thumbs, and elbows.  It is deeply penetrating yet sensuous and relaxing at the same time. The session also includes a gentle massage of the organs and colon, moving emotional blocks and stimulating better digestion.


It’s often referred  to as the Rolls Royce of massage because it feels so good and has profound healing effects for body, mind and spirit. More than just a massage, it is an unforgettable full body, otherworldly experience.

Malaika is currently offering private sessions in Ubud, Bali, and is also available for private sessions when traveling abroad. Please view the events schedule to see when she is in your city. If you are based in Bali, please send an inquiry through our contact form or phone +62 81237229493. 


Aloha is the greeting in Hawaiian and means love, compassion, presence and breath. This sums up this loving and nurturing form of massage. The didgeridoo can also be used for sound healing, to activate each chakra and leave the client in a state of bliss.

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