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IN MY ELEMENTS is all about embodiment. Taking the tantric approach to life, which means embracing the Goddess and both our light and shadow sides.


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5Elements, Ecstatic Dance, Facilitator Training, Spiritual Retreats & Tantra - Bali & Worldwide
It is my highest goal to facilitate the awakening of humanity to remember who and what we are, to be true stewards of the earth, so that we, as a collective, re-connect with our divinity. As awakened beings, we can restore this unique and beautiful planet to the Garden of Eden she has always been. Together, we can create a sustainable culture based on love and respect for all sentient beings.


My tools of activation are ancient earth wisdom ceremonies, dance, connection, and music. Education that is based on the wisdom of those before us; those that knew how to live in and build communities that are in harmony with the earth and the ocean and living in our human bodies.

Whether it is for a personal healing, Sacred Shiva Shakti cacao ceremony, the blessing of a new baby, the opening of a gala event, or an initiation ceremony to acknowledge the coming of age of a teenage girl or boy, I have ceremonies based on ancient wisdom adapted to address contemporary times to bring people into a more open heart and therefore connected space.


All of my efforts are to assist people to see what they already are, to love and honor what they already have, and to lift the veil of darkness that has been keeping them in the illusion of separation from our sacred earth and from the Beloved which is always right here NOW! Embodiment means to live in your body as a temple and claim your birthright of full Abundance in all areas of your life! 

-Malaika MaVeena Darville




Malaika is an International modern-day Medicine woman. She is an acclaimed Global Movement Facilitator, Creatrix of 5Elements Dance Activation™. And has hosted transformational retreats and trainings for the past 30 years worldwide. You will be in very safe and good hands. Her lifelong commitment to the Shamanic path has given her a wealth of Earth Wisdom to share. And together with our Egyptian Elder Mystery School Teacher who has been sharing her wisdom for many decades and is thrilled, we will be bringing the fruit trees to plant.



Welcome to Teachers Network, a space where you can connect with all the teacher from our retreats and programs.


What our students and participants are saying about their experience...


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Plant it Forward is the not-for-profit portion of In My Elements and is committed to giving back.

You can sponsor a fruit tree of your choice to be planted in a school ground in Bali, providing fruits for future generations. 100% of all donations are used for purchasing more trees. 

Plant  it  Forward

plant it forward
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