Cacao Ceremony

Sip raw cacao in heart expanding ritual to experience breathing a greater sense of balance and harmony with the planet.


Hawaiian Massage also referred to as Lomi Lomi or Ka’Huna Massage is a holistic massage therapy developed by the Ka’Hunas or spiritual healers from Hawaii.


Treat yourself or your loved one to the gift of Aquatic Bodywork to experience the exquisite opportunity to dance free like a dolphin while still in human form.


Tantric awakening is a unique experience which allows you to enter into an expanded state of reality where profound healing may occur from embracing all aspects of yourself.


In these life-transforming sessions Malaika uses ancient shamanic practices to restore your light body to its original state of being.

Malaika brings a lifetime of shamanic wisdom to her coaching and distance healing and is available for online sessions via Skype.

Her coaching methods are effective and easy to implement and dramatic changes are often seen in one session.

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I am currently offering private sessions in Ubud, Bali and online. To connect send a message to +62 81237229493 or

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