You are invited to join me on this once in a lifetime transformational Journey in the Ancient lands of kemet - Egypht. The 9 Sacred Initiations in the 9 Sacred Temples will provide ample opportunity to propel you into a more evolved, powerful, vibrant, passionate and joyful version of yourself. As we sail down the NIle stepping out of the matrix of everyday life and embark on your own personal path of Initiation and Awakening. 


Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime?


Malaika is an International modern day Medicine woman. She is an acclaimed Global Movement Facilitator, Creatrix of 5Elements Dance Activation™. And has hosted transformational retreats and trainings for the past 30 years world wide. You will be in very safe and good hands. Her lifelong commitment to the Shamanic path has given her a wealth of Earth Wisdom to share. And together with our Egyptian Elder Mystery School Teacher who has been sharing her wisdom for many decades and is thrilled we will be bringing the fruit trees to plant.


She has gained international renown for her skill in reuniting people with their inner body's spirituality, allowing her students to enter deeper levels of awareness, authenticity, and self-love through their practice with her.


Through ritual, ceremony, and embodiment, Malaika strives to create sacred space for the purpose of bringing about personal and planetary awakening and reestablishing harmony in our fractured, overly civilized world.


Malaika Darville

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Nov 26 - Dec 8 2022

Return of the Lotus
The 9 Sacred Initiations

Journey of a lifetime to Egypt


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Hollie Anne
Stephanie, Sedona

All I can say is life changing!


I feel connected with pieces of myself that I couldn’t have identified as absent. I have realized my purpose and feel prepared to move forward into the world. Deep gratitude Malaika; everything you do is with purpose and intent, so beautifully executed in the moment and so authentic.


You are such a clear channel for transformation.

"The training has really opened me up to so many more possibilities for myself, to push myself through fear, feelings of unworthiness, self-limiting stories, and playing small. I have let go of so much that was pulling me back.


I feel more confident than ever in my own inner wisdom, & my ability to be of service to other women. I discovered my own radiance. What this training has given me is priceless!! Thank you, Malaika for all the work that you do.

100% I would suggest this course to friends and to ALL women- this is what they should be teaching us in school!!"

Angela Serenity Moon

"I highly recommend the Wild Woman Awakening & Sacred Cacao Ceremonial training for women who are busy and need to learn to love themselves through ancient practices of self-love and sisterhood blessings with unconditional love and compassion.

Soul sister Malaika helped me to reconnect with my ancestors through her cacao ceremony, womb healing, and African shamanic dance. I was so conditioned, and I forgot who I was at my essence. After the training, I stopped chasing what was not serving my highest good and started living as me, my authentic self."

Achille Zaparucha

I attended Malaika's retreat, following my 6th sense, like all my body was telling me to go there. When a friend of mine told me about it, it was as the air was filled with electricity. I knew it was one of this opportunity life open for us, and my part was to feel the fear and the butterflies in my belly, and do it anyway


The very best month of my life yet. The one I have been more authentic, vulnerable, true.

Thank you Malaika Darville for your knowledge, wisdom and love you are sharing. Thank you for being you. A cage-opener. 
Thank you Balinese people for being so welcoming, and cooking so delicious food! 

Bharat Sachdeva - Personal Trainer, India

My experience with Malaika was one of the most incredible workshop i had an opportunity to attend a woman with many hats, from being a Shaman to a movement artist to a talented musician, I personally got a taste of many different things from her during the workshop.. Malaika brings something magical to the gathering with her Heart oriented approach to the personal touch that united & formed a bond with other members during the workshop.

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You will not be the same person after this unique experience.

  • Being human is a courageous act! I commend your strength and courage to be here now and the world needs you open and awake!

  • Maybe you are going through a difficult time right now? Instead of cursing the challenge, see it as an opportunity to grow. 

  • How long have you felt trapped in a job that doesn't give you any joy? 

  • Or in a relationship that has lost its spark?

  • Do you feel like you need to break free from habits and routines that are holding you back and let life crack you open to your real Souls purpose?

  • Like, you know you're here to share more than who you are right now, but you feel stuck.

  • Do you sense the awakening and ascension energies from the cosmos but have no idea how to change your life to be more in alignment with your Soul's mission and authentic truth?


If you answered "YES" to any of these questions

and a mix of nervous excitement is making its way through your body at this right now.... Then its time to trust your body, trust your intuition, and SAY YES to taking that leap of faith. 


Visualize a life where your vibration is high, where you are in harmony with your Higher Self, and where you are  in the flow of Divine Energies always living the kind of free and joyful life that your Soul truly desires for you. 

What an amazing life that would be!

This is EXACTLY what you’ll be getting from this Egypt Adventure

You will be forever changed.

RIGHT NOW is your opportunity to listen to your inner voice, to break out of the rut you've been in, and have the kind of once-in-a-lifetime adventure that will spark a transformation within you.


The Great Reset on your terms!



What is also unique about our journey is that most people go to Egypt to take a tour and take photos. Very few go with the intention of giving something back.


During our trip down the Sacred Nile, we will be planting trees, lotus flowers, and seeds as an offering back to these once super fertile lands.


The lotus is the symbol of what is divine or immortal in humanity, and also symbolizes divine perfection. The flower was honored as an image of daily rebirth and rejuvenation.


We will be giving back and planting mango, olive, and date palms in each location, which will give a unique opportunity to meet the local people—something that for me, is always the highlight of every journey- when we realize unity in our diversity. 


If you cannot join us on our journey but would like to sponsor a tree, you can do so here. 


100% of all donations will be spent on trees, compost, and shovels, and together we will bring fertility back to the Nile.

Plant  it  Forward



Initiations, also known as Rites of Passage, are turning points in our lives; after completing one, we are changed irrevocably, becoming a more mature and complete version of ourselves.


Some examples of initiations are:


  • When a man holds his newborn baby and becomes a father for the first time.

  • When a woman starts to bleed, she is no longer a little girl. She is now a blood sister, joining the billions of other bleeding women.

  • When you accept that job promotion, that excels you to a CEO status its a big initiation. 

  • Similarly, when a woman births a child, she also births herself as a mother- the maiden dies, and the mother is born.

  • She is forever changed and has new responsibilities. 


Sadly, Our society has lost its connection to Initiations and Rites of Passage.


Initiation is so in our DNA! 


If we do not receive it from our family, society, or culture, we may embark on dangerous self-initiation without awareness, guidance, or a safe container. 

The consequences of doing so can be catastrophic, even fatal.

The 9 Sacred Initiations are a once-in-a-lifetime journey for both men and women to celebrate the balance of Sacred Feminine and Masculine energies and blossom the radiance of your heart.


It’s a journey where you will receive information, ceremonies and teachings to help you celebrate the importance of Initiations and journey through your own  Rite of Passage. 


This transformative journey is for you:


  • If you have a longing for an Ancient upgrade to exit the monotony of life

  • If you get the feeling there has to be more to your life than just this.

  • If you have always had a calling to go to Egypt yet have not followed that inclination.


NOW is your opportunity to listen to your inner voice, to break out of the rut you've been in, and have the kind of once-in-a-lifetime adventure that will spark a transformation within you.

The Great Reset on your terms! Creation and ReBirth

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This is a quest to rediscover the meaning of our incarnation so that we may serve others and bring about a more fulfilling existence for ourselves and those we care about.


Together, we will form a tight-knit Soul Family as we travel. It's a life-altering experience to connect with people from all over the world, and the friendships and bonds you forge will last forever.

The Return of The Lotus, is a journey that starts in Cairo and then we will where we will head down the Nile on a Dahabiya - traditional liveaboard boat and experience 9 Initiations to awaken your codes and bring you into deep alignment with your Soul Purpose


Initiation is as old as we humans are and the power of Initiation is it will radically changes you from the inside out. 


You will not be the same person after this unique experience. and will make friends for life. 

Join the Experience

  • We will have 13 days together to really bond, share, and learn while going through your own personal initiation.

  • We will experience 9 Living Libraries, the temples, or Per Bah- house of Spirits. Each Temple has something special about it and we will go in to activate and reclaim different parts of ourselves.

  • We will go to each temple to embody the Nether- Goddess or God within. 

  • We’ll embrace the wisdom of Isis, the Healing Goddess, of unconditional love, Hathor- Goddess of the Divine Art, Beauty, Creativity and activation of your Pineal Gland.

  • We will have exclusive access at the Sphinx and private 2 hours throat activation in the Kings Chambers - inside the Pyramids.

  • At Karnak temple, we will spend the whole day undoing 22 levels of Karma.

  • We will be singing to open up our throat chakra and activate the power and potential of our own vocal signature.

  • We will be sailing in a traditional Dahabiya down the Nile with no motor so we can enjoy nature and sing to her (If you play a musical instrument, please bring it with you).

Join me for this truly transformational journey


Egypt Retreat 


Luxury Accommodation

We will be sailing in a traditional Dahabiya down the Nile with no motor so we can enjoy nature and sing to her (If you play a musical instrument, please bring it with you). In Cairo we will staying at the  Regency Pyramids Hotel


There are similar journeys happening for anywhere from $4500- $14,000 USD for 14 days.


We are keeping the price as affordable as possible just so you can join us and be a part of this momentous activation

The investment for this transformational once-in-a-lifetime journey

Enjoy 50% off 

$7998 USD

$3999 USD

Only for the first 5 sign up
(Shared accommodation- single room on availability for an extra fee )

$500 USD

Book your spot now for only 
Limited Space to only 20 participants!


  • Pick up and drop off from Cairo international airport and drop off at Hotel

  • Domestic flights ( Cairo Luxor & Luxor Cairo)

  • Hotel accommodation in Cairo 3 Nights

  • All meals during our trip

  • Your transport back to the airport 

  • Entrance to Egyptian Sufi Cultural performance in the Old City

  • 10 Nights on liveaboard Orient Star Nile Dahabiya (Shared accommodation- single room on availability for an extra fee)

  • Standard Meals on the boat 

  • Excursions to historical and ancient temple sites

  • All entrance Fees

  • Private extremely knowledgeable English-speaking Egyptian Guide 

  • A life transformational experience at Sacred Sites

  • HUGE PLUS: we will have 13 days culminating on the full moon in December at the pyramids which we have secured for our private personal group activation.


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  • Single Rooms (available for an additionalfee) 

  • Your airfare to Cairo

  • Tips and Gratuities

  • Extra Drinks or snacks


We hope you will hear the call and come join us!

See You soon in Egypt!

We’ve reached a point where we can no longer afford to ignore the warning signs, and you may also feel a sense of urgency to get up and play your part.  in the restoration of our ecosystems.


Investing in your own growth is the most important thing you can do because it will positively impact your life and the lives of those around you.


I look forward to sharing the magic of Egypt with you as we embark on this journey of a lifetime. together.

Enjoy 50% off 

$3999 USD

Only for the first 5 Sign Ups
(Shared accommodation- single room on availability for an extra fee )

$500 USD

Book your spot now for only 
Limited Space to only 20 participants!

$7998 USD

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