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  • Are you ready to dance to the beat of your own drum?  To move your body to release what no longer serves you to embody your truest nature?

  • Do you long to express yourself, connect with Sisterhood, and know the power inside you to create the changes and shifts you long to experience?

  • Or do you simply desire to shed a layer to rediscover more of your inner radiance, joy, connection, abundance, and purpose in your life? 

  • Are you ready to embrace all of your multidimensionality so you may dance in your light as a sovereign being unto yourself? 

Feeling the impulse?  Then this immersion is for you!


Are you ready to Embody the Truth of Who You Were Born to Be?

MAY 12 - 18TH 2024

Elemental Embodiment Immersion Bali

For Women looking to heal and connect back to themselves

A nourishing and deep Feminine Embodiment Retreat  to bring you closer to your authentic self!

This immersion is a powerful, transformative journey for women who are ready to embark on an initiation into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries. An invitation to remember the truth of who you were meant to be.  Designed as an experiential immersion of embodiment. this will prepare you for the next evolution in your life's journey to reclaim your personal power. Embody your natural aliveness and get grounded in a way that is effortless- the way of the Embodied Feminine Wisdom. 

Are you ready for an opportunity to dive into the world of your Inner Wilderness and discover the living mystery that holds your fullest potential?

Elemental Embodiment Immersion will take you there! Space is limited for accommodation so Reserve your place today and say 'YES' to following your heart and intuition! This is more than just another retreat- this is a modern-day Initiation into your living truth, your impulse for life, She lives in each of us, just waiting to be re-membered. Elemental Embodiment is your opportunity to remember. Whether you are just starting on your Spiritual path or a seasoned facilitator, this experience promises to activate you as a Compassionate Courageous Feminine Eco Leader.

Check out this video from Elemental Embodiment 2022

Together we will remember the medicine of the Elements as we descend into the roots of Gaia. Awaken the living wisdom within your sacred womb, Remember your truth through embodiment practices, Reclaim the wild woman within, and rebirth yourself through the support and safety of real Sisterhood.

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RIGHT NOW is your opportunity to listen to your inner voice, to break out of the rut you've been in, and have the kind of once-in-a-lifetime adventure that will spark a transformation within you.


The Great Reset on your terms!

Within this safe container, you will be supported to dive deep into facing your own shadows, alchemizing them,  so you may emerge as a fuller expression of yourself.

Elemental Embodiment Immersion will envelop you in the abundance of the rich elements of Mama Bali while you unfold, root, and remember. Providing the perfect beautiful retreat space with an abundance of nature in stunning North Bali to nurture you on this deep journey.  Wake up to brilliant sunrises and learn Shamanic practices to keep you grounded, centered, and full of light! Start your day with somatic yoga for the Feminine body. You will have all your needs met with ease, grace, and beauty, paving the way for opening up to receiving limitless possibilities for your next chapter of life. Eat farm-to-table fresh local food prepared with so much care and love, so you can focus on your process. This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in Divine Feminine Mysteries, inspiring you to create the life of your dreams. An opportunity to co-regulate your nervous sytem so you can FEEL more.


When we allow ourselves to be in communion with the elements our soul can communicate with the intelligence of our bodies, then magic happens and life becomes a dance of ecstasy in awareness.

Embody Your Natural Aliveness and Get Grounded in a Way That is Effortless- The Way of the Heart  and  Your Natural Body's Intelligence! 

Make connections and friends for life as we embark on this group process of witnessing each person's embodiment & and awakening. Realign to the transformative power of ceremony, dance & the 5 cardinal elements for healing and expansion, awaken your sensuality, harness your sexual energy, and unleash the wild woman and all her creativity. 


Malaika is an International modern-day Medicine Woman. She is an acclaimed Global Movement Facilitator, Creatrix of 5Elements Dance Activation™, certified ISHTA Yoga Teacher, Ceremonialist Ecstatic Dance Dj, Birth Doula, and Spiritual Midwife - an all-around Wise Woman. She has hosted transformational retreats and trainings for the past 30 years worldwide. Elemental Embodiment is her signature retreat. Her lifelong commitment to the Shamanic path has given her a wealth of Earth and body Wisdom to share. 


Malaika has gained international recognition for her skill in reuniting people with their inner body spirituality, allowing her students to enter deeper levels of awareness, authenticity,  and

self-love by activating many to pursue their passions and live more in harmony with nature and their own true nature., 


Together using ritual, ceremony,movement  and embodiment psychosomatic practices, Malaika strives to create sacred space for the purpose of bringing about personal and planetary awakening re-establishing harmony in our fractured, overly industrialized world. She has helped 1000s of people worldwide to get their feet back on the earth and remember why they are here.  

See more about Malaika's testimonials below. 


Malaika Darville


Do You Want to Live a Juicier Life?

  • We will have 7 days / 6 nights in a luxury resort surrounded by lush nature right on the tranquil ocean with epic sunrise and sunset swims. 

  • Daily Yoga for the Feminine Body, daily dance, and somatic embodiment practices.

  • Expect to be taken to your edge to embody all aspects of yourself so you may fully embrace your light.

  • Rituals and Ceremonies for Personal High Priestess Initiations.

  • Gain Self-confidence, Self Love, and compassion for both yourself and others. 

  • Unplug to plug into life force energy and recharge your batteries! Digital Detox, Nature Rejuvenation.

  • Daily somatic body awareness, vocal activation, singing, ecstatic elemental dance, African dance, contact dance, breath-work, and a day trip to one of Bali's largest waterfalls.

  • Deep processes for lasting transformation of limiting beliefs including some shadow work, shamanic rituals and ceremonies, and celebration as we learn to listen to our greatest teacher- our divinely intelligent body temples.

  • Reclaim your cycle as sacred - a deeply immersive journey to heal your womb space, reconnect with your inner wisdom and step into your divine feminine essence. 

  • Practice establishing personal boundaries to create more freedom in your relationships. 

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  • Each day we will focus on one element to bring greater awareness to how the elements affect our states of being and how we are not separate from them but part of the great mystery of life- sensitive, sensual, intuitive, sexy, and ALIVE!

  • Power Path Activation- Empowering Ancient living wisdom teachings, and Purification Rituals of your Ancestral lineage. 

  • Release self-sabotaging patterns and feelings of disconnection from your body and your deepest desires. Deepen Self Love and unconditional love for others.

  • Daily somatic yoga, dance, meditation, ocean swims, and silent time to marinate in the tranquil beauty of Bali for reflection, art, journaling, and integration. 

  • Return feeling inspired, grounded, and ready to face life's challenges with newfound purpose and direction. 

You are Being Called to Bali to embark on a powerful, transformative journey of a lifetime, Our world needs ALL of you now! Its time for the Feminine to RISE! 
vista bali


Initiation into the Ritual of Embodiment


Luxury Eco Accommodation

Our Private Luxury Eco Retreat Centre is located in Bali's peaceful North and is situated right on the tranquil ocean. The grounds are lush tropical gardens with two pools. 

All rooms have either fan or air conditioner, are cleaned daily, and have private bathrooms with hot water.  We have a large open-air wooden yoga shalla for our dance, Balinese temple for traditional ceremonies,  outdoor fire pit for our evening ceremonies, ice bath for breathing cold, and exquisite open-air dining under the banyan tree right on the ocean! Paradise! You just have to get yourself to Bali and we got you from there to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime transformational journey the beauty way!


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Everything you need to know to get ready for your trip and more details about the Journey

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Amma Sophia.jpeg


Anne Humphreys, Sacred Circularities

Amma Sophia Rose, Sonic Alchemist, Hawaii

"Malaika and her Elemental Embodiment was a ceremonial experience of a lifetime. She weaves the ancient rituals of the ancestors in a modern-day format. This opened the doorway for people of all cultures to receive a huge gift of connection to the Earth and her medicine. I felt free to express myself through dance with so much love and connection to my body, the Earth, and everyone I was dancing with. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves to express themselves through sacred dance as Malaika is a master at holding Sacred Space."

"Incredibly, I experienced –ANOTHER– profound healing in my right ankle last night at 5 Elements Dance with the amazing Malaika MaVeena Darville. I was running as fast as I used to as a child around and around the center altar. Just as I recognized the presence of my grandfather–whom I had called into the circle along with my father and all fathers and grandfathers– running with me, lifting my feet (he too had been a great sprinter in his youth), I felt the outer edge of my right foot (which had been habitually pulling away from the floor, despite all kinds of stretching and healing) shift out and solidly down, hitting the earth with the rest of my foot for the first time in over a year. Salaam, Waha, Amen, Aho!''  


Solongo Klawitter

"I highly recommend the Wild Woman Awakening & Sacred Cacao Ceremonial training for women who are busy and need to learn to love themselves through ancient practices of self-love and sisterhood blessings with unconditional love and compassion.

Soul sister Malaika helped me to reconnect with my ancestors through her cacao ceremony, womb healing, and African shamanic dance. I was so conditioned, and I forgot who I was at my essence. After the training, I stopped chasing what was not serving my highest good and started living as me, my authentic self. I am forever grateful to have found and studied with Malaika"

Sahara Rose 

Best-Selling Author, Host of Highest Self Podcast, Founder of Dharma Coaching Institute & Rose Gold Goddesses, Speaker, Mystic, and Spiritual Activist

"Incredibly, I  got to experience Malaikas Training in Bali. This Radically changed my life. She gave me the courage to trust my Souls Dharma, my Souls Purpose. Since then we have been good friends and I have brought her onto my Rose Gold Goddesses Community where she has taught both online and in person, each and every time it's been so transformational.


I am so grateful to have learned from Malaika, She is such a full-power Shakti, Embodied Divine Feminine Leader, and her work is so needed in the world right now. If you are drawn to her work, you are making the right choice!"

Joanna Hunt, Empowerment Coach for Moms

Sahara Rose Author and Wellness Personality

Sarah-Jane Crossley (Perman) Yoga Facilitator

Sahara Rose .jpeg
Fotos Chalet.png

You will return after this unique experience as a more grounded, expansive, and juicy version of yourself.
Are You Ready?? 

Many clients have expressed this one immersion was worth the $1000s they had spent on therapy with greater and more lasting results in just 7 days and is way more fun!

I am keeping the price as affordable as possible just so you can join me and be a part of this momentous activation and have included just about everything so you can stay focused on your journey with all the logistics taken care of. 

Your investment for this transformational once-in-a-lifetime journey
Valued at;

$3333 USD

$1899 USD

(Shared accommodation- single room on availability add 20%)

$500 USD

Reserve your spot now for only 
Limited Spaces Available
Offer Extended
Enjoy 40% off 
Is Now Only
Until April 1st 2024

$2222 USD 

After April 1st 2024 
AFAEADAA-58BA-49C7-BA67-C53A36F2A77D_1_105_c (1).jpeg

This unique experience is all about Embodiment, the beginning of the initiation into the facilitators' path, and the art of holding a powerful container for real shifts to transpire.

I hope you will hear the call and come join me in Bali!

See You soon in Stunning Bali!

Investing in your own growth is the most important thing you can do because it will positively impact your life and the lives of those around you.


I look forward to sharing the power and magic of Bali with you as we embark on this transformational journey together.


The World Doesn’t Need You to Fill Anyone’s Expectations. She Needs You to Show Up For an Amazing Life Full of Joy, Pleasure, and Fierce Passionate Love.

EEI was valued at  
Shared accommodation- (single room on availability for an extra 20% depending on availability)
NOW for Only 

$500 USD

Reserve your space now by making a deposit today of only 
Limited Space Available for quality experience


  • Shared Transport from Ubud to venue and back to Ubud after the Immersion. 

  • Twin Share Accommodation in Oceanside Villas.

  •  3 Healthy Meals daily - vegetarian, vegan, or other dietary needs catered to with ample notice.

  • Sun Rise & Sun Set Meditations

  • Daily Ocean Swims

  • Daily Elemental Yoga

  • Daily Dance, Embodiment Practices 

  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Waterfall Adventure

  • Digital Detox

  • Powerful Ceremonies & Rituals

  • Community Connection

  • Freedom  Renewal and inspiration while discovering the hidden paradise of Balis' Tranquil North part of the island. 


  • Single Rooms (available for an additional 20% fee) 

  • Transport from the airport to Ubud- ( we will organize a driver to pick you up for approximately $30 USD paid directly to your driver)

  • Your airfare to Bali

  • VISA - Please check your country's requirements for an entry visa to Indonesia. 30 day VOA is free for most countries. 

  • Extra Drinks, snacks, or massages

  • Tips and Gratuities

All Inclusive!

$3333 USD

  • Shared Transport from Ubud to the venue

  • 7 days 6 nights Twin Share in Oceanside villa, (Single Accommodation available on request for an additional 20%. Depending on availability) 

  • Healthy Meals - Vegetarian, vegan, or other dietary needs catered for. (Please let us know your needs in advance)

  • Sun Rise & Sun Set Meditations

  • Daily Ocean Swims

  • Daily Elemental  Somatic Yoga and movement practices

  • Daily Dance, Embodiment & Ecstatic Dance

  • Waterfall Adventure

  • Digital Detox

  • Powerful Ceremonies & Rituals

  • Community Connection

  • Freedom  Renewal and inspiration while discovering the hidden paradise of Balis' Tranquil North part of the island.

  • A transformative experience of self-discovery, empowerment, healing, connection, and growth.

Elemental Embodiment Immersion

$2222 USD 

$1899 USD 

After April 1st,
Early Bird (Until April 1st)
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