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🌑Dreaming Wisely 🌑

Greetings Beloveds and Family wherever you are spiraling on this beautiful Blue-Green Orb placed just so in our Universe so that all this life can happen!


Solar Eclipse, and a New Moon, we have an extraordinary possibility to connect and reconnect with the living grid of Gaia. The Artificial Grid will be blocked for this blink of an eye- to be exact 4.28 seconds. The last time this happened was about 7000 years ago. We can connect to the REAL blueprint of Gaia and disconnect from the false light Matrix.



Ever stopped to wonder why you Believe What You Believe?

Are your thoughts your own? Or Seeds planted ‘buy’ the very corporations who would love you to buy their products and support their insatiable appetite for more wealth, while robbing future generations of the Natural wealth of our beautiful blue-green planet that is every human’s birthright, not just some, or a handful of greedy Elites that long long ago planted the seeds of Lack Consciousness into the psyche of Human Consciousness and from generation to generation, we have created just that… Not enoughness in all areas of our fragile human existence.


Now with SM, endless emails, constant live streaming, Netflix, and all the other endless amounts of information you can choose – all impacting your critical thinking and forcing you to believe in narratives that just are not true, with people trying to poke your pain points and provide the salve to all that is out of whack in your life as the remedy to our dysfunctional ways of being since we LEFT the Garden of Eden…. We did not get kicked out, another false story we believe, and what we believe becomes our reality… so here we find ourselves out of the garden, sitting in our own collective throwaway culture, being forced to now swallow that Global Warming is the next disaster looming around everyone’s proverbial corner….


Hello People… GAIA IS ROUND…. Like the voluptuous curves of a woman’s body, She has no corners, just eras and cornerstones, She is Ancient…. millions or rather BILLIONS of years…. Wrap your mind around that nugget of wisdom, a new story to behold! So much of our Human story has been left untold.

And now here we stand at the brink of environmental collapse, not due to CO2 emissions but due to Corporations destroying and continuing to destroy the Natural World. The forests, the Oceans, all choking in our non-reusable, non-sustainable, non-living waste and 98% non-recyclable-  another story we have been led to believe, as long as we see that little symbol that tells us it is recyclable, and as long as WE do the right thing and put it in the garage we can rest our consciousness that ALL of us are contributors to the fact that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the world's oceans, says - 

The Washington Post. Jan 20, 2016


As many are waking up to the reality of the Holographic Nature of all of Creation with one Divine Body of Divine Consciousness, many are starting to see through the False Light Matrix.

It is time to exit the nightmare that is destroying that which we need to survive on this planet, the Air, The Earth, The Water, and bring into right relation the Fire that we harnessed and turned into electricity, nuclear bombs, and now the never-ending cycle of more and more radio waves from 2G to 3G to 4G to 5G and we have collectively forgotten the images of millions of birds falling dead out of the skies…. our addiction keeps us complacent, consuming zombies, it’s so insidious unless we unplug regularly and go within!


Death has such a finality to it, and when we lose someone, we deeply loved or something we cherished more than life itself, grief is that deep expression of love. After spending so much time in the mountains and jungles of Mexico, and Colombia, alone most of the time, just marveling at Pacha Mama’s pristine majesty, weeping at the feet of Her beauty, and praying that somehow Humanity will somehow wake up and stop the destructive path we have been on and somehow turn a culture of greed into a culture of co-creation, from destruction to creation, from pain to natural joy and pleasure. 

And the countdown is on to one of the most important eclipses of our lives! This April the 8th. Here is a message I received in those Ancient Kogi, Arhuaco, Wigwa, and countless other Ancient Indigenous Tribes much older than our modern-day civilization which is crumbling at its seems. The Kogi call themselves Big Brother, and we Little Brother, even though the average Kogi is very small under 5 feet! So they are talking about their wisdom not their size!


So if you are reading this message directly from The Mother I hope you will listen. This Solar eclipse is spoken about in many Indigenous prophecies and we have an incredible opportunity to steer Gaia into the light. As the light of our life-giving Solar Sun is blocked it is time to go inward, and with all of your heart and intentions focus on the Natural Blue Print of Gaia which is ABUNDANCE FOR ALL LIVING CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL.  The False Light Matrix will dissolve relinquishing its mind control on humanity for the duration of the eclipse 4.28.1 minutes, giving us the opportunity to hold the frequency of the Natural Love Light Grid and to release ALL false belief systems so we can truly create The Garden of Eden Gaia has always been meant to be.

Focus on the Resurrection of the Great Mother and a full restoration of the Divine Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine flying as sovereign beings unto ourselves celebrating our uniqueness while recognizing our kinship and interconnectedness. 


It is not a time to be outward socializing, taking drugs or alcohol, but a grand invitation that will not happen again in any of our little lifetimes, to exercise your true power and sovereignty as a human being. Sit in stillness, connecting to your inner light and Highest Self, connect with Gaia’s Light Body ascending, as She is awakening and together we are awakening from a long amnesia and sleep which allowed the war against life to be perpetuated for thousands of years and generations of trauma that have kept us in survival mode- fight or flight, forgetting that WE ARE THE CREATORS and CREATRIXES Co creating with Source Love Light Energy, primordial awareness conceived in order to explore the endless possibilities of all life.



4.28 seconds I urge you to use this sacred moment when the light of our outer sun is eclipsed, to turn your attention inwards as we feel the Awakening of the Sacred Feminine AND the Sacred Masculine both in our bodies and in the world – and set a collective intention to create a real RESET for GAIA one in which places the Indigenous wisdom of taking care and truly loving this incredibly beautiful natural world we have been given.

A prayer in which our human sovereignty, our Human Rights and our call to action is where we place our attention. This Revolution will not be won by detonating bombs and deaths in the killing fields- this is a Revolution of our Consciousness and we have to be willing to move beyond all the conveniences and comforts that are so addictive- I know, we must be strong, our love will prevail, LOVE IS STRONGER THAN FEAR!   


The elements are frequencies and the more time we spend bathing in them the more we naturally start to realign our misaligned molecular bodies and explains why we feel so dam good after hiking, swimming in the ocean or a river, or singing songs sitting on the earth around a campfire.


The magical thing is the more you attune to the natural world the more She responds to you- like for instance singing an ancient song I learnt in Zimbabwe- a land locked country some 2000 miles away from the ocean yet they have songs to the whales. While kayaking in Mexico I started tapping out the rhythm and singing and lo and behold three majestic whales surfaced right in front of our tiny boat! Or while dreaming into the prophecy of the meeting of the Eagle and the Condor on a beach in Colombia and an Eagle flew right over my head. Or while missing my son and thinking about him and not one but 5 hummingbirds appeared- his totem animal. Just today arriving in Costa Rica and seeing land that had been cleared for ‘development’ I spoke out loud saying to Pacha Mama, I will NOT be doing that when I get my land, I want a huge piece of land so I can turn it into a sanctuary for all the animals who live there- and came around the corner on a very busy road and there was a GIANT sloth, trying to cross the road. I stopped and blocked the traffic by standing I the road to escort the sloth to the other side- the metaphor of the sloth is all about slowing down to ENJOY life! These are just a few of the countless experiences that we can ALL have because we are tethered to the sun, and children of Gaia – The great Mother of life is here to remind us that we are instinctual, sensitive, living Beings as interconnected as all the life in the oceans, and lands, the forests and jungles. What we are doing to Her we are doing to ourselves.


My heart's prayer is for those who read these words and find out when the eclipse is happening wherever you find yourself for these precious 4.5 minutes and go deeply inward to connect with your own inner light and focus all of your intention on Gaia being restored and protected, on all women and children being protected and celebrated, and all men being restored and reconnected to our Divine Blue Print and exit the realm of duality and steer humanity towards ONENESS Consciousness.



Our Ancient Ancestors and there are many, went to such great extremes to track the phenomena of eclipses and planetary movements. They built elaborate temples and stone circles to mark such events because they knew the power that they held and still do hold. We have not completely forgotten our star and interplanetary connections. Let's focus on moving forward in a world reclaiming Unity, and our place in the circle of life as guardians, custodians, and stewards in the Universe, reclaiming our Sovereignty and ending slavery on Gaia.


A little bit on Frequency and Sound

There are certain sounds and frequencies that can liberate us and some that can enslave us – Whilst in Egypt with my group in the King's chamber, we managed to sneak two crystal bowls, my didgeridoo, and one student was an Opera Singer! Go figure cosmic constellation to do the work we did while in those ancient lands and temples. With the lights turned off plunging us into complete darkness we started the sound frequency toning with the didg holding the deep note of earth frequency and the bowls in high C and D and the opera singer just went for it creating so much sound vibration the pyramid started to hum!


The pyramids are ancient technology devices, sound chambers, that were once surrounded by water. Huge energy devices that once generated huge amounts of POWER. More about the magic of my Egyptian journey at another time to follow, right now I am in Costa Rica looking for the promised land to co-create an intentional community for the next chapter of this Gypsy's journey as I continue to plant the Seeds of Ancient Wisdom in fertile soils and expand my awareness challenging all my own outdated belief systems as I align more with my Higher Self and stay closely connected to The One and Only Mother of us all GAIA.


So, Dream Wisely Family, and hold the vision YOU wish your children and great-grandchildren to inherit. Now is the time for alignment!

Malaika MaVeena Darville



📅 Dates: May 12 - 18, 2024

🌍Location: Northern Bali, Indonesia

Immerse yourself in the transformative beauty of Bali and unlock access to two extraordinary retreats with just a small deposit. In the Elemental Embodiment Immersion, experience deep healing and sisterhood, shedding old wounds and embracing your true self. Then, journey through the Temple of Remembrance to reconnect with your essence and reclaim your power. Don't miss this chance to awaken in Bali—reserve your spot now and let the sunrise guide you to profound renewal.

Together we remember the medicine of the earth, descend into her roots, awaken the living wisdom within, remember our truth through embodiment, reclaim the LOVE within, and rebirth ourselves through Sisterhood and a deep remembering Elemental Embodiment is my living Truth, my impulse for life, that lives in each of us, waiting to be remembered.

What Makes This Retreat Special

  • Daily yoga for the feminine body, daily dance, and somatic embodiment practices

  • Expect to be taken to your edge to embody all aspects of yourself

  • Rituals and ceremonies for personal high priestess initiations

  • Gain self-confidence, self love, and compassion for both yourself and others

  • Unplug to plug into life force energy and recharge your batteries

  • Digital detox and nature rejuvenation

  • 6 nights in a luxury resort surrounded by lush nature right on the tranquil ocean

  • Daily healthy meals


📅 Dates: July 4- 18, 2024

🌍Location: Ubud Bali, Indonesia

Has Ecstatic Dance and movement transformed your life? Given you the space to come back home and love your body while you unwind and discovers the natural Ecstasy that lies within?

​This all-inclusive retreat will teach you everything you need to know - a transformative journey onto the Facilitator's path, empowering you in ways you've never imagined. Experience deep embodiment and gain the tools to hold transformative spaces. Dance is medicine for our modern lives, satisfying the soul's longing for expression and self-love.

With Early Bird pricing ending soon, don't hesitate to commit to this life-changing adventure in Bali. Whether you're a beginner DJ, yoga teacher, or aspiring festival performer, these retreats will awaken your passion and creativity, nurturing your dreams and fostering connection in a supportive community.

Join the movement! Ecstatic Dance is the New Yoga—a path to freedom of expression and deep self-acceptance. Space is limited for my last in-person training, so reserve your spot now to experience the transformative power of live, embodied presence.

I look forward to guiding you on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment!

What Makes This Retreat Special

Come join me in Bali and find yourself dancing!

  • Learn with masterful teachers who will support and guide you until you get it

  • Dance, swim in the ocean, and sing your heart out daily

  • Mid-week excursion to bathe under one of Bali's most powerful waterfalls

  • Play your first set in a supported environment and get valuable feedback

  • Daily embodiment and movement practices

  • Clear limiting beliefs and leave feeling confident, grounded, and full of love and joy

  • Experience community and real authentic connection


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