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🌕 Scorpio Full Moon Guidance

April 23rd we will have the full moon in Scorpio illuminating our night skies.  Scorpio is a deeply emotional and passionate water sign associated with depth, intensity, and transformation. During a Scorpio Full Moon, emotions will be heightened and there will likely be a focus on matters related to power, control, intimacy, and hidden truths. It's a time when buried emotions and subconscious desires may rise to the surface, inviting us to confront and transform them.


So, on April 23, welcome introspection and be prepared to address issues that have been lurking beneath the surface.


So not only have we come through this eclipse season and have the full moon on the 23rd we also enter Spring, for Northern Hemisphere and Autumn for Southern Hemisphere and for those in the tropics either wet season or dry season! Evidence we are all having many parallel realities all happening on one little sphere hurtling through space at a phenomenal velocity and seems like things are speeding up everywhere!


How have you been feeling through this eclipse portal? So much is shifting and changing at such a fundamental level sometimes it’s hard to feel the ground under our feet. I was able to witness the eclipse here in Costa Rica, silently, meditating, praying, holding the light and planting seeds and coconuts on the beach to ground those prayers in Gaia. It felt subtle yet potent. I reflected on the many epochs both Gaia and humans have traversed over eons of time swimming among million-year-old limestone dead coral beds now on the shore that once would have been thriving when the oceans were deeper.  Change happens both rapidly and slowly. Evolution happens slowly, not something we can usually see with our naked eye, unlike the rapid pace our overstimulated minds are used to with technology reducing our attention span to less than 10 seconds.

What I have LOVED about this vision quest and healing time has been the luxury of going the pace of nature. When we spend time immersed in the Elements, not only does our nervous system regulate and slow down but we are allowed to breathe deeply and witness the evolution of time at the pace of the sloths, sunrise sunset.


Well, no sooner have we recovered from the eclipses that the next cosmic highlight will take place on 20 April 2024 - the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. The two planets will be together again for the first time since 2011. When Jupiter, the planet of growth, happiness, and abundance, and Uranus, the planet of transformation, renewal, and revolution, come together, you can expect fireworks, breakthroughs, surprising twists and turns, and a gigantic shift in consciousness. This conjunction sets the tone for the next fourteen years, opening many hearts. This energy, like the eclipses, brings you back to your core and your heart’s desires. Hello new beginnings, new world the way WE want to imagine it, and new you the way YOU want to imagine yourself!


We are ALL on our Hero’s or Heroine’s journey so I pray you are finding the courage and strength to keep going and take rests when you need them, because in my experience it takes time to adjust to all the changes taking place.  


If we are going through a paradigm shift to make this world a better place, we have to be willing to change.


Here is a little suggestion to help you to stay on track when so much adversity is playing out on the Global screens again. Just keep coming back to yourself, and find things to fill your heart with gratitude as that is a powerful vibration to keep you in the Beauty Way and will bring more of what you want towards yourself, than getting stressed or fearful by things that are out of your control.


As you journey through the tapestry of life, let gratitude be your guiding star. Take a moment to pause amidst the hustle and bustle of your day, and turn your gaze inward to the rich tapestry of blessings that surround you.

Reflect on the simple joys that bring light to your soul—the warmth of the sun on your skin, the laughter of loved ones, the beauty of nature's creations. Allow each moment of gratitude to weave itself into the fabric of your being, infusing your heart with a deep sense of appreciation and abundance.

In moments of challenge or adversity, let gratitude be your anchor, grounding you in the present moment and reminding you of the strength and resilience that lies within. Even amidst the storms of life, there is always something to be thankful for—a lesson learned, a silver lining discovered, a glimmer of hope shining through the darkness.

As you cultivate a spirit of gratitude, you will find that joy becomes your constant companion, and peace settles like a gentle breeze upon your soul. With each breath, let gratitude fill you to the brim, overflowing into every aspect of your life and illuminating the path ahead with boundless possibilities.

Embrace the power of gratitude today, and watch as miracles unfold before your eyes, transforming even the simplest moments into sacred blessings.


I would like to thank you for reading these love letters I love to share a little of my journey and some ramblings and wisdoms that hopefully inspire you to find the strength to ride the many waves we are all learning to surf right now as we develop new skillsets to thrive into this new timeline.


With my heart full of gratitude, Thank you!!  I LOVE receiving your messages and would love to receive your feedback on what you would love to hear more of from me, as now I finally have a blog on my website and will be sharing more of my writing there.



And to all my SiStars out there, I am sending a shout-out to invite you to join me in Bali for the Elemental Embodiment Immersion - The Temple of Remembrance. I feel this is the most important work on the planet right now serving women to RISE and embody their radiance while finding the courage to release eons of repression and hiding to birth themselves back into the circle of life.

📅 Dates: May 12 - 18, 2024

🌍Location: Northern Bali, Indonesia

 All birds have two wings, a bird with only one wing can not fly, and a canoe with one paddle goes in circles.


Women this is an invitation to remember our ancient Ancestral roots, connect intimately with The Earth and Ocean as tendrils of the Great Mother, through connection with our wombs, our bodies and through embodying the power of the Goddess together in sisterhood. I promise this will transform your life and will help you make the shifts that you are looking for so you can return to your life, inspired, connected to this unseen power of the feminine, with a deep respect and understanding of the deeper mystery and powers of the Sacred Feminine when she is embodied and her heart overflowing.

Release, purify, reset, and activate your inner vital Feminine life force that is so often dimmed and forgotten in our overly masculine-driven culture. And it is so much fun and nourishing on all levels!! We dance, laugh, cry, challenge our edges, and remember what it is like to be supported so you can return to your life and support others to open and rise as well.



The 5Elements Ecstatic Dance and Dj Training in July is now FULL except for two spots reserved for two BROTHERS out there, who want to become Djs and be a part of this training. We are offering the early bird for you until the end of April. Daniel – Dj Emanate, attended last year, was a complete beginner and was able to live his dream and play at Burning Man just a month after completing the course- and Carsten just let me know he will be playing at AWAKE for the biggest Ecstatic Dance that happens on the Pacific Coast in Costa Rica. WHooHoo! Way to go guys! So proud of you! 

So, if you are ready and want to step up and still receive the early bird APPLY TODAY! Only 2 spots left for two men!


The way that resistance fools us – it appears as a voice in our head- you know the one I’m talking about, that voice that says we are unworthy or underserving, or incapable of having what our hearts desire, or the voice that is the perfectionist and says you will never be good enough, or the voice that says let's distract ourselves from doing the thing that we know will bring us deep enjoyment and we are meant to do if we just could break through the resistance and ALLOW ourselves to do it! Learn the tools to break free and learn how to not give in to the resistance! Instead, learn how to dismiss it, reassure yourself, and do it anyway!!


I will also be presenting at Bali Spirit Festival again May 1 - 5th If you are there come say hi and join my workshops!


See you next New Moon! 

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