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Awaken the Warrior!

Let us start with a mantra...

“I am balanced. I am whole. I am grounded. I am centred. I am earth, I am water. I am fire, I am air. I am Spirit, I am the Sun, I am the Moon. I am light. I am dark. I am connected to all that is within and all that is around. I am rooted in myself. I am peace. I am love. I am balanced. I am harmony.”

And just like that in the Blink of an Eye...

The World as we knew it will never be the same.

As we move through this transition... Everything seems surreal, the last few weeks have been like being in a dream, the last classes I taught, the last yoga class, the last Ecstatic Dance for a while, I am sure for many of you it is the same, some dreams are worse than others and some are dreams are amazing. But one thing is clear, we are all in this together, and everyone is being affected.

Time to awaken your inner warrior!

My lasts blog was titled "BEYOND FEAR"  - as we watched the media rollout this global agenda, and many, me included had to listen deeply to our deepest intuition and make decisions as to where to be.

I think this man-made crisis has given all of Humanity a 'calm before the storm'. When I ask my Balinese friends what they think about the global situation, they respond with ‘we keep praying for everyone, maybe we have to go back to growing rice, and if it is my time to go, it is my time to go, we all have to go someday’... Well, I am adopting their attitude. It seems even more exaggerated here at the moment as Nyepi- the Balinese New Year is on Wednesday and every year we have all the shops closed, the airport closed and no electricity and silence for 24hours- but shops may stay shut for a week or more for Nyepi.

The people in every village for the last month have been making huge effigies of Demons and Monsters, with lopsided breasts, matted hair and fangs- the Oga Oga. Normally these would be paraded through the town with hundreds of people in attendance. Then the effigies are burnt cleansing the island and villages of all evil and dark forces and from midnight the island goes into complete silence- even the airport closes and no electricity is allowed anywhere.

It is my favourite day of the year and I wish the whole world would take on this ceremony instead of forcing the whole world to adopt Western meaningless celebrations such as Christmas and Halloween- devoid of meaning except for an excuse for mass consumerism.

It is said that the two inner serpents of the Earth cross in Bali, and the Balinese culture as ancient as it is, has elements of animism but is mainly Hindu. They make offerings 5 times per day, to both the light and the dark forces inviting the darkness to come towards the light by giving them little offerings of food flowers, and water. 

Nyepi they allow the darkness 24 hours to cruise around the island and that is why everyone stays inside and stays quiet and turns off all electricity - it is theirs for the day. Interestingly enough this year, many will not parade the effigies or burn them, some will save them for next year…..

So in these times, we can see all the False Evidence Appearing Real being pushed into the collective Global Consciousness, but we must remember that the Earth is a place of the duality of Yin and Yang and the light and the dark are always dancing the balance.

The only difference is one side happens to own the media so they can share, distort, control and manipulate much more than those holding the pillars of light, but just remember there is always a balance. There are so many theories as to why what is happening is happening and basically, I too have my own deep beliefs and yet I could be entirely wrong, but the simple fact is there are only certain things I can control in my world and all else I have no control over so I am choosing to adopt an attitude of gratitude still and always, and looking for all the hidden gifts, this crisis has brought to many of us and focusing on that.

My heart goes out to all those who have suffered, are suffering or who have lost family members.

Just 3 days ago one of the members of our community was out with his father and his new kids and family and at 57 he had a massive heart attack and despite my friend’s desperate attempts to revive his dad - that was the day his father was to leave the Earth. May he Rest in Peace!

We were all waiting to hear the news and some fearing the worst, 'OMG the CV got him', but NO~ he had a history of heart attacks and had a big one when he was 42. That wake-up call triggered him to giving up red meat, quitting drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. All to which in the last 2 years he had started again and was lying to his family that he wasn’t smoking and low and behold tobacco was found in his bag after his death.

Tobacco is sold in every store, killing MILLIONS every year and you think the government and who care about our health? They do not, they only care about money and making more of it - that is the biggest disease we are faced with at this time. GREED!

Do they lock down tobacco companies? Force them out of business? 

No~ people can choose to kill themselves slowly! So what is really going on?

The orchestrated collapse of the world economy and the next agenda will be a cashless society - not such a bad thing you may say, but who will control our sovereign rights to having our own money and doing with it what we like?

During this whole global crackdown as the only thing making headlines, we have ignored the white elephant in the room as tensions have escalated in Iraq and US retaliated and so did Tehran backed militia bombings on March 13th–Hardly a whisper about that in the news. We are in a nonlinear war where nobody really knows what to do let alone who we are at war with!

So again I would invite you to go inwards, ask your self?

Where have I been at war with myself?

Where have I been at war with my body?

Now is a good time to know where your centre is, to make friends with your body, to stay embodied and to deeply listen and love your body-mind, not your monkey mind or the media mind.

And just as quickly as the world has been seized by this we have lost civil liberties to gather, to travel, to love, to touch, to work, unless you are online. Is this the beginning of artificial intelligence? If so for anyone who still thinks AI is a good idea, think again- intelligence devoid of the heart is dangerous!!

I urge you to remember your mother grew you in her womb! She did not have to think 'oh today I am growing the complexity of a human brain, or liver, or eyes' - no she might have been watching TV but her body grew you!


The vaccination is sure to roll out soon and I beg you to think twice before lining up to be injected.

There can never be a vaccination for viruses as they mutate very quickly, but a lot has been invested in this campaign and mark my words if it becomes mandatory, then what do we do? Conscientious objection is a must at this time and we must fight for our rights to preserve our right to choose what we deem is good or not good for our well being and our bodies well being. I beg you to do your research and choose wisely, not blindly or out of fear.

We are HUMAN and our bodies are strong! Several ways you can strengthen your immunity in these times are:

* Minimized your stress levels ~ Stress produces adrenaline and raises cortisol levels in your bloodstream.

* Stay calm and connect with your spirit ~ Learn to go inside and find and know yourself- that is the gift that is being offered right now. 

*Time ~  don’t waste it. Remember we are dreaming! So exit someone else’s nightmare and dream a new dream, one in which the Earth is resting, the people are resting and listening. Come to terms with your own fears of death - a Tantric Practice from the real schools of Tantra is to sit on dead bodies and meditate ( LOL Not much sex going on there and you don’t hear much about these tantric practices in the neo-tantric world and probably wouldn’t sell nearly quickly!)

Meditating in India with three human skulls - The Agori Tantric Teacher told me to now meditate on the Law of Impermanence!

This ancient practice was practised and still is in parts of India for the practitioner to come to terms with the laws of impermanence to move beyond the fear of death, to detach from the false identity of the self-being the body, the body is the temple for us to have this Earthly experience, it is on loan and will return to the Earth when the real you is done with it, you are not your body, you are not your possessions, you are not your jobs or positions in companies, all of this is a false identity. Now is an opportunity to really really get this ancient wisdom on a very deep level and….

"KNOW THYSELF BEYOND ALL ILLUSIONS OF FALSE IDENTITY" Now is an opportunity to put into practice all the yoga classes you have ever done and start to be yogic in your approach to life. It is really important that we find ways to make our new routine productive and healthy. We have started booty-camp and been working out daily as exercise is super important right now, I have also started to learn a new music program, making music, being creative, exercising your brain bringing in new pathways and CONNECT. 

Let’s write the story of 2020 as a year not solely as a global tragedy but as a birth of a new way of being. Just as the toughest life experiences can catalyze our greatest personal growth, so can this planetary emergency lead to a real evolution of our species

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