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Restoring Balance to an Unbalanced World - Eat Less Meat

Finding balance in a world that has spiraled out of balance, is each one of our responsibilities. We can not turn back the hands of time, but we must consider that our choices DO matter as we look to the future for the next generation, it is really about implementing enough self-love that triggers self-disciple to support making those healthy choices easy.

To restore balance on the physical plane I want to discuss Food.

My moto is.. "Let thy food be thy medicine, and what we do to ourselves we do to the Earth, and what we do to the Earth we do to ourselves"

... So Eat Clean!

What does that mean... Exactly?

It means that in this day and age it is ever more vigilant to research where our food sources are coming from. If you eat a really healthy diet that has been flown from all over the world contributing to Global Warming, then, in the end, it's still going to kill you and your neighbors.

So eating local, supporting local farmers markets, so farmers continue to grow food and not sell out to corporate agriculture is a biggy. More and more research is being done on what we eat and what is good for you and what is not with this fad and that fad and at the end of the day one can become extremely confused.

LISTEN to the intelligence of your own human body!

It will tell you - "No" to that extra piece of pizza as it knows it's not good for you! But due to our addictions, we must also use our consciousness to make conscientious decisions and overcome our addictions first so we can hear that body wisdom above the screaming demands of an addiction!

Sugar is the worst...

Then comes the big question, Vegetarian, Vegan, Pescatarian, Omnivore or Flexitarian?

From as early as 7 years old I stopped eating meat- I had a huge white cat named the Artful Dodger who didn’t even have to say “More Please” as I would slide any meat from my plate into his eager mouth to disappear before my mom would catch me. She often commentated how fat that cat was….

Little did she know he was eating like the Lion King!

For me, it was a decision I made when we went to the slaughterhouse in Canada and I still can remember the cries of the cows, and the bright red blood staining the white snow of winter in Canada, the stench of blood and meat in the car as we drove home...

and then when it would appear on my dinner plate there was NO WAY in the world I was eating it!

I find balance with the power of a plant-based diet through nuts, soaked almonds, tons of greens, berries and did I mention coconuts? We lived on them virtually for a year when I lived on a deserted island in the Philippines with my son as an infant. I was still breastfeeding and he was the chubbiest baby ever! At all my retreats in Bali, I make sure a daily coconut is part of the diet with more available as needed.

With the recent mass #climatestrike protests against climate change, I now continue to conscientiously choose to not consume animal products because next to fossil fuels they are the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions being released into the atmosphere.

Forest are still being cut down to graze cheap beef. If we take a look at industrialized agriculture of cows, goats, sheep, pigs and chickens to a lesser extent, they are all emitting methane gas and nitrous oxide - two huge greenhouse gases not to mention the copious amounts of chemical fertilizers used on cattle feed which runs off into waterways and has a devastating effect on all life.

Another white elephant in the whole debate of meat consumption is the fact that in our highly industrialized meat industries animals are forced to live in such inhumane conditions which are breeding grounds for killer pathogens and bacteria.

The Solution?

Pump them full of antibiotics to try to deal with this unnatural conditions we have placed animals in just so we can have another hamburger or chunk of salami which is now being proven to be the number one cause of colon cancer, heart disease, and other cancers.

The data today confirms what has been known for a long time that the presence of preservatives, antibiotics, growth hormones, and combustion products in processed meats are linked to certain types of cancers.

So if you choose to eat red meats do your self, your families and the environment a favor and exercise your consumer power to select ONLY meats that have a legitimate organic, grass fed stamp, and the animal has at least been allowed to graze in a pasture- baring in mind more human beings, more meat-eaters, more pastures needed, more trees cut down and for every tree cut down more C02 released into the atmosphere. The Amazon is on fire to create more grazing land!

So try cutting out eating meat to once or twice a week and increase your plant based intake and observe how much more energy you have and how you feel while reducing your carbon foot print.

At the very least cut out all processed meats which are linked to causing cancer. Top on the list of meats to avoid would be; Salami, processed hams, sausages, and bacon.

Yes, eating consciously and eating less meat in a largely unconscious world requires some level of you applying your consciousness to make better choices but hey, that’s what we're here for.

Today, as more and more people are waking up from insomnia and lies we have been told by the very industries who are selling us a product- like the dental industry selling us the lie that fluoride fights cavities!

And MOST people just blindly took their word for it until recent alternative outlets have reported the truth, sharing the facts on the drastic and harmful effects on our health, and it is the same with the animal agricultural industries.

Do your research!

Now, you really can seek and find healthy food and healthy alternatives where ever you go. Sure organic may cost more than the millions of cheap processed foods that fill our supermarket shelves, but how much is cancer treatment nowadays?

I choose to spend my money on the best highest quality fruits and vegetables I can get my hands on, I need less, because they are nutrient rich, and I’m still dancing with none of the afflictions like arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes, heart ailments, obesity, skin pigmentations or fibroids which a lot of people my age are suffering from.

I come from an era when phones were still attached to the wall and riding without a seat belt or helmet was no biggy, we drank the tap water and stayed out late playing on the street until the sun went down mostly with zero parental supervision.

Things have vastly changed as I see 1-year-olds already addicted to cell phones and glued as if in a trance to mindless videos and games to distract them from life. Limiting Screen time is another incredibly important area to examine if you want to restore balance in your life, and your family's life.

Spend as much time in nature as you do in front of the screen and ditto for your kids. Seek the balance! Instead of watching another mindless video of someone else’s great life on Facebook or Instagram get up, put on your favorite track of music and DANCE! Your kids will love it and join in instilling a healthy balance in them at any stage of life.

Finding balance in a world that has spiraled out of balance, is each one of our responsibilities. We can not turn back the hands of time, but we must consider that our choices do matter as we look to the future for the next generation it is really about implementing enough self-love that triggers self-disciple to support making healthy choices easy!

Here is a great track that says it all in a song ~ Consume by Sally Vox

Tips for Restoring the Balance in an Unbalanced World

  1. Balance: Keep your work life and the things you enjoy the most in balance!

  2. Examine if what you are doing the majority of the time if you love it or hate it and adjust so that you spend at least equal time doing what you love.

  3. Find out your Mayan Calendar Signature, also your Human Design to understand more of your innate qualities

  4. Eat Clean and Eat Less Meat: Balance your diet with more veggies and fruit per day rather than eating meat. Make one promise to cut out one thing you know is not good for you- ie cigarettes, alcohol, processed meats or processed foods.

  5. Limit Screen Time: Spend an equal amount of time in Nature as indoors in front of the screen.

  6. Dance: Takes 5 mins to put on your favorite track and dance like no one is watching every day.

Malaika Maveena Darville XX

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