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Dare To Dream

As long as I am sharing my gifts It doesn’t really matter where I go or whom I am with,

this is what brings me the greatest happiness.

I think I have worked in a job that I hated for all of one year in my entire life and then quickly exited the matrix, see it for what a trap it is and what an illusory reality and one I did not want to be tethered too.

I help people of all walks of life who are bored in jobs they hate and dream of using their talents and gifts to build a business where they are travelling the world and hosting their own events or creating incredible events where they live to bring the community together fostering real connection and community.

When people work with me I show them how they can make money doing what they love serving others and create more joy and fulfilment from building their own offerings and finally escaping the 9-5 slog.

it's not always a bed of roses running your own business but working for oneself is rewarding in so many ways and gives the freedom that most can only dream about.

We really are entering into a New Age and ages don’t just all of a sudden SHIFT it is a gradual process, like the turning of the leaves, as the change of the seasons like the growth of a child, its always been happening but at those moments when it is really noticeably apparent, it “seems” like it happened overnight. There are those that will lead Humanity into the New World and those that will cling to the old ways. I do believe the light and love are powerful enough to survive the darker sides of humanity and the Earth is the greatest healer. Somehow in my bones, I know everything is in Divine order as we and I fumble our way towards ecstasy.

I always say as long as we are breathing and still in the body we are still changing and evolving, growing and expanding. That is what we are here for and I feel happy that I have dedicated my life to supporting people in that expansion as I too grow, change, expand and I am continually discovering the true nature of my own Being and nature of reality ~ the great mystery and many paradoxes of life.

I do believe that the Earth is a living breathing, sovereign being unto Herself we are like the cells of her body, just going along for the ride and consciousness which pervades EVERY single living and non-living thing, is experiencing a myriad of expressions of itself through the gazillions of Beings that exist on this planet.

We really are closer to oneness than persevered separation than ever before in our human history as the veil is thin and reality reveals itself to those who are listening.

The metaphor of 'The Seed' has been with me since I was young and teased by my brother saying 'I was only a seed' when sharing past memories. I thus found importance in The Seed and those who know me know I do not leave home without them and plant something every single day.

They are prayers, and each one of us has that seed light inside of us.

The true blueprint of the Earth is ABUNDANCE just look at natural unadulterated fruit full of seeds of potential to keep on proliferating. When we tune into the original blueprint, both our own and that of the Earth, we can end the struggle and start to celebrate life, PLAY!

Your spirit needs to have some fun!

Laughing is medicine, dancing is medicine, being creative is medicine sleeping is medicine, touch and sensuality IS medicine.

This is important to remember in a sick world with multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies pushing addictive substances to hide the real problem that people are facing which 9 out of 10 times is disconnection.

If you follow what lights you up you will light up the world without even trying, because that is when you are in your Spirit and when you are in your Spirit you fall into grace and flow with all of existence.

There is so much support for you to exit any situation that is bringing you down and there is so much support to enter into what really really turns you on.

If you need support to help find your way and you are feeling adventurous, come join me in Bali I promise you will have the time of your life!

Until then be well, stay positive and remember your life is YOUR canvas. if you don’t like the picture, simply grab another colour and paint over it, the background will give texture to the new colours emerging on top…

You choose!

Malaika xx

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