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Ancient Wisdom Tips for the Modern Spiritual Path

Image by Elisa Vaea

Here are some wisdom and teachings I would love to share with you if you are starting out on your path of self-discovery

Be gentle with yourself and that self-love is the most important thing to cultivate...

Tune in what is right for you without joining things because it is trendy. With all the noise in the world now one really needs to take time out to unplug and deeply listen and breathe deeply. The breath ALWAYS brings us home to the present moment. There are so many courses, medicine ceremonies, neo-tantra workshops, therapies and promises for better this that or the other thing, but remember everything you need is inside of you!

As people wake up more into consciousness its imperative to cultivate some form of meditation practice to stay centered and focused in these times of transition so you can receive what is the right path for you. Trust your body wisdom over your thoughts and monkey mind.

Learn to listen to your womb (or energetic womb for men!)

Back in the day, I was one of the few people offering women’s retreats, and now there is a smorgasbord to choose from, so it’s important to know how to choose.

Whether it is a teacher, practice or retreat, or lover, put one hand on your womb, for men your lower abdomen and listen from that place.

Ask, ‘Is this for my highest good?’ and learn what your body’s YES and NO is, Maybe it is a NO! Once you have learned that, trust YOUR higher intelligence.

If you go against your “yes” and do it anyway even when you know your body said don’t do that and then you don’t have a good experience, that too is learning, so don’t beat yourself up! We are here to grow learn, and expand! So there really is no right or wrong it just a matter of allowing your self to do, have and be what is calling you- beyond addiction but from your Higher Self.

If we really want to come into the flow of Shakti energy that’s awakening, we have to come into the unknown and learn to trust.

Learn to trust the feminine...

When you first embark on your Spiritual Path it can be really fricking scary. This is the Feminine essence, the unknown, the mystery. The world we currently live in has been devoid of the Feminine, and it’s like we have been rowing a boat with one oar and got stuck going in a downward circle. It’s why we are almost killing the Earth, so now the Feminine energy is coming back both for men and women.

If you are lucky enough to witness a woman in labor with no drugs, when she is left to her own devices, she is so primal and so in-tune with her instincts. Her body knows exactly how to get that baby out.

So it’s the same with everything when you are left alone to your own devices, you just know, you just need the space to feel what is right for you, trust it and give your self permission to follow it.

Life is a spiral, there is nowhere to get to, and nothing really to DO it’s just an infinite dance guiding us back to this incredible perfect moment. Again and again and again!

Here are some Resources, Daily practices, and Trainings I can recommend which have been pivotal to my life experience.

NOTE: I have a lot of shamanic practices that I can’t really talk about. I teach some of them in my training and have been practicing them for 25 years. A lot of my teachers have passed on but after 25 years of practice, I now have permission to teach them.

1/ Every morning I connect with the Elements; I have a very fluid yoga practice where I listen to my body and tune into my womb. Women are blessed to be able to tune into their intuition anytime through the womb and see what the body needs. So rather than doing 500 sun salutations because someone says so and then have an injury, I encourage people to listen to the body and flow with it every day, that would be my greatest advice.

2/ I dance every day, even if it’s for 10 minutes; I have dates with my Inner Child and she likes to buy birds and cats and do all she wasn’t allowed to do when she was little, so I let her do what she loves and that brings me infinite joy. Our inner child is our connection to our Divine Innocence and happiness. Look at people like the Dalai Lama, there is a child-like nature about Him and others like him even though they carry an abundance of profound wisdom.

With Love,

Malaika X X

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