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Initiation. Why do we need it?

Praying with the ocean in Bali

What does modern day initiation look like?

Initiation is as old as we are, it is a rite of passage marking entrance from one phase of your life to the next.

As women we can’t avoid initiation from girl to woman marked by our first blood. And from Maiden to Motherhood is perhaps a woman’s biggest initiation.

But what about initiation on our Spiritual path?

We don’t live in tribes anymore that know the importance of rituals and ceremonies to assist the human spirit from one phase of our life to the next and know the importance of being witnessed passing certain tests to show one is ready to step up into new roles with in society.

Now we are left to our own devices.

Having raised two boys, I created initiation ceremonies to mark their coming of age at 7, 14 and 21 years of age.

Now I feel retreats are providing the human spirit with this missing element.

During the retreats each person goes through some aspect of their psyche that maybe has been tucked away safely to the furthest recesses of their Being and when pulled out into the light great transformation happens and you do not leave as the same person, its like you have gone through an initiation into a deeper knowing of who you truly are.

For me there is no greater service I can offer than the wisdom I have gleaned from a life well lived and from the many initiations I have personally gone through to be able to hold space for others transformation.

I feel the Human Spirit has been left behind creating Soul Hunger, even though we have advanced so quickly with technology, our actual physical biology longs to have these initiations so we may expand on our Spiritual path.

If we do not receive it in our families, communities or societies, we tend to create something in our lives that mimic an initiation of sorts but with out awareness or mentors this too can be dangerous. We see plenty of self initiation amongst our youth-driving too fast, having sex too young, drugs and alcohol binging, joining cults or gangs, sometimes with fatal or detrimental results.

What would you say was your way of self initiation?

And what do you long for?

In each Retreat I offer there is always an element of initiation.

I hope you will hear your souls call and this time give yourself permission to follow it….

Even if you feel fear, or excitement feel it all and do it anyways!

I are here to fully support you and be your midwife, I have luckily caught 14 babies in my life which has well prepared me for supporting people to birth themselves to the next level!

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