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Restoring the Balance

For centuries, the world has been like a boat trying to move forward with only one oar. That oar has largely been the distorted masculine devoid of the sacred feminine. And like that boat, humans have been going round and round in circles, often times heading in a downward spiral without the other oar, the equally as important feminine essence. Without this balance, it is difficult to not only to help us to stay on course but to expand us into infinite possibilities of creation!

As we stand amid our shifting world, it is easy to see just how dysfunctional the systems are, which people have collectively put into place. We can also see how these systems are not serving our awakening consciousness NOW!

People are waking up to the illusions disseminated by the mass media and those in power who have perpetuated the fear paradigm. People are being controlled and manipulated in such an insidious way that they’re giving away their power unconsciously through pure ignorance! They have used the best of human intelligence not to better humanity but to manipulate and control us by studying and knowing our human frailty and vulnerability. Society has created industries that prey on people’s low self-esteem in order to get them to consume more things to try to feel better about themselves.

Self-esteem comes from understanding yourself and the world around you. As you begin to feel better about yourself, you'll quickly learn that you do not need much from the world around you.

I see the balancing of the sacred masculine and of the sacred feminine connected with the return to SELF LOVE, key to the awakening of human consciousness. To be clear, sacred masculinity and sacred femininity has nothing to do with what you have between your legs. We all have both qualities of the yin and yang inside of us, and we need to have both in balance so that a whole balanced being may emerge.

If we look to the ancient Hindu model of Shiva and Shakti, we can better understand these principles without getting lost in our genders. Shiva represents the pure Divine consciousness, the illuminator of all darkness from ignorance into the light. Shakti represents the Divine Life Force Energy- the same energy that bursts a small seed from the ground and pushes a baby out of an open yoni into the world. Shakti is also the same energy man experiences when he is lost in his music or art and lets his creativity flow spontaneously. This energy moves through all of us, and all of us have been impacted either directly or indirectly.

In order to restore the balance of both in one’s self and in the world, we must first surrender to the flow of Shakti energy. A great exercise I do every morning after my yoga practice is pranayama. Pranayama, a Sanskrit word used to describe breath control, literally means to control (“yama”) life force energy (“prana”). This practice includes taking several long, deep breaths and plunging into my spring water pool. I swim underwater holding my breath for as long as I can. I wait until I feel the pull to surface, and I take a life sustaining breath, which I take in with pleasure! This practice helps me reaffirm to myself even when my mind sometimes tells me I want to give up or I am too depressed or I am thinking about money. I do this practice to align with that which wants to LIVE!!!

Nature has always been my greatest teacher and inspiration. I continue to listen to Her, I watch Her, and I play with Her. She is so alive, so communicative, so present in the moment. When I dance, I feel the same life force energy zinging through my veins. Just like hypnotic rhythms allow me to go into a trance-like state and let go of everything, especially my body, and just dance. That’s when I feel most alive.

While living in a traditional African village with my two small children and then partner, I somatically experienced what it felt like to be part of a tribe who regularly came together to dance. This was an experience that impacted my whole life. I was driven to try to bring the village community mentality back to the Western world. Back to where people were wealthy beyond what the average African could even imagine, but were spiritually deprived, craving the feminine aspects to balance out the masculinity. As we are attempting to restore the balance, the shift is upon us. Women are reclaiming their equality and men are starting to circle back to redefine what it means to be a Divine Man, balancing both their inner feminine and outer masculine.

These ancient traditions are yet new again, as the older people come to remind the younger ones how to find that balance and to help steer our planet, this little blue green ship, back on course to great abundance. The world has been paddling with one oar for far too long. With the second oar, the beauty of the divine feminine, humans can move past their limiting thoughts and beliefs, which have created scarcity, poverty, and nearly destroyed the Earth’s ability to sustain life.

My 30+ years of work has been through community ceremonies and rituals. When I lived in Australia, we were hosting fire walks, sweat lodges, or baby blessings, every weekend. I managed to catch 14 babies, even though I am not ‘qualified’ to do so, because I was in that river and that’s what was happening. Our wedding was a ceremony for the entire community, and I guided both my sons through initiation ceremonies to mark their transition from boys to men. I felt that is what is needed to keep us balanced.

My sole purpose in life is to be of service where I am called so that we may dance from this old world into the New Earth. I aim to restore humanity back to being the stewards, not dominators of the planet, which we were always meant to be.

If you feel called to join me in a life changing, transformational retreat here in Bali, I can promise that you will live to remember it. You will dance with the same wild abandon that urged you to follow your intuition, come to Bali, and to be a part of the change you would like to see in the world!


Malaika MaVeena

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