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There is No Planet 'B'

We have crossed over into 2020, that's two thousand and twenty years since time was counted based on the estimate of when Jesus Christ was born. 

The years prior to the (estimated) birth of Christ became labeled as B.C. - "Before Christ". What did not happen is that when Jesus was born, Julius Caesar declared that the calendar be changed and now we start counting from that year forward in A.D. numbers. A.D. (btw) does not mean "After Death" as many believe, it means Anno Domino, Latin for 'Year of our Lord". 

Around 525 AD, Dionysius Exiguus devised a calendar system based on his estimates of the date of Christ's birth to replace the older dating system based on the Roman Emperor. This system was popularized and made official under Charlemagne.  

Dionysius Exiguus' estimates are widely known to be faulty today, but his numbering system stuck before anyone did a harder check of his math. With that said, the year 1 AD aligns with the 28th year of Augustus Caesar's reign, the 32nd year of Roman rule in Egypt over the Ptolemies, the 6th year of the rule of Emperor Ngai in China, and the Roman historian Livy is about 60 years old. So how many years are there dated "BC? 

All of them prior to 1 AD and along with all the change this year I hope we see the change in our faulty calendar system to bring us back into harmony with the natural order of the cycles on Earth. 

The 13 Month Calendar or the Equal Month Calendar is a solar calendar proposal for calendar reform designed by Moses B. Cotsworth, who presented it in 1902, divides the solar year into 13 equal Months of 28 days each which if implemented would keep us more aligned with natural time instead of being totally out of sync with nature and the natural cycles of life on earth, including the 28-day natural cycle for women.

This NYE as I prepared to play at the Mansion in Ubud again, I was contemplating what are we actually celebrating? Two thousand years of Patriarchal domination which has got us into the mess we are in now. Our not so, Ancient BC cultures all worshipped the Goddess and the Mother Earth, the Trees, the land that provided them food, and the water which gives life. 

 Since then we entered the Industrialized era and world population reaching its first Billion in the 1800s and we are now sitting at 7.8 billion and growing rapidly. 

I ponder these questions A LOT and think about the well-being of the Earth every day.

I'm here in Kuala Lumpur for a visa-run and today walking the city streets with all the giant air-conditioned strip malls with every kind of food under the sun and every neon-brand under the corporate-sun spreading their tasteless mono-culture tentacles into every crevice of society. 

Christmas Trees everywhere in the sweltering heat, which have about as much to do with Christ's Birth as the faulty calendar's New Year celebration - Nothing.

The alignment of Planets and Stars is how the Ancestors marked the passing of time. Celebrations actually used to have meaning and so much of today's culture has ZERO meaning to the proverbial questions;




I know the answer is not to make more money and have the latest iPhone!

There is nothing wrong with that but I feel our consumer culture has lost the deeper meaning to life and acquiring more "things" will never make us happy, but they will ensure the end of the Earth if we don't stop our overconsumption and widespread cultural domination to teach other less consuming cultures to adopt the Western model.

This will mean we will need at least 10 planets just to deal with our waste let alone our demand on Earth's vital Resources like fresh drinking water! 

None the less, time is marching right along and this next spiral around the Sun is going to be a doozie- Why you ask?

Well, we will have 6 eclipses this year- the first lunar eclipse will occur on January 10–11, indicating MEGA CHANGE and on Jan 12th Saturn and Pluto will align and be conjunct for a lot of the year.

Mars goes retrograde in Aires for 3 months. These are huge planetary cycles that haven't happened for a long time! I hope you got a bunker for Christmas, because we just may need it. These alignments are revolutionary material and it is pivotal to the direction we Earthlings will take.

This year it is imperative more than ever before to be brutally honest with yourself as well as cultivating compassion, strength, resilience, and vulnerability. 

 We are living in the times of Prophesy and we MUST wake up.

This is the year we are going to need all the courage and strength we can possibly muster up to control our many addictions and distractions so we can RISE up and play our part as the old comes crumbling down and the new paradigm is birthing into reality.

As all the Ancient prophesies say, we shall reap what we have sown, so sow the seeds of LOVE in your own personal, and Community Gardens.

Today I received hundreds of emails for collective prayers to pray for rain to fall in Australia to douse the raging bushfires which are threatening life in Oz for many creatures and homes are being lost people are being evacuated and the smoke is choking people making it hard to breathe.

I remember when I first went to Australia I was so blown away by the pristine wild nature, you could still drink straight from the streams. Having been born in Canada where it was water everywhere but you wouldn't dare to drink a drop of it I spent many years as an activist Down-Under and felt like Chicken Little most of the time jumping up and down trying to make the people aware of what was coming if they kept heading down the destructive model of western civilization, and protect their country and resources only to feel like I was speaking on deaf ears.

What I realized the difference between Canada and Australia was only Colonial Invasion happened in Canada some 500 years prior to Australias 200 years and with an even more fragile and delicate ecosystem, I knew they could not afford to make the same mistakes as North America.

Australia really needed looking after - Australia never went through the ice age so there are ancient plants and animals not found anywhere else on Earth and it has a very small amount of fertile topsoil.

The introduction of hoofed animals has had a devastating impact on the natural environment and finite resources. But with the usual corruption, large meat-eating population, greed, the cultural genocide of the Indigenous people who managed to live sustainably in that environment for some 60,000 or maybe more years. I felt hopeless witnessing Australia go down the same road of destruction to not only catch up but surpass the environmental nightmare the rest of the world is facing. 

Both my sons were born in Australia and we still think of it as "home" and seeing the fires and the state of the Government's lack of action is devastating.

Living for a huge chapter of my life there and we were always protesting something almost every week. What many Australians do not realize is that the center of Australia harbors one of the world's largest US underground military bases in the world.  "Pine Gap". Without it, they could not send missiles into the Middle East. 

they also harbor the world's largest Uranium mines and have signed secret treaties with the One World Order under the free trade agreement, that if they export Uranium then they must also take the spent Uranium back. 


That shit is so hot and dangerous and totally lethal.

My dear friend and filmmaker David Bradbury, made the documentary a long time ago called "Blowing in the Wind", to try to wake the masses up to about what was happening in Australia. What people do not realize also is how many tonnes of freshwater is used to keep nuclear power plants cool and in a country like Australia, the uranium should never have been disturbed.

The Indigenous people knew it was there and women, especially pregnant women were not allowed to go near where there was uranium under the ground- they knew it caused birth defects or death!.

So don't you think it is high time we seek, and find and ask the First Nations People everywhere how to bring their wisdom together with today's technology to bring the Earth and Her resources back into balance? 

Because As those protesting youth above state: "THERE IS NO PLANET B" and there really is no place for Greed anymore in politics which affects ALL life on Earth. 

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