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Relax your mind, and keep your vibration HIGH!

Dance is super important to keep our vibration as optimum as possible in these chaotic times by vibrating our cells so that what no longer serves us can be released easily from our nervous system and we can accelerate our own vibrational field to actually vibrate at the frequency to create what we want.

It is super important to give yourself a time out. 

It's going to get crazy in the world and if you don't allow yourself to stop, find our center, remember how incredibly beautiful this Earth is and you are part of Her and recalibrate, then the Universe will find ways to do this for you.

The time is NOW to activate your presence and literally PURGE what no longer serves you!

I recently did a kambocito ceremony, poisonous frog medicine with the intention of purging shadow aspects of myself that were so deeply engrained I needed something powerful to let go!

It was a super intense cleansing from both ends to arrive back in my center with the awareness that nothing less than self-love, self-acceptance and real self-worth is acceptable from this point forward.

We are all so much more connected on this tiny blue star than we know and so there is no escaping what is happening to one is happening to ALL.

People are RISING UP we saw the largest protests in human history in 2019 and as the Powers that were refusing to gracefully step down with all these powerful alignments happening and the legions of light encouraging us on, we may see more protests than ever this year as people start to feel the heat and what it costs to stay asleep and give our power away instead of standing up and co-creating what we really want for our children and for our grand children's children.

It is really a time for self-responsibility in all areas of our lives. No more looking outside of ourselves for answers or pointing fingers of blame on the proverbial "THEY" outside of ourselves.

Take a deep breath and a calm reflection of what you have to offer the collective for healing at this time and find the courage to play your part. 

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