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How to generate more happiness, and Magic.

What I have come to witness and celebrate both in my own incredible life journey and in the many decades of doing transformational work and the countless Individuals I have had the honour to midwife through this process of reconnection with ones own true nature, is it is continuing to evolve at a phenomenal rate.

The powers that were are trying very hard to stop this ascension because aware awake joy filled people living life on purpose is not good consumers!

The true happiness we are all seeking is the pure magic and magnificent of allowing our selves to be present in the moment.

There are countless Awakened teachers all over the Planet right now advocating and teaching humanity of the benefits of coming into presence and authenticity- what the great sages and rishis of the Spiritual paths have been advocating for millennium is now being supported by neuroscientists and atheist meta-physicists!

We are what we think, we are a manifestation of what we feel, we are creating our own reality based on those thoughts and feelings so people FEEL GOOD about your life!

Choose happier thoughts, and when your emotions arise ALLOW them to ride the wave of release and come back to centre again and again!

Friends... Be generous with your Spirit!

What can you do to bring out your natural generosity? Remember the more generous you are the more you will find more generosity gifted back to you, but never give with an agenda of expected reciprocation, always give from your heart!

Amongst the chaos, suffering, and destruction a healing force is being birthed, the power of the Feminine is stirring in each of us - men and women to reflect the beauty, to restore the balance of the sacred masculine and sacred feminine. This has been my prayer for over 30 years and now something deep inside me knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the way forward is the allowance of equality of both their full radiance.

I leave you with the Sacred 4 Agreements as given by Don Ruiz

The 4 Agreements

  1. Be impeccable with your word

  2. Don’t take things personally

  3. Don’t make assumptions

  4. Always do your best

And I am going to add the 5th sacred agreement for this month;

5.Try something you have wanted to do forever, finally give yourself permission to do it!

I personally bought a guitar and have started lessons with a wonderful teacher healing all the wounds I had from childhood music teachers and I am loving it!!

It is NEVER to late to do what you came here to share and to start what you love!

The Universe is conspiring to support you to live your highest dreams!

Remember Gratitude is the Highest form of Yoga- try writing a list every morning with 10 new things you are grateful for each day and watch how opportunities start coming your way naturally attracting to yourself more of what you do want!!

If you need some support to get you to the next page I am here for you!

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