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Praise to the Elements

I feel there is a divine guidance orchestrating everything and the more I get out of the way and allow the more perfection that keeps happening! As a Global Retreat Facilitator I have had to learn to trust, surrender and go with the flow a lot as well as working with vigilance and showing up with devotion and dedication and continually remind myself that my life and I are a work of art in progress, we all are! Play more, laugh more and enjoy the ride! There is nothing to save, and everything to celebrate!

The more I live the more I am realizing how self-refinement, self-love, self-acceptance and higher selfishness are valuable tools that are conveniently and intentionally devoid in our education systems and at retreats and festivals we have the opportunity to get big doses of love and connection to fill our empty cups from an overcrowded world devoid of contact.

In the safety and sacredness of the container magic can happen and hearts naturally want to open. It is a beautiful miracle I am moved by in all my retreats and feel if even one Soul has been touched with what I am offering than it has all been worth while!

It gives me the fuel to keep sharing and to reach more people who are longing for self-development and getting in touch with their true essence.

Praise be to this Earth who gave me this birth, this body, my family and all the abundance this life has offered me!

Praise To The Elements

Praise to the air I breathe, to the prana, this life force energy that even when I try to give up drives me on, another breathe, another magical moment!

Praise to the waters of this earth that have washed my Soul clean, from the Atlantic to the Pacific and all the rivers and lakes in-between! Thank you and I pray for you!!

Praise be to the fires of transmutation- with out you I would not have had the courage it has taken to ride the winds of change and continue to expand and release what no longer serves me!

Thank you for the passion for life I feel in my womb, and the fires of creation which I continually birth each and every full moon! Continue to ignite my heart until all that is left is the burnt embers of love, all fears, judgments and negativity being transmuted back into light!

Praise be to Ether, the infinite space in which we dwell with out your magnetic field of love none of this would even happen!! The deepest gratitude to the mystery of Ether, that which reunites me with family in a million different places on this Globe and brings us together for Planetary Activations and Soul connections....

Thank you I’m of service and give thanks and praise to that which is unnamable! All I know is it is in you and it is in me and in all the flowering trees, and when we dance together She joins Awakening in us in celebration!"

Join me for Elemental Awakening any of my dance, embodiment and shamanic retreats and activations ~

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