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Elemental Embodiment Goddess Retreat

Dates TBA

Awaken your authentic self with ecstatic dance, singing, yoga & meditation in Ubud, Bali

The Elemental Embodiment Goddess Retreat is an evolutionary retreat for women cultivating connection through the art of sacredness & celebration. 


Located in the mountains of Bali at a 5 star luxury resort, the Elemental Embodiment Goddess Retreat will connect you to your authentic self, each other and nature as you dive deeper into the dance of life.

Ecstatic dance retreats in Bali
Ecstatic Dance Retreat & Singing
Ecstatic Dance stage preparation
5 Elements, in my elements
Ecstatic dance retreats in Bali
Sacred Tantric practice
Yoga Nidra
5elements design
Taking vegetarian meals
Ecstatic Dance and Singing
Archetypes and Elemental Dance
Elemental retreat mask
Dance Facilitators Trainings Bali
Make friends for life
Dancing in rain, Bali
Dancing in rain, Bali
Yoga platform view, Bali
Malaika Darville singing
Awakening dance retreats in Bali
What to expect

  • 6 days of deep connection to your authentic self, each other and nature

  • Daily yoga, vocal activation, and elemental dance

  • Dancing, playing, singing and celebration as we learn to listen to our greatest teacher- our divinely intelligent body temple

  • Each day we will focus on one element to bring greater awareness to how the elements affect our state of being and how we are not separate from them but part of the great mystery of life

Ground, Flow, Transform, Breathe and Melt into Deep Inner Peace

Dates coming soon as Bali reopens

Early Bird $1200 USD

Full Payment $1400 USD


Malaika MaVeena Darville

Malaika brings a wealth of earth wisdom for personal and planetary awakening having walked the shamanic path for a lifetime. She is dedicated to creating sacred space in ritual and ceremony to help restore balance to our distorted civilized culture.

A qualified ISHTA yoga teacher, Water Dance practitioner, African dance performer and teacher, creatrix of 5Elements Dance Activation™ a shamanic dynamic meditation dance journey embodying the five cardinal elements, earth water fire air and spirit. She is also the founder of Journey to the Heart, and Elemental Embodiment™, 5-day transformational retreats for men and women.

She has been facilitating groups for more than 25 years in India, Australia, Africa, China, USA, Costa Rica, Europe and Egypt. She offers spirituality that is rooted in the body to access higher realms of consciousness, 

Malaika MaVeena Darville: Ecstatic Dance, Singing, Yoga, Retreat


All I can say is life changing!


I feel connected with pieces of myself that I couldn’t have identified as absent. I have realized my purpose and feel prepared to move forward into the world. Deep gratitude Malaika; everything you do is with purpose and intent, so beautifully executed in the moment and so authentic.


You are such a clear channel for transformation.

~ Stephanie, Sedona


Venue & Accomodation

Yoga platform view, Bali
Yoga platform outside view, Bali
Resort with pool
Vegetarian meals
Nature reserve in Bali
Resort with pool in Bali
In my elements accommodation
5 Elements, in my elements
Bagus jati villa
Elemental dance platform view, Bali
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