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Elemental Embodiment Immersion

Designed as the prerequisite for 5Elements Facilitators Ecstatic Dance and Dj Training Program. This immersion is a powerful, transformative journey for anyone who wants to take the plunge into powerful Elemental Embodiment, whether you plan to continue on with the Facilitators Training or not, this will prepare you for the next evolution in your life's journey to reclaim your personal power. Embody your natural aliveness and get grounded in a way that is effortless- the way of the heart! 

5Elements Facilitators Ecstatic Dance & Dj Training

This training is for you if you are one of those conscious powerful creators who aren't afraid to step up with absolute certainty to embody the mission you have been put on this earth to embody, using music, dance & ceremony to create intentional community.  ​

If you are passionate, outgoing, love the Earth, and have a strong desire to create an Ecstatic Dance Community where you live-it’s a no-brainer…. COME this might be the last in-person training to learn from the best and have one of those PEAK Experiences of a lifetime that will set you up with a good solid foundation in the art, science, business and sacredness of Creating and Djing for the Ecstatic Dance journey using the map of the 5Elemens Dance Activation™.  


Join me for this online ceremony, intention setting, integrate the gifts & challenges of 2022 with gratitude, and call forth your vision with clarity for 2023 in the Spirit of Community.

We will close with a collective sound healing Singing to our Sisters in Iran fighting for their fundamental human right to be seen. We have come a long way, and the spiral of life continues to remind us there is always room for more growth and awareness.

End of the year - Light Activation
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