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with Malaika MaVeena Darville


Next Ceremony

29th March 2021 at Samadi Bali Changu

Sacred Cacao Ceremony &

Ecstatic Dance Journey

Come together to sip the elixir of the Gods, Cacao, and feel the effects it has to open your heart and expand your awareness. And then move your body to great world music as you dance and express yourself. Be held in a sacred container where any chaos from the outside world can dissolve as you let go and connect with a deeper part of yourself. 

New and Full Moons are powerful portals to take the time to consciously set clear intentions for the next lunar cycle and celebrate where you are at right now. It is a community experience that leaves you feeling connected, open, relaxed, and joyful. 

Send a WhatsApp message to find out when and where Malaika is hosting the next ceremony. 


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