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Feminine Wisdom  Immersion 


JULY 25th- 30th 2022

Do you feel the calling to immerse yourself in the Sacred Space for Women to open and embrace more of your innate feminine wisdom? Would you like to...




Come join me for some Soul Sister immersion time to Awaken, cultivate and embody the Wildest parts of you while learning about the power of feminine mysteries and rites of passage as a tool for bringing community, and thus humanity, back together. 



It is time to

Embody your High Priestess

If you can not travel to Bali join my Wild Woman Awakening online training and go at your own pace.



"...the evolving ego in them (referring to the dominating patriarchy,) knew it could gain full control of our planet only through the male form, and to do so it had to render the female powerless" Eckhart Tolle Power of Now 1997



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Women have been gathering together in Circles and Ceremonies since the beginning of time to support one another,  to share their stories and their wisdom.  Join Malaika for a juicy week to immerse yourself in

The Sacred Feminine Arts of Embodiment. 


  • Daily Yoga for the Female Body

  • Somatic Movement & Dance

  • Reclaiming Your Menstrual Cycle 

  • Womb Wisdom

  • Rewire Mind-Body Connection 

  • Clear Ancestral Limiting Beliefs that keep you stuck

  • Self Care as Meditation

  • ​Celebrate and Honour Being Woman

  • Heal the Mother/Sister Wounds

  • Activate Your Purpose

This is your opportunity to get in touch with your innermost feelings, heartfelt desires, and intentions – to wake up to and express your true, authentic nature, whilst being supported by the elements, held in a loving, unique, and safe container as you dance into Embodied Feminine Wisdom for profound transformation to happen. 


Tap into your hidden gifts and soul blueprint, and leave feeling connected to your body, re-energized, inspired, nurtured, and empowered!  Remember what was thought to be lost but is just waiting for you to bring back to life as you reclaim the High Priestess inside you!

Are you ready to be initiated? Initiation is as old as we are and plays a vital role in our Human Development. It is sorely missing from our modern world.

Are you ready to receive teachings that you never were taught in school and will not find in any textbooks? Are you ready to stop playing small and play your part in the Great Awakening? Reclaim your Feminine Wisdom and become part of the movement to restore balance for your mind, body, and Spirit. 

Can you feel it? Shakti is waking up and women are rising globally!

Embodied Feminine Wisdom is your opportunity to move beyond any limitations you may have -from Ancestral, Societal, or Personal BS - Belief Systems and come back to the Divine Feminine Wisdom in your Blood!  Its time to move into Embodied Presence and reclaim your greatest asset to living the life you want - Your Beautiful Self.


Price per person 

daily retreat program.  

(All prices in USD)

Early Bird if paid in FULL by July 1st, 2022




After July 1st, 2022


A USD $500 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place.

All fees must be paid 2 weeks prior to the Immersion start date. 

Reserve your place in the circle of sisters now, for an Adventure of a Lifetime in stunning Mama Bali where beauty and ceremony are a way of life. Deepen your Yoga practice from the inside out, use dance as meditation, and find the power and beauty in Bhakti Yoga- the Yoga of devotion using music, pujas and sacred ceremonies of remembrance  to purify and strengthen your mind-body connection. 

Embodied Feminine Wisdom 

Ubud, Bali 

Held at The Yoga Barn

 July 25 - 30th 2022


Our Immersion will happen at the Heart of Bali's Cultural Centre Ubud, at the Famous Yoga Barn. Allow yourself a digital detox and immersion in nature and the state-of-the-art studio, perfect for the Queen you are and are reclaiming. Meet friends for life as you witness and support each other's transformation and process of embodiment.  

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Malaika MaVeena Darville

Tantric Earth Goddess of British, Jamaican ancestry, Malaika is a mother, now Grandmother, Elemental Yoga Teacher, Creatrix of 5Elements Dance Activation™ now being shared globally, She is an Ecstatic Dance Dj. lover of Life, and all things Sacred. She brings a wealth of Earth wisdom for personal and planetary awakening having walked the Shamanic path for a lifetime. She is dedicated to creating sacred space in ritual and ceremony to help restore balance and assist in the Awakening process so the Human Spirit may soar and remember what a gift this life is and come back to reverence and honor of the Sacred womb, vessel for all life.  


A qualified ISHTA yoga teacher, Water Dance practitioner, Tantra Practitioner, African Dance performer and teacher, Creatrix of 5Elements Dance Activation™~ a Shamanic dynamic dance journey embodying the 5 Cardinal Elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Spirit. She is also the founder of Journey to the Heart, and Elemental Embodiment™, 6-day transformational retreat for men and women. Ahead of her time,  Malaika is a pioneer in the area of Woman's work having led her first woman retreat 30 years ago in Australia, delivering 14 babies, and reviving the Ancient Practice of feminine wisdom ceremonies which have spread Globally. Now more than ever, women are ready and hungry for what she has too offer. 


Malaika is a World Class Global facilitator having held groups for more than 25 years in Australia, Africa, China, India, USA, Costa Rica, Thailand, Europe, Egypt, and Bali. She offers spirituality that is authentic feminine embodied wisdom from a lifetime of experience to support participants to access higher realms of Awareness and profound transformation so they are more loving to themselves and in return, caring of Gaia- the Earth Mother. Malaika bridges Ancient wisdom with contemporary music and ceremonies for self-realization through direct experience and she does it with a lot of Joie de Vivre and Celebration. 

This is the first time she is offering to share the deeper wisdom and prayers behind the ceremonies she has been leading for years as it is time to pass it on to the next generations and these ceremonies are so desperately needed in our modern world where many are feeling lost and women are still caught in the old paradigm of comparison and jealousy. It's time for us to all Rise together and create safe spaces to heal, embrace the truth of who we are and move forward with deep self-love at the forefront. The only way out is in... allow me to guide you there. 

Your Guide and Mentor

Malaika MaVeena Darville
6 Full Days of Embodiment practices
to Activate Your Bodies Deepest Feminine Wisdom

SiStars WE ARE~ Women Embodying Authentic Real Energy! 
Women of all backgrounds, races, and colors with the common denominator of Being Feminine by Nature. It is time to reclaim your power as Woman! Wild like a beautiful flower with a strong
heart-felt desire to lead and serve.


In a time of great change you are invited to embody the wisdom and power of the feminine and lead courageously from the fire of your love - at home, at work and in the world. Connected with ourselves, humanity and nature we are able to act in life and make a profound difference in our world.

  • Flights to/from Bali Denpasar Airport

  • Travel expenses to and from the venue

  • International bank transfer fees or PayPal fees

  • Accommodation or meals -except lunch on first and last days.

  • Any extra activities / costs / spa treatments

  • Tips

  • Read Cancellation Policy

Does Not Include

  • 6 Full Days 9 - 5 pm  

  •  Plus One Special Evening Event- Balinese Ceremony

  • Buffet Lunch on the first and last days at the Yoga Barn. 

  • Daily Elemental Yoga for the Female Body

  • Daily embodiment practices and training- including the deeper wisdom behind embodiment, understanding fascia, trauma, and practical tools to work with it. 

  • Womb Clearing and Womb Activation - connection to your feminine essence and intuition.

  • Activation of our creative Life-Force energy through singing dancing and embodiment rituals appropriate to your initiation.

  • Understanding the Feminine Wheel of Life in all Her Seasons.

  • Feminine Mystery Practices for Awakening the Divine Goddess within - all ceremonies have ancient roots and have been adapted to suit our modern times. You will go through your own rite of passage.

  • Love your Shadows back into the Light 

  • Power Path Activation  Ignite Your Souls Unique Gifts

  • Introduction to Water Dance- Watsu Embody what flow feels like so you can access it in your life when facing challenges.

  • Closing Ceremony

Feminine Archetypes & Elemental Dance
What the Immersion Includes
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