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To unlock your body's full potential

Free 3 Day Power Path Activation

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Would you like to have more energy, and feel more grounded in your body? Would you like to connect more to your true nature? 

Join me for this 3-day activation. Access to daily practices to align your mind, body, and Spirit. Soulful Meditations and Embodied Activations to get you started in a new positive direction. ​


Change is inevitable, struggle is an option.



Throughout this enlightening activation, you'll get 3 unique classes to inspire change as part of this  21-Day Power Path Activation.


Connect with your inherent power, nurture your emotional reservoir, and kindle your inner flame - all within three days. Are you ready to get started?

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Join me to utilize your inherent body's wisdom to connect deeper with your beautiful self.


Experience the incredible benefits of this
FREE 3-Day Body Activation

Power of Intentions

Aligning your mind, body, and spirit. Form your distinct intention, enlightening your purpose.


Align your energy with the cosmos with the cadence of resonant sounds. Ready to bring your deepest desires to life!

Save your spot now and unlock your body's full potential

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Identify Your Core Values

Dive into the essentials: health, relationships, career, and finances.


Gauge your life's alignment under expert guidance with these core values. Through a clear 1 to 10 scale, we pinpoint the path for transformation, preparing you for meaningful life changes

Law of Manifestation

Embrace the universal truth - you're an energy master, shaping your reality.


Dive into how thoughts and feelings mold our lives.

Break barriers and fuel positivity by reassessing old beliefs.





Malaika is a revered international Medicine woman of the modern era. She is globally celebrated as a Movement Facilitator and the originator of the transformative 5Elements Dance Activation™. Over the past 30 years, she has led transformational retreats and training across the globe, proving time and again that you are in capable and caring hands with her.

Committed to the Shamanic path for life, Malaika has cultivated a lifetime of Earth Wisdom to share. She has a unique skill in re-establishing the connection between individuals and their inherent body spirituality. Her teachings lead students to profound levels of consciousness, authenticity, and self-love. Malaika's guidance has motivated countless individuals to pursue their passions and live in greater harmony with nature and their true selves.​


Malaika Darville

​In The 21-day Activation, Malaika guides you through exercises designed to unlock your body's full potential. She uses different practices and embodiment to transform these sessions into sacred spaces of growth and discovery.

Malaika's overarching mission is to foster personal and planetary awakening and restore balance in our overly industrialized world. She is determined to help you regain your grounding, recall your life's purpose, and unlock your full potential.



Amma Sophia Rose, Sonic Alchemist, Bali

"The training led by Malaika was a transformative experience that bridged the gap between traditional wisdom and modern-day practices. This program, rooted in ancient rituals yet made relevant for today's world, extended an opportunity for individuals from all walks of life to build a profound connection with nature and their inner selves. This training stimulated an open environment that encouraged free expression through dance, fostering a deep sense of love and connection to oneself, others, and the environment. I highly recommend this experience to anyone seeking a meaningful way to express themselves through movement, as Malaika is a true expert in facilitating such significant spaces."


To activate your body's full potential through intentions, identify your core values and activate the law of manifestation in 3 days!

See You soon Inside!

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Sahara Rose, Im am Sahara Rose

I'm Sahara Rose, and a decade ago, I met Malika in Bali, setting off a life-changing journey. Her retreat fortified my faith in my soul's purpose, inspiring profound transformations. Since then, she's enlightened my Rosegold Goddesses community with her teachings, both in person and online, creating impactful experiences regardless of location. Many members regard their encounters with Malika as pivotal life moments. If you're drawn to her, know this: Malika, with her divine feminine power, is the guide for your current path. Trust in her guidance; it's the right choice.


Shakti Sunflower


It's exceptional to encounter a trainer as adept and insightful as Malaika, who draws from a rich reservoir of personal experience, gained from communities where movement still holds a sacred and initiatory role. Her expertise is evident in the way she artfully intertwines the tangible and intangible through her techniques, voice, and innovative yet timeless methodologies. Her training sessions are not just engaging and entertaining but also guide participants towards healing and harmony in our modern world. All of this is achieved with a delightful blend of creativity and lighthearted fun, making her training programs a remarkable experience.

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