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Sacred Womb Mysteries Retreat
Dates TBA

Awaken your Authentic Sacred Feminine  Mind, Body & Soul
Welcome to the Temple of Wild Women Awakening where you will Experience Ecstatic Dance, Gaia Breathwork,Secret Ceremonies & Rituals for Purifying Your Womb, Express yourself  Creatively, Vocal Activation & Music to take you into Deep Connection & to unleash Your True Self-Expression!

We invite you to experience this 7-day life activating retreat with Malaika MaVeena Darville: Wisdom carrier, Shamanic Global Movement Facilitator and Amma Sophia Rose, Sonic Alchemist, Sound Healer, Breathwork Facilitator, and Medicine Woman. 

See yourself as a WILD WOMAN AWAKENING to your own deep inner wisdom and Shakti Energy with the support of your sisters, as you shed your skin of what no longer serves you and awaken to live your life full of passion, pleasure, and purpose! These retreats are power path activations so be prepared to transform old conditioning into new paradigm inspiration! 

Both facilitators will be working with the elements, and powerful Soul Activations to support you to realign with your deep inner authentic beautiful self. 

Together they will create and hold space for real earth magic to transpire and awaken powerful Shakti energy. Inspirational and uplifting for your body, mind and spirit!

Inquiries please Contact Us or email Malaika:

Malaika Darville Yogini Goddess
Blood ceremony
Amma and medicine drum
5 Elements, in my elements
Malaika Calling in the directions
Amma Priestess
Amma and Me Sacred Dance BSF
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5elements dance training in Bali
5elements dance in Bali
Amma Priestess
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Final Elemental dance
Elemental dance trio
Goddesses in the water, Bali
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Sydoni dance
Awakening dance retreats in Bali
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Dancing Abir and Noha
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Malaika Darville & Tantra Ibiza
Malaika Darville
Elemental retreat by Malaika
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Wild Women Awakening Retreat Ad
Tantra Ibiza
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Womb Activation
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Women's Retreat Trio
Sacred Tantric practice
Ground, flow, transform, breathe and melt into deep inner peace and connection with yourself, your sisters, the earth and ultimately the great womb mysteries as the Sacred Feminine Rises up for personal and planetary Awakening
Freedom, Renewal & Life Purpose Activation
What to expect
  • Initiation into the Sacred Womb Mysteries. 

  • Spark your creative juices

  • A deeper and more real connection to yourself, and other women

  • An invitation to radically transform previously limiting beliefs and embody healthy self love.

  • Connection to your instinct, intuition and inner 'knowing'.

  • Healing the relationship with your mother and your feminine lineage.

  • Sacred journey & activation through music, drumming, art and creativity. 

  • Deep self-regeneration, self acceptance, and self love

  • Daily Somatic yoga, dance and meditation

  • Daily singing and vocal activation

  • Shift to a higher frequency by clearing womb imprints

  • Deep self-regeneration, self acceptance,- the key to living a happy and fulfilling life

  • The Blossoming of your radiant feminine heart

  • Safe and sacred space to open up, heal, discover and awaken to your fullest potential




Full 7-Day Retreat includes:

  • 7days of transformation processes and ceremonies to support your awakening

  • All craft materials supplied to create, your womb medicine drum and Sacred Moon rattle. 

  • Yoni puja including all materials for yoni steam and womb purification.

  • Daily Coconuts 

  • Light fruit Breakfast and vegetarian lunch 

  • Transportation to sacred sites

  • Whats Not Included:

  • Flights

  • Accommodation

  • Dinner 

  • Trip Insurance 

Space is limited. Reserve your spot with the deposit today!

You deserve this! 


Malaika Darville Yogini Goddess

Malaika MaVeena

Global Movement Facilitator, Tantric Earth Goddess of Jamaican ancestry, Malaika brings a wealth of Feminine Earth wisdom for personal and planetary awakening. Having walked the shamanic path for a lifetime, she is dedicated to creating sacred space in ritual and ceremony to help restore balance to mind, body and spirit. She has travelled the Earth and studied with many Indigenous cultures and embodies that wisdom.  A qualified Lomi Lomi & Tantric Massage Practitioner, ISHTA yoga teacher, Water Dance practitioner, African Dance performer and teacher, Creatrix of 5Elements Dance Activation™ a shamanic dynamic meditation dance journey embodying the five cardinal elements, earth, water, fire, air and spirit. She is also the founder of Journey to the Heart, and Elemental Embodiment™, 6-day transformational retreats for men and women. She has been facilitating groups for more than 25 years in Australia, Africa, India, China, USA, Costa Rica, Europe,China and Egypt. She offers spirituality that is rooted in the body to access higher realms of consciousness and create Community Unity.


About Amma Sophia

Amma Sophia Rose is a High Priestess and international Sonic Alchemist, transmitter of Divine Light and Medicine Woman. She specializes in reading the Akashic Records and is a Wisdom keeper of the Language of Light and sacred transmissions of the Goddess. She is committed to the Awakening of the Sacred Feminine through the reawakening of Womb Wisdom from Ancient temples and beyond. Amma Sophia has been facilitating woman's groups globally for the past 18 years opening people with the pure frequencies of light with her voice, wisdom and Divine presence.

Amma Sophia
Venue and Accomodation

Private Beautiful Villa outside of Ubud

With privacy for deep sacred feminine work just outside of  Ubud for our daily practices. Our night time ceremony will be held in a beautiful secluded river front area, where monkeys can be seen in the trees and beautiful abundant green nature abounds. 

Several accommodation options are available within a short distance of the venue depending on your budget and needs. 

  • 2 hours from Denpasar airport

  • 15 minutes from Ubud Town

For further information please contact:
Tel: +6281237229493

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