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You will learn the importance of practicing Sacred Cacao Ceremonies with respect for the Indigenous wisdom keepers of this master plant medicine. You will discover the health benefits of Cacao and how to prepare it.

Module 1 - Introduction

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Discover how to facilitate the Cacao Ceremony including setting up the sacred space, invoking prayer, serving the cacao, and the ceremony itself. Each step has many aspects which will be understood and learned as we navigate this module. 

Module 2 - Cacao Ceremony Facilitation 

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You will learn how to close the ceremony including the  AUM Shanti mantra or a song of gratitude and other processes which allow us to bring the ceremony to a close both respectfully and sacredly.

Module 3 - Closing The Ceremony 

You will take a deep dive into the world of Cacao and discover all the plants benefits for you and for those around you


Cacao Ceremony

Unlock the ancient secrets of Sacred Cacao and embark on a transformative journey!

How long will it take to complete the course?  

The course is self-paced. There are 4 hours of video content, plus practices to complete on your own time. Please go as fast or as slow as you like.


How long do I have access to the course? 

You have lifetime access.


Are there any prerequisites to this course?  

No, there are not.


Is there any live portion of this course? 

No, the course is entirely self-paced. Once you purchase the course you can go through it at any time that is convenient for you. 


Once I complete these courses will I be able to host the Cacao Ceremony myself?

YES! After completion of the Sacred Cacao Ceremonial Training, you will be able to host your own Cacao Ceremonies.


Can I work with Malaika 1:1? 

Yes, Malaika takes a very few limited clients to go through a unique handcrafted initiation journey personalized just for you.  If you are interested send an inquiry to book a free call to see if you are both aligned. Please email


Frequently Asked Questiond

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"I highly recommend Malaika’s cacao training for anyone desiring to feel more rooted and connected to their purpose in life. This course has taught me how to deeply trust in the medicine of the earth. As a result of this course I started facilitating transformational heart opening ceremonies all over the world. It has changed my life into one of purpose. Thank you Malaika for being such a light and for caring so deeply for the earth. You are a mother to us all and a living inspiration of what it is to be embodied in purpose and service. It’s truly activated me into mine!."

Cacao literally translates as the  ‘Elixir of the Gods’ from the South American ancestors. It is a powerful medicinal plant for expanding consciousness without the hallucinogenic properties of other powerful plant medicines from the jungle.


An Indigenous myth recalls that when the earth and its people are out of balance, the cacao or raw chocolate will come out of the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony and balance. We are now living in that time.


The ceremony is an experience in multi-dimensional group energy and is ritualistically sipped in conjunction with other heart-expanding processes such as breathwork, dance, and meditation.

Cacao in its raw and natural state contains over 300 compounds and the bliss chemicals anandamide, phenylethylamine, and theobromine. These chemicals are chemicals naturally released when we fall in love which is why we still give chocolates to loved ones on special occasions - although 90% of processed chocolate is full of sugar and contains little or none of the health properties found in raw cacao.

This is normally part of my longer 5Elements Dance Facilitators Training, which is a 3-week live-in retreat held in Bali. Due to the extraordinary circumstances we are in, I am offering this part of the training online for now at this hugely reduced price, as I feel it is a powerful tool needed right now for bringing us back together.


Feel into your YES and click the link below to reserve your place in our Global circle. 

Become a  Sacred Cacao Ceremonialist

Led by Leading Guide for Transformational Experiences, 
Malaika MaVeena Darville

And discover how to hold Sacred Space for great transfromation to happen 

Support your personal growth and help your community open up with the power of Cacao.

 As people seek healthier ways to come together, share, celebrate, and connect back to our human hearts becoming a Sacred Ceremonial Space Holder for the magic to be experienced and remembered is greatly needed. 

When Cacao is used properly in conjunction with the ceremony it provides a safe container for participants to experience heart-opening, multidimensional group energy. During the Cacao ceremony, you will experience a greater sense of balance, harmony, and connection with yourself, your community, and our Sacred Earth.

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Everything you need to know to get ready to Perform your own Cacao Ceremony 

"I had been to many Cacao Ceremonies previously, and then I went to Malaika's and I realized I hadn't been to any before."
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The Sacred Cacao Ceremony Training teaches you everything you need to know about using the mighty plant medicine.

When you join, you get lifetime access to:

4+ hours of video lessons and exercises

Plus a 20-page guide, which includes the history of cacao, health benefits, how to prepare it, a step-by-step guide to the ceremony, songs, and blessings.

Normally priced at $500
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Across the globe, Malaika is known for her ability to re-connect individuals with their inner body spirituality and aid them in living their dream lives. She helps all who practice with her to access higher realms of consciousness,  authenticity, and Self Love.


With over 30 years of experience, Malaika has taught all across the world, including at some of the world's top events like Burning Man, Symbiosis, Festival of Bliss, Tantra Festival Thailand, Woodford Folk Festival, Bellingen Global Carnival, Peats Ridge Festival, Ibiza Tantra Festival, Bali Spirit Festival, BOOM Festival, and numerous private events. 


Malaika’s accreditations include being a qualified ISHTA- yoga teacher, Qualified Water Dance Practitioner, Hawaiian Body Worker, Permaculturist, African Dance performer and teacher, Ecstatic Dance Dj, Ceremonialist, and Creatrix of 5Elements Dance Activation™ - a shamanic dynamic meditation dance journey embodying the five cardinal elements, earth, water, fire, air, and spirit.


She is a Wisdom Keeper and inspirational facilitator who has been at the forefront of the global consciousness movement.


Malaika Darville

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We hope you will hear the call and come join us!

We have arrived at a critical juncture where the signs of impending challenges cannot be overlooked; it is imperative that we adapt. You might also experience a strong desire to contribute to the revitalization of our natural habitats, educational institutions, governance structures, and our overall lifestyle on this planet.

Prioritizing personal development is essential, as it brings about positive changes in both your life and the lives of others.

I am eager to introduce you to the enchanting energy of the goddesses as we collectively embark on this transformative adventure through a Sacred Cacao Ceremony.

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$250 USD

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$500 USD

Only until 30 of May

See You inside!

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