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Embodied Feminine Wisdom Retreat in Mexico



​A woman connected with her womb feels magnetic, calm, creative, powerful, intuitive, erotically alive, grounded, and balanced

December 9 - 15th 2023

 Near Tulum MEXICO

Thank you so much for expressing your interest in joining this year's Embodied Feminine Wisdom Retreat, taking place in the serene settings of the Riviera Maya, Mexico. Your journey towards reconnection and empowerment is about to take a beautiful turn. As we endeavor to make this retreat an unforgettable experience, we're keen to understand more about you and your expectations from this retreat. This will help us ensure that our goals align perfectly.

To do so, we request you to provide as detailed and honest answers as you can. This retreat is designed to help you dive deep into your inner self, surrounded by the healing energies of nature, facilitating self-discovery, rejuvenation, and a profound connection with the elements.

For your safety and to best support your experience during the retreat, please share with us any relevant medical information. Your privacy is paramount, and this information will remain confidential, only to be referenced in case of emergencies.

NOTE: Throughout the retreat, activities will include yoga, somatic movement, sacred dance, introspective walks, and ceremonial practices. While we welcome individuals from all walks of life, a basic level of physical and psychological well-being is necessary. This ensures that you can fully immerse in and benefit from all the activities, thereby enhancing the experience for both you and the group.

Please take a moment to fill in the details below. We eagerly await to embark on this transformative journey with you.


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