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In this practical masterclass, you'll learn how to create safe spaces for personal growth & magic to transpire. This Master Class is for both facilitators and for those who have never facilitated but have a desire to lead.


I will share with you how to create a safe space for magic to happen by harnessing the wisdom of your womb and deeply listening to her calling.

Learn how to see your menstrual cycle as a gift instead of a curse. Love your cycle! Even if you have gone through the initiation of menopause, this is vital information to share with all women. 


You can watch the masterclass on replay if you can not watching during the live broadcast

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Embody, Guide, and Empower



Master Class


with  Malaika MaVeena Darville.


Discover the art of holding embodied sacred space

for women in this

potent masterclass

  • Reclaim and remember your Soul Purpose in life so you can become the courageous spiritual leader, and inner goddess that you are born to be.

  • Harness and guide your Shakti, the life-force energy, so you can live a life sharing your passions to create positive change in the direction of living your best life.

  • Discover the power and protection of communicating with the unseen realms for personal Spiritual growth and unlock the power of your Feminine Intuition. 

  • Trust your process. You are growing always, and by bringing awareness to that growth, you can reach for the Stars! 

Begin a journey of self-love, letting go of feelings of inadequacy, guilt, and shame.

Experience the Transformation:


Unlock your unique Ancestral and Light Codes with this Masterclass


Are you Ready to UpLevel Your Facilitation Skills? 

  • Understand why woman circles are important while reclaiming the power and beauty of being a woman by having a deeper understanding of your menstrual cycle and how it impacts your life. 

  • Use Shakti - the life-force energy - to do amazing things and create positive change in your world.

  • Start your journey of transformation, by deeply listening to the subtle whisperings of your womb, to harness your unique inherited and cultivated abilities.

  • Join a global community of women rising, and learning the Ancient Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries so you can play your part in restoring the balance to the over-masculinized world we have collectively created. 


Be the Change You Want To See In Your World


Hi, I am Joanna Hunt I’m an empowerment coach for Moms and an international best-selling author of find your Mama Groove.

I completed Malaika’s Elemental Embodiment Immersion in 2021.

I recently invited Malaika to host a workshop on my online community of Wild Women Awakening and the Womb Wisdom she activated for my community was AMAZING!

I highly recommend her online workshops - you must check her out!

Joanna Hunt

Why does it matter?

In today's world, many things are changing fast. But I believe there are fundamental aspects of human life that have been the same since humans first appeared on Earth.


Before c-sections were invented, every person on Earth- man and woman, passed through our Mothers vaginal birthing canal. Our Soul's first initiation. The feminine bodies in all animals and humans have been given the unique ability to create and bring forth new life. Would you agree it's about time that we as women, reclaim our rightful place in the circle of life before mad scientists try to convince our children that this is a burden and further denigrate women?


It's time to RISE together to protect our children and our children's children, like the fierce Warriors we know we can be, just as much as the High Spiritual Leaders and Beautiful Sexy Flowers we are. The flower and fruits of a tree are the female parts of the plant- I don't even want to imagine a world without flowers or fruits.


In these difficult times, when outdated systems start to fail & crumble we shouldn't spend time trying to repair what was always broken, unsustainable & imbalanced. Instead, we should focus on what we want to create moving forward.

By bringing back ceremony and meaningful rituals into your daily life, you are creating a Sacred Space to dream a new dream, one full of equality rooted in LOVE, real love, love of Self, the Other, and all of life on Earth.

A woman connected with her womb feels magnetic, calm, creative, powerful, intuitive, erotically alive, grounded, and balanced.


Life would cease to exist. Feminine and Masculine are qualities, not gender, For a long time our value system has been set up and geared towards a masculine paradigm which has created a huge imbalance because it's missing half the picture. 


Now, as an Elder, I carry the wisdom of my many years of embodiment practices and self-healing. I have supported thousands of people in their quest to find deeper meaning in their lives, heal from trauma, and unite people. I guide us to come together, pray in wild abandon, the way we used to, all while remaining in harmony with the Earth, Moon, and Ocean within our human bodies. It has been my greatest work and honor to support and hold Sacred Space for Women and Men all over the Globe to release pain and shame and return back to the innocence and love inherent in every human heart. To slow down to the biorhythm of the heart and womb & deeply listen to its gentle calling is being loving and kind to yourself, your fellow human Beings, and Gaia- Mother of us all. 



Malaika MaVeena Darville

I am always leading people back to themselves, back to the heart, back to a deeper connection and understanding of the Self, for it is here and only here that we will find the transformation necessary to shift and change our world. For transformation to happen, it needs to incorporate Mind, Body, and Spirit. 


My superpower has been to gather Community together in Sacred Spaces and create a safe place, free from judgments, a place to be heard, seen, & felt with a huge emphasis on expression and connecting to your true authentic self. As an Elder, I now wish to pass on the wisdom I have gained from a life well lived and share so the movement of women Rising is led by our Feminine not donning the proverbial masculine mask. It's Time, It's part of prophesy and I am part of the Prophesy fulfilling team embodied here on Earth in this time of transition to be of service. 


Cultivating a culture steeped in Self Love has been my major passion for all of my offerings. Whether, hosting a retreat, DJing for Ecstatic Dance, offering a Tantric Bodywork Session, or 1:1 Transformational Mentorship or storytelling with children. My mission is to support the restoration of balance on Gaia. 


Join me for this Master Class where I will be sharing some of the deeper mysteries you were never taught in school

Join the Masterclass

On my recent journey to Egypt, I received so many downloads about our past and how it has led us to this present moment now. I understand the current situation and how we can all contribute to the upcoming changes, or we can also choose to remain asleep & get lost in the many distractions and keep going down this path of inevitable destruction.


The Power & Choice Lie With Us! 

It requires great strength to embody your Dharma, Sanskrit for your Souls Highest Purpose 


Your unique Ancestral Codes and Codes of Light are your birthright. They simply need to be activated - you already have everything you need for happiness and success in every part of your life. Sometimes, all it takes is the courage to overcome feelings of unworthiness, inadequacy, guilt, and shame or a little miracle to grow to activate the process- I am that fertilizer! Be kind and patient with yourself. As you become more open-hearted, you'll be able to embrace what is truly meant for you.

All of this requires one to be EMBODIED to live, listen and take action from the deep intelligence and wisdom of your own body

To find your Dharma in a way that feels empowering and feminine, you need courage. You also need to pay attention to your inner womb wisdom deep within you. This voice is nurturing and always guides you toward life-affirming choices. To hear it, you need to embrace the present, let go of the past, look positively towards the future, and love yourself deeply, recognizing your own self-worth. Then find the courage it takes to take action on those subtle whisperings. 

"Incredibly, I  got to experience Malaikas Training in Bali. This Radically changed my life. She gave me the courage to trust my Souls Dharma, my Souls Purpose. Since then we have been good friends and I have brought her onto my Rose Gold Goddesses Community where she has taught both online and in person, each and every time it's been so transformational.

Sahara Rose: 

Best-Selling Author, Host of Highest Self Podcast, Founder of Dharma Coaching Institute & Rose Gold Goddesses, Speaker, Mystic, and Spiritual Activist.

Whether it's on the dance floor with her in Bali or receiving her codes through Zoom it is equally as potent. I have had so many of my Rose Gold Goddesses say it was one of the most transformational experiences of their lives! I am so grateful to have learned from Malaika, She is such a full-power Shakti, Embodied Divine Feminine Leader, and her work is so needed in the world right now. If you are drawn to her work, you are making the right choice!"


The training has been transformative, helping me conquer fears, challenge self-limiting beliefs, and step beyond my comfort zone. I now possess a newfound confidence in my inner wisdom and ability to help other women. Discovering my radiance, I've gained priceless gifts. Thank you, Malaika, for your guidance. I highly recommend this course to all women - it's the education we all need!

Hollie Anne

In this Master Class


We Will Practice:

  1. A Guided Embodiment Meditation

  2. You'll learn why & how to create a Sacred Space from a Shamanic point of view.

  3. We'll practice becoming more aware of our bodies to understand when She is saying 'YES' and when She is saying 'NO'.

  4. You'll learn to tap into your body's wisdom and why this is important

  5. We'll discuss recognizing your menstrual cycle as a cycle of life and death, and how understanding it can help maintain balance, prevent illness, and avoid tiredness.

  In this Master Class, come learn how the Rise of the Sacred Feminine can transform our world.

In My Wild Woman Awakening Online Course, you will gain the ability to guide others in self-love practices, womb healing, and re-parenting their inner child, how to host a Blessings Way Ceremony, & how & why Hosting a Blood Rites ceremony for young women coming of age is an empowering ritual for girls. PLUS lots more juicy Sacred Women Business.

You may also wish to join Malaika for an in-person retreat.

 When you learn to harness the innate wisdom of your cycle you can create a more balanced life by following your unique biorhythm.
Learn how to Honor your Menstrual Cycle as a valuable and powerful gift.

Are you ready to embark on a profound
journey of Self-Discovery and Connection?

Looking forward to seeing you inside the Masterclass!

In this Masterclass, we will explore balancing our inner masculine and feminine energies using 

some somatic movements to enter your womb space so you can shine more of your radiant feminine heart out into the world. 

This isn't just a regular class. It's a global gathering of like-minded women, fostering a strong sense of sisterhood. In this fast-paced world, it's vital to dedicate time to listen to your body. So, I will guide you collectively in awakening and dancing with your feminine energy.


Don't let this empowering journey slip you by, your womb is calling you to LISTEN to the call!

Take action today to participate in this empowering path of self-growth & transformation. Embrace the chance to shift your perception while celebrating Sisterhood.

Your Embodied Feminine Future Awaits.


This masterclass is a unique opportunity to learn from a world-renowned guide and gain the wisdom needed to support and empower yourself on your awakening journey.

I normally only offer this information in my high-end ticketed offerings but I want to share this information with as many women as possible 

$33 USD

Limited Offer Available for Unique Master Class with Malaika

August 26th, 7 pm Texas (CDT)
August 26th, 5 pm LA (PST)
August 27th, 1 am UK (GMT)
August 27th, 10 am Sydney (AEST)

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