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This Immersion will change your life forever

Creating a Safe Space so you can be

A place that is surrounded by nature

A place to feel fully supported

A place with no judgment

A place to be seen

A place to be heard

A place where you can be your true self

A place to reset and bring to life your dreams


Will You Claim Your Birth Right?


Malaika is an all-round living, breathing, dancing Modern Day Medicine Woman. Creatrix of 5Elements Dance Activation™, kickass Dj for Ecstatic Dance, & Womb Wisdom Awakener.  She has been at the forefront of the Conscious Dance movement as a world-class Movement Facilitator and Ceremonial Shamanic Earth Wisdom keeper for more than 30 years. 

A true modern-day Tantrika carrying Ancient codes ripe for these Awakening times now.


A midwife and doula catalyst devoted to bringing back Ancient Ceremonies and rituals to aid our modern-day people for healing, transformation & activation of your unique purpose for being here on Earth.  


Malaika MaVeena Darville

Malaika has been sharing her gifts of bringing communities together in joyful powerful celebrations and has facilitated workshops globally in India, China, Bali, Australia, Ibiza, Portugal, and North  & South America and holding transformational spaces for hundreds of participants at some of the world’s largest major festivals to move into the Unified field of Love.


Malaika’s offerings carry a powerful energy that supports all who work with her to transform their limitations into awakened expressions. She has been doing Woman’s work for more than 30 years now – a real Elder, with the simple intention of guiding women back into connection with their bodies and aligning them with the power of their intuitive feminine energy, deep body wisdom, pleasure, creative power rooted in the love of Mother Gaia, nature being her greatest teacher.  An Elemental Priestess she has chosen this place for a gathering of 13 women ready to Embody the fullness of their being in an incredible private luxury Eco Retreat so you can truly unwind and expand. 



The Embodied Rising Immersion


Embodied Feminine Wisdom 

Immersion in Mexico


9 - 15th December 2023

A woman connected with her womb feels magnetic, calm, creative, powerful, intuitive, erotically alive, grounded, and balanced.



Anne Humphreys
Amma Sophia Rose, Sonic Alchemist, Bali

"Malaika and her 5Elements Dance Activation™  was a ceremonial experience of a lifetime. She weaves the ancient rituals of the ancestors in a modern day format. This opened the doorway for people of all cultures to receive a huge gift of connection to the Earth and her medicine. I felt free to express myself through dance with so much love and connection to my body, the Earth and everyone I was dancing with. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves to express themselves through sacred dance as Malaika is a master at holding Sacred Space."

"Incredibly, I experienced –ANOTHER– profound healing in my right ankle last night at 5 Elements dance with the amazing Malaika MaVeena Darville. I was running as fast as I used to as a child around and around the center altar. Just as I recognized the presence of my grandfather–whom I had called into the circle along with my father and all fathers and grandfathers– running with me, lifting my feet (he too had been a great sprinter in his youth), I felt the outer edge of my right foot (which had been habitually pulling away from the floor, despite all kinds of stretching and healing) shift out and solidly down, hitting the earth with the rest of my foot for the first time in over a year. Salaam, Waha, Amen, Aho! Sacred Circularities, y’all"


As a Mother, Facilitator, Spiritual Mentor, Birth Doula and now Grandmother I want to invite you to join me for this powerful week-long immersion for ALL women to join me in the jungle of Mexico as we nourish, let go, reclaim, and connect deeply with self, other women and the Earth under our feet.   

Midwifing Women Back Into Wholeness and Power has been one of my most potent sacred missions here on Earth for over 30 years. Using dance, movement, ceremony, and Tantra as tools to support you in navigating yourself back home to your authentic self. 

I am here to guide you on a powerful journey into the creation portal of your womb space to heal and awaken the source of creation within. Your Womb, Your Feminine Divinity in all her multi-dimensionality holds the key to your life’s creativity.

This retreat for Women Only has been created to guide you to awaken your womb so collectively you can birth your creations and live life from an activated, embodied and rooted place with an integrated feminine & masculine within you. 

Thank you for being here with us at this time of great awakening.

Welcome Beloved Womb Ones!


I have been a spiritual midwife supporting women and men to birth themselves, their creations, and their legacy, for more than 30 years. As a Wise yet playful inspiration for all, it is my deepest desire to support you to bring forth the best version of you possible in this New Now Moment and to hold Sacred Spaces where great transformation can unfold creating lasting change. 

Malaika holds a powerful potent transformational energy. The purpose of this immersion into the Feminine Arts of embodiment, is to guide you to birth through your healed and awakened womb your transmission of light for the birth of Shakti Dancing through you as you now. 


Are you ready to tap into the incredible power that resides within you?  

 Cultivate Self-Love and Body Acceptance: Embrace the beauty of your femininity and develop a loving relationship with your body, fostering a sense of confidence and empowerment.

unlock the power within and embrace the incredible possibilities that await you

RIGHT NOW is your opportunity to listen to your inner voice, to break out of the rut you've been in, and have the kind of once-in-a-lifetime adventure that will spark a transformation within you.


The Great Reset on your terms!

I am excited and honored to be offering Sacred Space for women to gather in connection with the collective intention of supporting each other to

  • Move beyond victimhood (fear) & Dance into embodying the Creatirx of your Life.

  • Clear your Womb Space of unwanted energies

  • Heal Body image distortions and celebrate your unique temple so you can feel sexy, sensual, and vibrant in your own skin.

  • Restore the Sisterhood from judgment, comparison, & jealousy to celebration, co-creation & upliftment.

  • Allow your vulnerability - it is the necessary catalyst for growth

  • Heal the Mother Wound and learn how to reparent yourself and love your inner child

  • Reclaim the magic and potency of your menstrual cycle- Release shame, & reclaim its potency by understanding its gifts

  • Traditional Temazkal Ceremony- An Initiation into your Womanhood

  • Activate your womb's deepest wisdom so you can be sensual, and powerful, and radiate your Feminine Heart into your world,  using breath, sound, & Somatic Movement & Dance to arrive back home deeply grounded in the Wisdom of your own body


Since the Dawn of humanity, women have gathered together to share wisdom, music, and ceremony in private Woman’s Rituals as a form of strengthening and empowering each other and our connection to the elements and our authentic nature. From here we can nourish ourselves so we can continue to give to all those we serve- families, husbands/partners, projects, careers, and tend to our own Garden of Eden.


If you are feeling the deep pull in your Womb to come together in an intimate gathering of Sisters to birth what is longing to be birthed through you, know that -

Tantra is not just about Sexuality, it is a path of liberation through the descent into your Sacred Temple so you may Rise to Self-Actualization and Embodiment of The Divine.

Shakti is Life Force Energy in manifested form. Deep Listening and allowing what is alive in your blood, bones, and Soul, naturally will guide you to leading a more fulfilled existence.




Together we will create a clear, safe, and closed-connected container of confidentiality respecting all boundaries for powerful transformation.

Just be prepared to unleash that which no longer serves you so you may RISE and share your Shakti, no more hiding or holding back! The world is starving for your authentic expression. This naturally will ripple out and affect all areas of your life in a positive way. 

You are Being Called to Mexico to embark on a powerful Embodied Feminine Wisdom Journey


it’s time to dance to the beat of your own drum with other women from the Global Circle of Women Rising

I will be offering some shadow work and processes where partial or full nudity will be an option in some of the processes. You do not have to do anything that does not feel right for you in any of the immersions offered and can remain completely clothed if that feels right for you while still participating fully in all processes.


A Journey of Embodied Feminine Wisdom

Embodied Feminine Rising - Mexico

Held at: Eco Ekumal

9 -15th December 2023


$2333 USD
After Sept 21st 
$2500 USD 

All Inclusive
Early Birds Limited Time Offer 
Only until September 21st
Spaces are Limited for intimacy and quality. Please secure your place in the circle ASAP - Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime offering in the incredible jungle of Mexico North of Tulum to support you in reconnecting with yourself in an atmosphere of tranquility.
IMG_4607 2
Pepem-1 (1)
IMG_4607 2.JPG

We hope you will hear the call and come join me on this Embodied Feminine Rising Journey!

See You soon in Mexico!

$2333 USD

NOW for Only
Early Bird Limited Offer 
Only until September 15th
Spaces are Limited due to the size of the studio to 13 Women. Please secure your space asap - Don’t miss out on this once in a life time offering in Mexico
  • Drinking Bottle With Your Name On It

  • Colorful Sarong & Towel

  • Small Bottle Of Your Favourite Massage Oil

  • Blindfold

  • Journal

  • Small Personal medical kit with everything you need to thrive in the jungle

Fotos  (1).png
  • Any Musical Instruments you love to play.

  • Bring 2 sacred items- 1 to charge up on the alter and one you will leave behind in Mexico Something that has real meaning to you and is precious but you are ready to let go of because of what it represents so you can create more space for something new to enter your life.

  • Passport with at least 6 months of validation and

  • Check for your country's VISA requirements if any.

  • Local Currency in Cash for entrance fee to cenote

  • Chargers and adapters

  • Lastly, Bring An Open Mind and Heart

  • Your Beautiful Self Just As You Are!

What to bring!

What's Included
What is Not Included
  • Shared Transfer from the airport to our exclusive and private Jungle Retreat - Please arrive on the 9th/12 before 2 pm if possible.

  •  7 Nights / Days Immersion in the middle of the Mexican Jungle in our own private Eco Retreat Centre with swimming pool, walk to the cenote.

  • Shared Accommodation with private bathroom

  • All delicious organic and local meals provided (first meal Dinner on the 9th. Last meal Lunch on the 15th) 

  • Unlimited Spring Water

  • Powerful Women’s Ceremonies, including Rite of Passage, Cacao Ceremony, Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony, and Traditional Temazcal Ceremony (Sweat Lodge)

  • Digital Detox (wifi is available but we will turn our phones off)

  • Immerse yourself in a tapestry of captivating experiences, including nourishing daily morning practices, 5Elements Dance, Somatic Yoga for the Feminine Body, Initiation into the Intelligence and Wisdom of your womb and cycles, Initiation, Vocal Activation, Massage, and conscious touch.

  • Decompress from  city life and remind yourself about healthy habits for your body mind and Spirit

  • Support to Come back to the spiritual and emotional well-being you want to live with

  •  Be Immersed in A destination far away from home and close to amazing Nature and springwater pool.  

  • International Flights to Cancun Airport

  • The entrance fee for the cenote (natural water spring) is approximately $35 USD

  • Tips

  • Extra Drinks

  • Massages


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions, please

Click below to start chatting with me and my team


What is the primary focus and intention of the Embodied Feminine Wisdom Retreat in Mexico?  

The Embodied Feminine Wisdom Retreat in Mexico is a transformative journey designed to awaken and empower women. Guided by Malaika with over 30 years of experience, participants will delve deep into the essence of their feminine divinity. Through a blend of sacred dance activations, rituals, somatic movement, and intimate sisterhood gatherings, women will reconnect with their womb space – the source of creation and intuition. The retreat emphasizes healing, body acceptance, understanding one's menstrual cycle, and fostering self-love. It aims to provide a safe and sacred space where participants can transcend past traumas, embrace their authentic selves, and step into their power as creators and nurturers. The experience culminates in an embodied realization of the divine feminine, providing tools and insights that resonate far beyond the retreat's duration.

What are the dates of the retreat?

The retreat is from December 13th to 20th, 2023.

Where is the retreat held?

The retreat will be at Eco Ekumal in Mexico.

How much does the retreat cost?

The early bird price is $2333 USD until September 14th. After this date, the price is $2500 USD.

Who is the facilitator of the retreat?

The retreat is led by Malaika, who has over 30 years of experience as a spiritual midwife.​

How can I secure my spot for the retreat?

It's recommended to book as soon as possible due to limited space. You can secure your spot by opting for the "SAVE MY SPOT" offer.

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