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May 10th- 16th 2023

May 18th - 31st 2023

Welcome to EEI + 5EDA Combo Application 

Thank you so much for your interest in this training. I am super excited to read all about you and to hear what your needs are from this training to make sure we are aligned. Please fill out the information as best and honestly as you can. The training is designed to get you hosting 5EDA on completion, it is an intensive. 

Upload Here

Thank you for sharing some of your personal information with In My Elements™. Once your place has been confirmed, please forward your deposit to secure your place and please note all early bird prices must be paid in full before the closing date. All Final payments must be paid in full two weeks prior to the course start date. I will be in touch with you soon to confirm your place in the training. Thank you for choosing to participate in this training. 

Until our paths meet be well and keep dancing! 



Malaika MaVeena

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