Advanced Facilitators Elemental 

Ecstatic Dance Training

OCTOBER 29th  – NOVEMBER 12th 2020

In Stunning North Bali



A true modern day Rite of Passage for courageous, contemporary leaders to take music and the art of Djing, Ecstatic Dance, and Shamanic Earth Wisdom to create positive change & build healthy connected communities globally. 

  • Do you LOVE music? Love Ecstatic Dance?

  • Are you aching to bring Conscious Ecstatic Dance to your Community?

  • In My Elements is offering a true Initiation onto the facilitator's path - a 2 week live-in immersion to learn everything you will need to be a successful  Ecstatic Dance Facilitator.

  • What you will learn:

  • Master Traktor Dj program and mixing

  • Where to find music, how to organize your music,

  • How to play live music with electronic beats

  • How to create dynamic variety in a mix

  • How to create and hold sacred space

  • How to facilitate from an Embodied presence

  • How to brand and market yourself for success

  • Added Bonus, How to host a Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Have you always wanted to be a Dj? or want to take your Djing to the next level?
PLUS, BONUS Cacao Ceremony Training!

Learn how to work with this phenomenal Plant Medicine in a sacred manner.

Learn how to mix harmonically How to use

effects, loops, cueing, mixing creatively for the Ecstatic Dance wave and Cacao Ceremonies.

Plus how to find gigs, how to market and brand yourself and create your tribe.

We will support and initiate you as we embark on this incredible life-transforming experience into the art of creating, holding & facilitating Sacred Ecstatic Dance Space including the business of being a kickass abundant freelance Ecstatic Dance Facilitator and Dj. 


More than just a Dj training course, this training will give you tools for life to be the best human version of yourself possible! 



In addition to learning everything you need to know to host an Ecstatic Dance, you will also learn how to hold space to take people on a transformational, shamanic musical journey. Learn to listen like a musician and gain a deep understanding for the power of music to guide people into the trance dance experience. 

We intentionally have made this training live in, inclusive of all meals, and accommodation for

2 full weeks so you can stay focused and get the most out of the training with minimum distractions and experience living in the Elements on the ocean of stunning North Bali in an Ecstatic Dance Community.




If you are passionate, outgoing, love the Earth, and have a strong desire to create an Ecstatic Dance Community where you live- it’s a no brainer…. COME TO BALI to learn from the best and have one of those PEAK Experiences of a lifetime that will set you up with a good solid foundation in the art, science, business and sacredness of Creating and Djing for the Ecstatic Dance journey


Aka Dj Ma, Creatrix of 5Elements Dance Activation™, Elemental Awakening™, Wild Woman Awakening™, Malaika has over 30 years of experience in facilitating groups, ceremonies and initiations. She has been at the forefront of the Conscious Dance Movement and is equally passionate about the revival of Initiations- Rites of Passage to restore the balance and empower and inspire people to be the best version of themselves and release faulty conditioning ad programing. She has put hundreds of facilitators out into the world now teaching 5Elements Dance Globally. Malaika hosted the first Cacao Ceremony in Bali, and the first Cacao Ceremony for the Bali Spirit Festival, Ibiza Tantra Festival and was one of the first to marry Cacao and 5Elements Ecstatic Dance experience. 


Malaika became a Dj in 2014 with the desire to bring more consciousness to the dance floor. She has Djed, for Ecstatic Dance in - LA, NY, Boston, Toronto, Ibiza, Koh Phangan and is one of the resident Djs for Yoga Barn Ecstatic Dance and has facilitated transformational workshops non stop for the past 25 years.  She is known not just for her epic Dj sets but for her ability to take people on a deep Shamanic Elemental Ecstatic Dance Journey. She brings in the elements of love for your own body and a deep care and love for the Earth, healthy boundaries, contact dance, African Dance.  And so much more. She is also a multi-instrumentalist and incorporates live music into her sets, making every set a ceremony and every training an Initiation.

Malaika has crafted many programs to maximize the transformation possible to guide and empower participants to fly - a real modern day initiation! Together with Temple Step Project and R.I.A you are getting the cream of Djs, Sound Healers, Business Coaches to learn all the tricks of the trade to really master the art and skill of holding the Ecstatic Dance Experience and grow your community!!

Ria Mithya aka Rhythms In Action 

Ria is a kiwi-born, Byron Bay-based DJ, embodiment devotee and woman on a mission to bring more awareness to the shifting sands of this world and how to meet it. Through her DJ sets, events and coaching she’s committed to creating experiences and offering transmissions that invite people into the most authentic expression of themselves and their human potential. 


As an established working DJ, 5Elements Ecstatic-Dance Facilitator, Event Manager, Yogi, Digital Marketer, and now brand establishment coach, Ria has also been through numerous, and impressive incarnations as a music professional in her earlier years. She's worked as an events manager, freelance publicist for music festivals, sponsorship manager, touring agent, stage manager, sales and marketing professional for music magazines, radio station host and station manager, and during this journey working with many big brands such as 42 Below, Red Bull, Serato, Corona, Tuborg Beer, Converse, NZ post and more... 


More recently Ria has merged these music industry skills into that of the online world, re-educating herself in the realms of Social Media & Digital Marketing and now working as a Brand Consultant and Social Media Strategist helping people go from Invisible to powerfully Visible in the digital world. Her superpower is to help you identify your mission and get established online to craft your own pathway to purpose. Her promise is that you will ultimately get the confidence and strategic approach you need to grow your business and charge up your life with more energy, more performance and more joy!


Musically, she’s a mystro starting her career behind the decks in the year 2000, she’s had an extraordinary journey in her 20-year DJ career across the planet. From what started on CD’s, then went to vinyl, then back to CD’s and now a staunch advocate of Serato (Pro DJ Software), she brings forth her length and breadth of experience for ‘INITIATION’ not only to support DJ skills but also coach to mentor up and coming facilitators on “The Business of Music”


Connect and follow at | @rhythmsinaction #DJRIA | @ria_mithya

Benjamin Last aka
Temple Step Project 

With over 25 years of offering DJing, Music Production and Live Music Performances at festivals all around Australia and Internationally, Temple Steps Tribal Ethno Electronic sets move the dance floor on a Global Dance Journey incorporating live Percussion, Sansula, Synths and Vocals. making his sets full of presence and originality. Ben is an incredible teacher and will guide students from start to polished finish to produce epic seamless mixes.


Temple Step will teach you the craft of creating how to master Traktor, create great smooth mixes, how to use effects, How to use a mixer, master and key which moves the dance floor to a whole other state of ecstasy.

Ben has performed and presented workshops at Festivals all around the world including Beloved Festival (USA), Sonic Bloom (USA), Rainbow Serpent (AUS), Earth Frequency (AUS), Woodford(AUS), EarthDance (AUS), Bali Spirit Fest and many more.  

Temple Step has performed as a producer, Dj and workshop facilitator as Mantrix and Temple Step Project, plus performed with countless world music acts and facilitated opening ceremonies in festivals all around the world.  His intention is to bring a sacred vibration of transformation through music and sound, all the while getting down to some serious beats!  


Ben now resides between Melbourne and Bali producing music for the wellness industry and resident DJing at one of the globes biggest Ecstatic Dance venues in Ubud Yoga Barn and Akasha. Ben will be offering his unique dance journeys and expertise in Dj skills, bringing a unique fusion of facilitation, DJing and live music.

An INITIATION touches you so deeply it changes you forever from the inside out. It is something you can not learn online or in books, it must be experienced in the flesh!


Initiation is a rite of passage marking entrance or acceptance into a group or society. Traditionally it has  been a formal admission to adulthood  ... A person taking the initiation ceremony in traditional rites is called an initiate. In terms of this Journey, it is a modern day INITIATION to be part of the Global Movement Sweeping the planet restoring the Ancient practice of Ecstatic Dance to our modern world.

Ecstatic Dance IS the new yoga!

 What is an initiation-ceremony? Its a ritual during which an initiate is admitted to the tribe and given secret knowledge; sometimes contains one or more tests that have to be passed or endured. We will guide and support you through this transition. This is not for the faint hearted- we will be training light Rainbow Warriors, rising early to witness the sun rise, cultivating healthy self practices of somatic movement, yoga, meditation, stillness so you learn to facilitate what is alive and authentic in you!

You will face many of your shadows, deep fears and limiting beliefs so you may move beyond all that has been holding you back and move from Egocentric to Ecocentric consciousness- meaning learning how you can serve with your gifts for the greater good. You will learn how to be the hollow bone to serve your community from a place of humbleness and compassion having endured and passed certain rites of passage yourself will make you stand out from all the others with a deep understanding of the Shamanic Elemental Roots of Ecstatic Dance and how to incorporate that element into the Ecstatic Dance Experience.

RISE and SHINE 6:30am Sunrise Meditation and Ocean Swim

YOGA DANCE or Somatic Movement Practices-7:30- 8:30am

BREAKFAST vegan, vegetarian healthy 9-10

 MORNING SESSIONS 10:30-12:30  

LUNCH 12:30-1:30



DINNER 6:30-7:30




Half Day trip included for waterfall purification ceremony


FREE DAY mid week

Each day am/pm sessions will revise, progress, and build your skill level in mastering Traktor, Facilitating, and personal business coaching


Students are expected to attend all sessions.


Evening programs Include; Ecstatic Dance, Kirtan, Cacao Ceremony, Breathwork, Yoga Nidra & Special Traditional Balinese Ketchet Fire Dance​ Ceremony

"Epic Ecstatic Dance at Ubud, Bali Yoga Barn today brought me to the highest transcendental state of any ecstatic dance in this lifetime and brought new depth and value after preferring other dance forms for decades but enjoying ecstatic more casually.

Malaika guided our hundreds of dancers with her passion, intention, live didgeridoo playing and precision with the music bringing out the best in me and so many others as separations dissolved and synchronistic connections blossomed spontaneously as we shared vigorous movement within inches guided intuitively as if our energy fields were expanded to create smooth buffers so that any contact was gentle if not intended otherwise.

The dance floor was crowded but spacious as we moved more as one single organism, with pleasure rising off the charts in joyful faces everywhere.

After such a powerful journey she glided us in for a smooth landing gracefully into meditation and then gently brought us back into unity in awakedness with her song and guitar and led us in singing together celebrating PachaMama and attunement with Australia's animals and aboriginal people in honor of the day - Australia Day.

This was the highest demonstration of this craft in musical shamanism that I have witnessed in a lifetime as a musician and advanced student of dance for decades."


- Bruce USA ED YB Australia/Survival Day Jan 26 2020

I recently completed three weeks of music production with ben temple step, and could not have been happier with both the instruction and results. Ben is n inspiring teacher, phenomenal Dj and joy of a person to be around. He met me where I was at in terms of my limited knowledge going in, was excellent at thoroughly answering all my questions, and has the unique ability to teach from his vast wealth of knowledge & experience in a way that is accessible & meaningful. Ben is simply a world-class music producer and Dj instructor and anyone will love working with him.


Brian Hartman of HeartBass Jan 2020  


if paid in full for the first 11 applicants



After the first 11 successful applicants

Numbers are limited for quality personalized training



14 nights Shared accommodation in our private Oceanside Retreat in Nth Bali

Each room has its own bathroom, clean sheets and towels provided daily


3 Vegetarian meals per day of the training ( we can cater to special dietary needs with ample notice)

2 weeks of intensive training program and personal initiation ceremony


Personal Business coaching sessions 

Plus workbook  and ongoing follow up support 

See You Soon in Stunning North Bali
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