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If you would like Malaika to offer a 5Elements Dance Activation™ or a Cacao Ceremony  as an addition to your retreat or festival please Contact Us.

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March 24 -31 2019


APRIL 8th - 14th 2019 Ocean side North Bali

 Somatic Tantric Yoga, Dance- Ecstatic, contact, African and 5Elements, Stories- Rumi Poetry to live music, and Silence Sun sets, sunrises ocean snorkelling and visit to one of Balis' most beautiful waterfalls. 


“In many Shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine healer complaining of being disheartened, dispirited or depressed they would ask one of four questions; ‘When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop being comforted by the sweet territory of silence?” This profoundly reminds us of the importance of these ancient traditions to restore the imbalances caused by our contemporary societies."

Tantric Elemental Embodiment Dance

Solsice Ritual to Celebrate and Balance Masculine and Feminine Energy

Summer Solstice falls on the 21st of December 2019. This is the time when the Earth is tilted on Her axis providing us with the longest day of daylight in the Southern Hemisphere and the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a good time to gather in community to dance and celebrate our light and our shadows. 

In this Tantric Ritual we will journey together to clear what no longer serves us, heal what has been blocking us from opening to love and dance in honour and celebration of the Great Maha Shakti energy that flows through all of us. 

Using soft intimacy, ritual and embodying the 5 elements we will return ready for the next cycle feeling more grounded and aware connected to our mind body, spirit and community. 

African Rhythm, Ritual and Dance

Get your Blood pumping and your booty shaking as you learn some new funky African Dance move & chants from all over Africa. Malaika is a global facilitator and has been sharing her natural gifts and exuberance as a performer and teacher of African Dance for over 20 years. These workshops are a highly spirited way to increase your joy factor while having a powerful workout and moving parts of you that you didn’t even know moved!

Every “Body” Welcome, just be prepared to move, groove, sweat and smile all over!

Tantric Cacao Ceremony & 5Elements Dance Activation™

Febuary 28-March 4 2019 Koh Phangan Thailand

As the cacao opens our hearts and uplifts our Spirits we will spread our new found wings and embark on a 5Elements Dance Journey to come full circle and rest in the beauty of the moment and where we find ourselves in beautiful Thailand on our Journey of Love!! Awaken your Spirit with 5Elements Dance Activation™ to celebrate Solstice!

Ground, flow, transform, breathe, and melt into deep inner peace and connection with yourself, your community, the earth and ultimately the great mystery within. The time to celebrate is NOW!

As we sip the cacao an Elixir from the Gods to take us on a deep 5Elements Dance Activation™  a shamanic dance journey embodying earth, water, fire, air and ether, all to great world music.

Mach 24 - 31 2019 UBUD Bali

Experience transformation, connection and inspiration at BaliSpirit Festival! These workshops promise to be high energy, powerful Shamanic Activations for both men and women. Malaika will be offering both Dynamic  5Elements Dance Activation™ with live music accompanied by INTICHE from South America and a Tantric Shiva Shakti Healing Ritual, and a Womans Womb Wisdom Workshop for healing the sacred feminine at the festival. 

To find out more head to the Bali Spirit website on the link below. See you there! 

Elemental Awakening Immersion - Prerequisite for Facilitators Training

May 2 - 13 2019 Nth Bali

Prerequisite for the 5Elements Dance Activation™ facilitators training. This retreat dives deep into Elemental Embodiment™, clearing old emotions which may have held you back in the past from rising up and stepping into your greatness. This will be a deeply transformational week for everyone, regardless if you are doing the teacher training or not.


Held in a beautiful 5 star villa on the ocean, with a pool and cozy eating area. All meals are organic where possible and of the highest quality to assist in your process of awakening.

Included: visit to one of Bali's largest sacred waterfall for a purification ceremony.


We are the elements and when we allow our soul to communicate with our body, magic happens and life becomes a dance of ecstasy in awareness. Make connections for life and awaken to the magic and power of the elements. 

May 2 - 13th 2019 Karangasam Bali

A certified 100hr Shamanic Earth Wisdom and Embodied Dance Facilitators Training course on the mystical island of Bali.

Become a confident 5Elements Dance Activator™ using a tried and tested method to lead people through a 5Elements Dance Activation™ journey and birth yourself as a facilitator.  

June 21- July 5th 2020

This will be an adventure of a lifetime. Journey to the remote jungles of Sri Lanka to experience the magic of Ulpoltha. The perfect place to reconnect with nature at its best.

Malaika’s Elemental Yoga classes based on ISHTA system of yoga- Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda, provide a blend of ancient and contemporary teachings to cater to your individual needs. Focusing on flow, alignment, body awareness and expansion to cultivate grace. She will encourage you to respect and listen to your own body using a holistic approach to yoga as a way of being. We will have daily yoga and dance classes. and also included is a half day trip to one of Sri Lankas famous temples and a full day trip to one of Sri Lankas heritage site Sigiria.

We are excited to offer the first Yoga Dance Retreat at Ulpotha in 2020. Ecstatic Dance is soon becoming the new yoga with the conscious dance movement reclaiming our human need to dance in wild abandon and unleash our spirit. We will Dance daily in nature around the fire, and by the lake. It is a unique opportunity to connect and dance with the elements in this incredible eco jungle retreat. This retreat promises to be moving to both body mind and soul! 

We will have great live music as well as awesome world beats to allow you to really move and awaken your body naturally. There will be a combination of African Dance, 5Elements dance. Ecstatic Dance, Contact Dance, and somatic movement. Book early and save!


Bookings for this retreat are made directly through Ulpotha's website via the button below.

Wild Women Awakening Retreat


Wild Women Awakening retreats use embodied enlightenment practices to awaken your wild and powerful Shakti and ignite the fullness of your radiant heart.


Daily yoga, dance, rituals and  Tantric Rituals and Ceremonies, breath work, Womb Clearing and Activation and  Creative expression to unlock the chambers of your heart and set your spirit free.Take this opportunity to step outside the demands of everyday life and tap into your wild creative potential.

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