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Online Courses
Wild Woman Awakening

Join me in discovering and embodying all the aspects of the Sacred Wild Feminine energy through ritual ceremony and circling. First of all, lets define Wild Woman- when we use the word WILD people may get images of a crazy wild untamable woman with no morals or boundaries when in fact She is the opposite. Maybe sometimes she is like that, and other times she is super sensitive and vulnerable, while other times she may be fierce and embodying Her Warrioress. An Awakened Wild Woman is a force of nature, beautiful like a flower and empowered like the stars.  Join me as we embark on this journey together through the Wild Woman Awakening Online course series.

Wild Woman Awakening Part 1 & Part 2 

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Sacred Cacao Ceremonial Training

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In this module you will learn about the Importance of practicing Sacred Cacao Ceremony's with Integrity and respect for the Indigineous wisdom keepers of this master plant medicine. 


You will learn about the Importance of maintaining Intention and Integrity throughout the preparation, ceremony and closing ceremony as these are crucial aspects to creating a safe container for magic to unfold. 


You will learn about the health benefits of Cacao, how to prepare and facilitate a cacao ceremony. 

Module 1 -


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In this module we will move into Steps 2-4 of facilitating the Cacao Ceremony which will Involve setting up the sacred space and Invoking prayer, serving the cacao and the ceremony itself, each step has many aspects which will be understood and learnt as we navigate this module. 

Module 2 -

Cacao Ceremony Facilitation 

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In this module I will be sharing with you how to close the ceremony by acknowledging all the directions, thanking the energies that came in and inviting them to return to where they came from. Follow with AUM shanti mantra or a song of gratitude and other processes which allow us to bring the ceremony to a close both respectfully and sacredly.

Module 3 -

Closing The Ceremony 

In this Sacred Cacao Ceremony Training you will learn how to facilitate Sacred Cacao Ceremonies whilst understanding and upholding respect for the wisdom keepers of this master plant medicine. 

As a result of completing this course you will be able to facilitate and hold space for Sacred Cacao Ceremonies in a respectful and Integral manner.

Wild Woman Awakening Part  1
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In this module we shall go through the process of creating a sacred space, Womb clearing exercises and nurturing self love practices as we embody the divine feminine.

Module 1 - Creating Sacred Space, Womb Clearing & Activation - Self Love Practices

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Ceremonies demarking the transition from one phase of the circle of life to the next not only help to support us to make those transitions easily, but also support us to value and honor every phase of life as equally important.

We will be looking at two ceremonies for women making the transition from maiden to Blood Sister, and Blood Sister to Mother and we shall further journey Into woman's ceremonies for Blood Rites Initiations, for healing the shame around our menstral blood. Reclaim the power of your blood.

Module 2 - Woman's Wheel Of Life and Blood Rites of Passage

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Blessings Ways are a ceremony for an expecting woman and her partner and family. This is also a Rite of Passage Ceremony to honor and give support to prepare the expecting mother for the arduous task of the imminent birth of her baby. It is also a method to bring family and friends together to shower the parents to be, with love and appreciation and to establish those connections to strengthen the circle that binds us and literally ‘bless’ the way of the new member arriving into this circle and family.

Module 3 - Blessing Way Ceremony Closing Sacred Space

Wild Woman Awakening Part  2
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In this module you will set clear Intentions and learn how to prepare a safe space for transformation, how to open the portal and use the power or language and voice projection when guiding within the space, codes of confidentiality and boundaries. 

Module 1 -

How To Create And Hold A Sacred Space For Transformation


In this module you will experience the healing of the mother wound The Mother is the source of all life. She represents fertility, nurturing, prosperity, feminine mystery, and sacred power. As a baby we bask in her womb waters and receive her transmissions on all levels. Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, information is passed along the thin membranes along with thoughts, beliefs. She gives us our initial understanding of what it means to be a woman on this Earth and in this module you will Initiate the process of healing the mother wound and understand the benefits of this process through various exercises.

Module 2 -

Healing The Mother Wound 

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In this module will will understand the Drama Triangle which is a system to help us to understand the dysfunctional ways of interaction between people in relationship. We all have a little of each of these in each of us. In cultivating a culture of self awareness and expanded consciousness it is vital that we address our past dysfunctional ways of relating by bringing awareness to when we have entered into a drama triangle we then can also bring higher awareness of how to exit it and make higher choices.

Module 3 -

Understanding The Drama Triangle


All 3 Courses 

Wild Woman Awakening Part 1 & 2 + Sacred Cacao Ceremonial Training

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In this module you will bring self awareness on how to exit the drama triangle and use the tools shared to exit the drama triangle .

Module 4  -

Exiting The Drama Triangle


After you have done this deep shadow work it is always good to reward yourself and remind yourself that you are perfect just as you are. Thank yourself for owning and facing your shadows. Make a promise to become your own best friend and to consult and listen to your womb regularly!  Accepting your past as a beautiful tapestry that has made you the woman you are today, supports you to move forward to create the future of your dreams.

Module 5 -

Self Pleasuring Exercises

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