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Sip Raw Cacao in a heart expanding ceremony to experience a greater sense of balance, harmony and connection with community, yourself and our Sacred Mother Earth. Cacao literally translates as the Elixir of the Gods from Guatemala where the Mayan peoples first started cultivating and using Cacao as a powerful yet gentle and uplifting medicinal plant for expanding consciousness with out hallucinogenic properties like other powerful medicinal plants from the Ancestors of South America.


An Indigenous myth recalls that when the earth and its people are out of balance, the cacao or raw chocolate will come out of the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony and balance. We are now living in that time.
The ceremony is an experience in multi-dimensional group energy and is ritualistically sipped in conjunction with other heart expanding processes such as breath work, dance and meditation.

Cacao in its raw and natural state contains over 300 compounds and the bliss chemicals anadamide and phenylethylamine and theobromide. These chemicals are naturally released when we fall in love which is why we still give chocolates to loved ones on special occasions - although 90% of processed chocolate is full of sugar and contains little or none of the health properties found in raw cacao.
This can be a deeply healing ritual.
It is recommended to fast or eat lightly the day of the ceremony for best results.


This Cacao Ceremony is a ritual to help us to remember, to brig us together in community to pray, to sing, to dance outside of the domain of time and space and allow us to connect with something deeper than in our ordinary lives. Bring your musical instruments and songs, bring your voice, your friends and your hearts deepest longing. 

As part of the ceremony we will flow into  a Heart Opening Ecstatic Dance

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Contact Malaika to discuss options to host a ceremony in your area, for a minimum of 15 persons.

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