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The Return of the Lotus
9 Sacred Initiations

Date and Prices TBC, November - first week of December 

 Join the waitlist to be the first one to know all the deets as we finalize our sailboat, no motor, so we can sing dance, and sit in silence communing with nature and the powerful energies of the Nile.


Calling all musicians artists and dancers to co-create a magical unforgettable journey down the Nile. We will be planting the Blue Lotus and other fruit trees as part of our offering in fulfilling The Ancient Prophecy.

Thank you very much for joining the waitlist. We will send you all the information very soon. Please keep an eye on your inbox and don't forget to check the spam and promotions folder.

Be part of the prophecy fulfilling!

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Join me for a journey of a
lifetime in Egypt 

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