Coaching & Distance Healing

Activate your personal gifts, heal trauma & support transition through personal one-to-one coaching on Zoom with Malaika.

​I bring a lifetime of shamanic wisdom to my coaching and distance healing sessions. I  am available for online sessions via Zoom.

My coaching methods are effective and easy to implement. Dramatic changes are often seen after one session or you can choose to invest more time in yourself and book a package of 3 or more sessions.

I  can help guide you with the following:

  • Self Love & Self Worth- Over Come Self Loathing and Fall in Love with Your Self. 

  • Calming Anxiety and Finding Inner Peace

  • Personal Development & Embodiment- Recieve Practices to Keep You in Balance & harmony.

  • Finding Your Unique Gift

  • Moving Beyond Addictions

  • Release Trauma to Embody Joy and Contentment

  • Couples Counseling - How to Return to Love

  • Support for Separations or Divorce- Find Empowerment

My coaching and distance healing sessions are based on ancient wisdom adapted to meet contemporary needs and can bring about:

  • A Renewed Vigor and Energy for Pursuing Creative Projects

  • Spontaneous Happiness- A Deep Coming Home

  • Experience Your Wholeness and Beauty

  • Gain - Clarity, Stability and Renewed Confidence

  • A Deep Sense of Inner Peace & Gratitude for Your Life

  • Excitement About Your Bright Future. 

"After one online session, I can see my future potential and my unique personal gifts clearly. Thank you!"
Karla from Canada,  mother of 2 and home business owner.

Rarely do you find such an authentic guide, so full of love, compassion, wisdom and guenine care for everyone's well being. I have never met anyone so intune with nature plants, animals and people, many call themselves Shamans, but Malaika really is the real deal!

Charlotte USA Woman's Wellness Entrepreneur

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